How To Choose The Right Eyeshadow For Your Eye Color – 2024 Guide

Choosing the ideal eyeshadow shade as per your eye color will make you look gorgeous. You can go with the matching tones like using a blue shade for blue eyes or quite the opposite tones like using a red shade for green eyes. There are also many neutral shades that look stunning on every eye color.

Selecting The Ideal Eyeshadow For Your Eye Color

Here we have listed all the primary eye colors and what shades of eyeshadow are suitable for different people.

Black Or Brown

It is possible to pick many colors that will look fantastic because brown and black eyes fall within the category of neutral hues. Use a green or champagne tone on the lower side and a taupe or chocolate tint on the upper side. Add a purple mascara or eyeliner to change up your appearance.

Red and green are in contrast to each other; thus, green makeup will stand out on brown eyesight with a red shade on the underside. Given that purple and yellow are the contraries of each other, purple will stand out on brown eyes with golden or yellowish overtones.


Light Brown

Try staying with more subdued hues for light brown eyes, such as a light pink on the underside and a reddish brown on the upper area. Go with orange makeup on your eyelids to bring out the amber undertones. Your appearance will definitely be unique and stunning by the orange and brown tones in the color scheme. Get a glitter eyeshadow box set from Natasha Denona and use the brown and orange glitter combinations for a shiny finish.


Gray eyes have the essence of gray, blue, and green. The hazy hues like foggy gray or silver blue will assist in highlighting the inherent gray tone. In order to bring even more attention to the gray, it is best to use a deeper eyeliner, such as black or a rich brown.


Red is directly contrary to green. Make those stunning green eyes stand out by wearing hues with red tints. Eyeshadow colors with red shades always look best on green eyesight. Utilize eyeshadow hues in the tones of bronze, purple, reddish brown, dark red, and mahogany.

It is better to use a light pink on the underside and a dusky purple on the upper area. To let the green shade stand out, mix the two together into a gradient and add a thick eyeliner at the end. Try applying pink eyeshadow hues for a more modest appearance.



The blue and orange tints are in contrast to each other. Consequently, makeup hues with orange undertones should be sought out by individuals with blue eyes. Eyeshadow hues with orange tones always make blue eyes stand out. Forever gorgeous colors for blue eyesight are browns, metallic, and bronze. Blue eyes also look perfect with peachy-toned hues. Complete your look by adding black eyeliner to truly draw attention to your light eyes.

Your entire face will truly look stunning if the eyeshadow colors are golden. In the crease, apply a darker shade like a matte brown. Using peach rose, or soft gold will make your entire face look beautiful. The silver and gray tints are perfect neutral shades for blue eyes.


Green and brown tones can be seen in hazel eyes. In case the brown hue is more noticeable, use tints that go well with brown eyes. However, if your eyes look green, you should wear hues that go well with green eyes. It is also best to select your own eyeshadow colors based on the color you wish to emphasize.

Any makeup shade that goes well with brown eyes will make your hazel eyes stand out if they are more brown than hazel. If you want to highlight the blended hues without altering them, use a neutral beige and a metallic green.

Selecting The Ideal Eyeshadow For Your Hair Color


It is better to classify your hair into any of the primary shades, such as black, brown, red, blonde, white, or gray, even if it is highlighted or tinted. This way, it will become easy to select the eyeshadow that looks great on you.

Brown And Black Hair

For black and dark hair, you can use anything. Black or brown hair goes well with various colors, just like brown and black eyes. Bold hues like black, yellow, purple, brown, green, or will look great against your hair color. However, neutral hues like gold, beige, and pastels are great if you have a fair complexion and dark hair.

Gray Or White Hair

For gray or white hair, use pastel colors. Instead of taking away the look of the hair color, the lighter hue will help to enhance it. Gray, blue, or lilac are shades that can bring out the emphasis in hair.


Blonde Hair

For blonde hair, consider natural or neutral hues. Dark eyeshadow shades can be overwhelming on people with blonde hair because of their typical fair or pale complexion. In order to highlight your natural coloring without making you appear dull, go with neutral hues like gray, gold, black, pink, blue, or cream.

Red Hair

For red hair, choose solid and subtle hues. Black, olive, pink, gold, and copper will help the hair give an elegant vibe without detracting from it because red or auburn hair is already a striking color. Glossy hues might extract the emphasis away from your hair brightness.

Multi-colored Or Bright Hair


For vibrantly colored hair, experiment with various hues. For unique hair colors such as purple, green, or pink, anything will work. However, picking the opposite hues from each other might help your hair color stand out even more. For instance, to make your green hair stand out, try pink and purple tints.

Go with chartreuse or lime if you have pink hair. Consider concentrating on the hues that frame your face if you have multi-colored hair. For instance, a gold or dark orange would look beautiful if you had blue highlights.

Bottom Line

Depending on your eye color, you should pick the shades that will make you look stunning. You can go with bold tints, light hues, or even neutral colors, depending on the shade of your eye.