Car Accident

What To Do If Manufacturing Defects Cause A Car Accident?

Everyone works hard to buy things they love and one such wish that everyone has is to buy their favourite car. But imagine buying a defective car and getting into an accident. Isn’t it traumatizing to think? Unfortunately, these incidents occur, and people get severely injured due to them. In such a case, you must reach out to a Car accident attorney in Atlanta. And people aren’t aware of the manufacturing defect before it’s too late. Let us know your options if you have been in an accident that happened due to a car defect:

Take your car to the mechanic

After an accident, when you have recovered, you can take your car to a mechanic other than your car manufacturer. They will do a thorough checkup and identify which manufacturing defect was the reason behind your accident. And this identification will help you further in filing a lawsuit and claiming compensation from your car manufacturer.

Determine a compensation amount

A car accident that occurred because of a manufacturing defect is a very traumatizing feeling. First, the hard-earned money that you spent on buying a car is partially wasted because you got a defective one and second the accident has damaged your car even more. Thus, you should determine a fair compensation amount that you should receive for the damages sustained.

Get your car repaired or replaced

car repaired or replaced


You deserve a replacement for your defective car. But, it is not something easy to claim. The car manufacturer will put forward different types of offers, such as providing you with money or repairing your car for free to get out of the lawsuit. And in case you fail to get your car replaced, you should ask for a free repair and get your car completely fixed to prevent any future accidents.

Consult a car accident attorney

A car accident that occurs due to active manufacturing is considered a personal injury, and you should consult a personal injury attorney who specializes in car accident matters to file a lawsuit. They will determine the mechanic’s report and analyze if you should file a case against the car manufacturer or not.

How to choose a good and competent car accident attorney?



The paragraph above indicates that a car accident lawyer is the key to your case. The goes no debate regarding how they will twist and turn the case in your favour.

If you are confused about who will be the best fit for your case, here are some tips that will help you if followed properly:

1. Ask for referrals

If you have someone in your friend circle or family who has overcome such a situation, ask them for referrals. Further, question them if they have benefited from that lawyer.

This process of selection is the easiest as you will not have to deal with vigorous research.

2. Search on the internet

Search on the internet


The Internet is a great place where you can find answers to all your questions. Google “Car accident Attorney near me” or “car accident attorney in XYZ” and get your results.

If you are not satisfied with the results be more specific and type the name of a firm that you want to hire.

There are a few other ways that might help you too. The various listing sights on the internet will help you get your answers:

  • LinkedIn
  • State or local bar associations
  • Yelp
  • Angie’s list
  • Next door, etc.

3. Shortlisting

After you have got a few names that intrigued you, it is time to make a list and do your research further shortening the list.

Peep into the websites of each lawyer and read about their journey, the types of cases they deal with, client testimonials, etc. After you are done with it, shorten your list according to your preference.

4. Personal interview


After you have a list, conduct a personal interview with each one of them. Follow these tips when you will be interviewing the candidates:

  • Ask them who will handle your case, they themselves or any paralegal, associates or junior attorney. If you want the lawyer to handle the case tell them that clearly. A big firm generally outsources the case.
  • Ask them about their fees. Few lawyers charge you a lump sum while others take a percentage from your compensation (Contingency process).
  • Look at the office setting and supporting staff. A good lawfirm will have a well-maintained office and cooperative staff.
  • When you are discussing your case with the lawyer, look at the ways they behave. Are they cutting you short? Are they not patient while you are sharing your stories? Are they good communicators? These are the things that you must observe.
  • Further, look at the cases that are similar to yours. No matter if they are cat accident lawyers or not, ask them if they have dealt with a car accident case similar to yours.
  • And the final step is to follow your instinct. If you feel comfortable and if the lawyer can make you feel better while they are talking hg to you, hire that lawyer.

In summary



Filing a lawsuit against an individual is still an easy task. However, when it comes to filing a lawsuit against a big company, such as a car manufacturer, it can seem an intimidating decision. And after facing a car accident and sustaining injuries, you don’t want to go through all the legal processes and suffer more financial and emotional trauma. Thus, to prevent these circumstances, you should hire an experienced and professional attorney from the beginning of your lawsuit and even before that whenever you buy a car get it checked thoroughly by a mechanic who is an expert in their work to avoid such accidents.

Moreover, now you know how to get your hands on a good lawyer, your case will be easier. The lawyer will do everything for you while you can rest and recover form your injuries.