Who Can Buy Non Running Cars For Top Dollar?

Are you still worried about who will buy non running cars from you? It’s hard to imagine that a buyer will be willing to pay you a decent amount for your junk car. But it’s true! You may not know but your car has a lot more value than you think. Many companies buy cars that are damaged or not working properly. These companies, popularly known as junkyard shops, buy your car as scrap and then dismantle it to separate the metal parts. These metal parts are then melted and used to make new parts. As such, the amount of metal present in your car determines its value. The higher the weight of a car, the more will be its price.

How to search for companies that buy cars?

These companies are not hard to find. You can easily search online and will get plenty of options. Also, they will provide you with free online quotes. You simply have to fill in a few details of your car. Once you receive the quote, you can then put your selling price accordingly. Reach out to a company that provides buying solutions. You can find them either on online portals or on google search results. However, don’t rush into the negotiation process. It’s better to take your time and evaluate the buyers.

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Things to consider when you sell junk car online

Source: cashforclunkers.org

Though online selling brings many advantages, there are things you need to be wary of.

Collecting information

Do a little research on the market for a used car. It will come in handy while negotiating with the buyers. You need to know what the market prices are in a different location and how much the buyers are willing to pay for a junk car. It will also help you in setting the correct selling price for your car.

Knowing the buyers

First, you don’t know much about the buyers. In contrast to old times when you were familiar with junkyard shops near you, online buyers are strangers. You never know when you come across a scammer. To be on the safer side, try to read out their profiles and client reviews. A little focus on evaluating the buyers can save many dollars for you.

Preparing yourself

This includes getting your papers and car ready. You will need your car’s title for transferring the ownership to the buyer. In case you have lost it, get a duplicate one from the DMV. If you are selling your car to a regular buyer, you may need other documents as well. Such as warranty papers, service records, etc. You also need to clean your car. A dusty one won’t leave a good impression on the buyer.

Informing your insurance company

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Your insurance company needs to know about the sale of the car. They may keep sending you reminders of yearly premiums if you don’t do so. Also, you need to contact the department of the motor vehicle and ask them to cancel your registration. Even though you have handed over your car to the buyer, you will still be considered the owner if your registration is not cancelled.

Understanding the selling process

It is crucial that sellers understand the process before giving away their car. Please do not assume that everything will happen according to the timeline you set in your mind. Some buyers are more thorough than others and require documents and vehicle information from sellers.

They may also ask you to get them your car’s repair records. Therefore, understanding the process and deciding which one you want to go with is crucial. You can sell the car to a junkyard and get the money instantly. Or sell my car for cash with the help of car geeks. However, if you can afford to wait for a few days for a better deal to come around, do it considering your convenience.

Asking about towing and other expenses

Before you set the deal in stone, ask the buyer who will bear the towing expenses. There is nothing more disheartening and inconvenient than selling your car and being saddled with the responsibility to have it off your property. Several buyers and companies offer free towing. However, some offer the service only up to a specific distance and not for farther distances. Therefore, be transparent so that you do not have a good offer bullied by a lousy towing answer.

Being professional

When it is time to sell your junk car, being professional is the least you can do to guarantee an optimal buying experience. Ensure you are working with a buyer who is paying attention to the details and asking for the necessary documents involved in the purchase.

Quoting a reasonable price

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Nobody will buy a junk car if you quote a ridiculously high price. Since it is a second-hand vehicle with questionable parts, be within reasonable limits and quote a price that will suit both parties. You can also consider selling your car to junkyard companies who buy scraps, dismantle it, and use the viable parts to manufacture something new. You might be able to score yourself a reasonable price if a junkyard company agrees to buy your vehicle. Nonetheless, please do not envision that you can sell your scraps at a fortune.


Finding the ideal buyer takes time and research. However, finding a buyer for your junk car can be an altogether different experience considering there isn’t a market vying for the product. Nonetheless, you can get your classic off your property if you follow the advice mentioned above or you can try your luck and shop here.

Quote a fair price and understand all the details of the deal. Vet your buyer and work with only those who seem reputable and want the process to go as efficiently and transparently as possible. Selling your non-running car to a junkyard company can also be a good alternative if you do not want to say goodbye to your classic chevy at a junkyard or recycling site.

If you are looking to sell your car to a junkyard company, find one that can ensure a good price and has a reputable standing in the market. An experienced company can guarantee you a fair process and a reasonable price.