Steps For Junk Motorcycle Removal

The junk motorcycle removal process is simple and convenient. There are two major stages in the process. One before finalizing the deal, and the other once you hand over your motorcycle to the buyer. The initial preparations are mainly concerned with the owner and determine the possibility of getting a good offer. Keep on reading as we further explain and in a detailed way about the junk motorcycle removal process.

As an owner, you need to follow these steps before you step into the negotiation process


1. Research the market

It isn’t a good idea to jump into the deal without prior information about the market prices for junk motorcycles! It won’t be easy for you to make out which offers are genuine. Many buyers try to manipulate the owners with fake costs. However, a proper understanding of the industry will help you identify such buyers. Then, you can easily match the offers with the actual value of your junk motorcycle.

Some websites provide you with a free valuation for your junk motorcycle. You simply have to fill in some details, and they will give you an approximate price in no time. Once you know what your motorcycle is worth, it will be easier for you to set a selling price in advance.

2. Prepare your documents

Make sure that you have all your documents ready, especially the title. Nobody would like to buy a car from you if you don’t have the ownership record. And if you are selling your motorcycle to a regular buyer, you may also need to show the warranty papers, service records, and much more. Do not come unprepared or with something that is faulty/has expired. Your potential buyer may not go with the process.

3. Evaluate your options

Once you put up an ad, you may receive plenty of offers from different people. You then take out your time to carefully evaluate them and shortlist the ones you find genuine. Take everything into consideration, such as their age, background/line of work, as well as how close or far they live from you. Remember that you two will have to meet and figure things out in person. After that, you can select the one that seems to be most profitable.

4. Host a meeting

You need to talk to the buyer in person to finalize the deal, as we previously mentioned. Though you may have interacted on the phone, you still need to clarify specific points about the sale & finalize the deal. Try to put all your queries during the meeting to avoid any confusion in the future.

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After you finalize the deal, there will be some steps to follow on the part of the buyer as well


1. Completing the paperwork

The buyer will make copies of your documents and put them in the salvaged book. If you wish to be certain about everything you can go through these papers once again and on your own. The paperwork part might seem like a hassle since it is not a fun process + it is a time-consuming one, but once done the right way your steps will be a lot easier to follow.

2. Draining the fluids

Your car would be without any service for a long time. As a result, it may contain fluids in the pipes that can slow down its performance. The buyers then drain out all your fluid in separate containers to avoid any contamination. They also make sure that it does not spill on the ground.

3. Removing the outer parts

Once the buyers drain the fluids, they remove the tires. Finally, the rim and rubber are separated and put aside for recycling purposes. The whole process is fast & convenient once done by a specialized team.

4. Removing the inner parts

The buyers then dismantle the engine and transmission and evaluate them. If they find them in good condition, they may send them to be rebuilt and they will re-use them.

5. Dismantling the remaining parts

Once the essential parts are removed, all that remains is scrap. The junk motorcycle removal companies then break the pieces into smaller ones and separate the metal and non-metal parts.

PS: Did you know that over 13.15 million motorcycles were owned in the USA back in 2018? This just shows you that they are well-loved, as well as that some people might have a hard time getting rid of their old worn-out and rusty bikes. However, sometimes junk motorcycle removal or scrapyard approach might be better for your wallet, but also for the environment.

What are your options when it comes to owning an old motorcycle?


1. Sell it or its working parts

Nowadays there are big markets for used motorcycles, especially for the Harley Davidson kinds. You can sell it on its own or partially and per each part. If your motorcycle has many dead parts and you’re not capable of fixing them consider selling the oil filters, tires, chains, brake pads, etc.

2. Scrapyard option

Did you know that North America recycles 80 million tons of steel? You can consider recycling your old vehicle at a junkyard. This also applies to some old cars & models that you have had for a while, so why not bring them together and do the process on the spot with all of your rust pieces?

3. Consider donating it

Some charities that accept car donations might also accept motorcycle donations. If you don’t want to deal with the junk motorcycle removal, or if you have a hard time finding time & space you can easily donate it or gift it to someone you love & someone who is a motorbike fanatic!

In the end, where do you stand when it comes to your motorcycles, bikes & junkyards? Let us know what you plan on doing in the future with your vehicle, and consider the junk motorcycle removal process step by step as we’ve explained in the article.