6 Things to Know Before Buying Period Underwear

In terms of menstrual hygiene, women really have a wide range of different product choices on the market. In general, the most popular options that women turn to are sanitary pads and tampons. However, there are also reusable products like period underwear that are becoming a new trend among women. Period underwear is an excellent sustainable alternative that allows free bleeding. They are created in a way to absorb menstrual blood without blocking the period flow.

In general, this is a very healthy alternative for bleeding that you can consider instead of using some other menstrual product. It all depends on your lifestyle, personal taste, and whether or not you are feeling comfortable wearing something like this. In this article, we prepared a comprehensive guide that will help you make the decision whether period underwear is the right choice for you.

1. What does period underwear refer to?

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In general, before we even start discussing whether or not period underwear can be the perfect choice for your menstrual hygiene, let’s start with the explanation of what exactly period underwear is. Basically, they are undergarments that are intended for women to wear during their period and they are a healthy alternative to disposable protection options such as pads or tampons. This type of underwear can be worn both during the lighter flow days as well as the heavier ones.

They are designed to look and feel just like any other regular underwear. Additionally, they have some extra layers with special fabrics in the crotch area that are intended to absorb the period blood. The biggest advantage of them is that you can wash them and re-wear them again and again since they are a reusable option.

2. What can you expect from period underwear? How do they work?

Since period underwear has specific absorbent material that can hold one to two tampons’ worth of flow, this is a perfect barrier that will keep a woman comfortable without worrying about whether some leaks or staining can occur. If you have never tried this option and you are not really comfortable doing so because you don’t have trust in your flow completely, we have a solution for you. What you can do is start using the period underwear when you are experiencing lighter flow days or you also have the option to use the period underwear as backup protection.

As time passes and you start feeling comfortable wearing it, you will see for yourself that you will start wearing only period underwear for the purpose of absorbing your menstrual blood. Do not pressure yourself: it is completely normal to feel a little discomfiting at first. Additionally, you can wear period underwear overnight when you are home and see for yourself that you will not experience any leaks. In general, this is a very healthy alternative since period underwear is made from certified organic cotton.

3. Why you should consider making the switch to period underwear

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One of the most common questions that women are asking is why they should even consider trying out the period underwear option in the first place. In general, period underwear truly provides many different health benefits. Primarily, we must say that one of the two crucial benefits is referring to the comfort feature that this underwear provides as well as highly leak protection.

Additionally, one more great benefit that is actually responsible for why period panties gained so significant popularity refers to the ecologically sustainable as well as economically affordable factor. Underwear of this kind is a less irritating option than tampons and at the same time a lot more comfortable option than pads. Also, compared to the menstrual cup, we need to say that it is way less messy. Women who are bold enough to start wearing period underwear are always going to be ready and have peace in their minds.

4. Crucial reasons to consider this option

Statistics show that women use approximately 15,000 tampons and pads during their lifetimes. Not only that they are giving a lot of money for them throughout their lives, but also all of them end up in oceans. Therefore, period underwear is a highly more economic solution as well as an eco-friendly one. Approximately, one woman is spending $18,000 on period products throughout her menstrual life.

Finally, what is best of all is the fact that period underwear can be used for up to 5 years. This means that you can freely wash them and reuse them as long as you want. Additionally, they have such a specific design that can be an excellent replacement for all the pads, cups, and tampons that you used.

5. Can you wear period underwear all day?

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In general, there are different types of period underwear that you can choose from. Depending on the type of period panties you select and where you are really in your cycle, you may even be able to wear one pair of period underwear for the whole day. There is an option to buy heavy, medium, and light flow types for any period underwear brand.

If you think that you will be needing extra protection on your heavier menstrual days, you should know what you are going to choose. Sustainable organic cotton period underwear can actually absorb up to one tampon’s volume of blood flow. In other words, for lighter days, you will only need one pair.

6. Where can you buy period underwear of this kind?

If you are ready to give period underwear a try, you are probably getting to the point of asking where you can actually buy something like this. Visit Modibodi and see a huge selection of different period underwear and choose the one that will best suit you. Best of all, they are available in different sizes, designs, and all of them are created from organic cotton, which means there is something for everyone’s needs. Additionally, you are going to feel much better when you know that you are using a healthy replacement for disposable products or even as a backup for them.