Which Is The Best Cycling Jacket For You?

The best cycling jacket for you depends on your physical size and shape, the weather you usually ride in, and the kind of cycling you do.

As a general rule, cycling jackets should fit well, cover you from the neck down, and keep you warm. If you tend to get cold easily you might want a windproof jacket. A snugly fitted jacket is more comfortable than one that isn’t.

For most cyclists, an easy-fitting jersey/jersey top combination is more comfortable than a sleeveless jacket. The best jersey for winter riding has a few layers: a polyester fleece inside a nylon base layer; wool and cotton outer layers; a waterproof and windproof fabric on the back and shoulders; a stretchy, breathable, windproof fabric on the arms and upper back; and a windproof material on the lower back.

The ideal jacket has a deep pocket for a map, a high collar to keep you warm, and a chest strap to keep your rainjacket securely in place. It should have a small, easy-to-reach zip (not a button), and a padded, non-slip shoulder strap that can be attached to the frame if you wear a backpack or pannier bag. The zipper should be easy to open and close, but not one that can be easily broken by rough treatment or a sharp rock.

A good cycling jacket is a practical investment, but if you already have one then don’t buy a new one. You can improve your existing jacket by adding layers of thermal underwear, wearing it in the colder months, and putting it in the wash.

Top Waterproof Cycling Jacket

Cycling is a great sport, but if you’re going to ride in bad weather, you need a waterproof jacket that keeps you dry. We’ve selected our five top choices for this year’s summer season – from casual and budget-friendly to technical and more expensive.

1. Gore-Tex Performance Jacket

Source: bikeradar.com

This is not only fully waterproof but also windproof and breathable. With a full zip and elasticated hood, this jacket has a range of useful pockets, including a dedicated chest pocket, so you can store extra cash or a mobile phone in comfort. It is made with a durable material that will withstand any punishment you put it through.

2. Smartwool R1 Jacket

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We love Smartwool because it’s such an outstanding fabric. The R1 Jacket is made with a soft, smooth, and lightweight fabric, and the outer layer is made from recycled polyester, meaning it’s 100% renewable and eco-friendly. The R1 Jacket features Smartwool’s highly durable and breathable S7 Merino wool, which provides excellent thermal insulation. The outer layer of the jacket is lightweight and has a brushed finish, making it ideal for cycling and hiking.

3. Columbia Windcheater Jacket

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The Columbia Windcheater Jacket is perfect for those looking to stay warm and comfortable while cycling in the rain. This jacket has a fleece lining, which will keep you warm while providing protection against the wind. The Windcheater Jacket has a zip-up collar, side pockets, and a removable fleece-lined hood, so you can pack it away when you aren’t using it. With an internal mesh lining, this jacket is breathable, keeping you dry and comfortable.

4. GORE-TEX Waterproof Cycling Jacket

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The GORE-TEX Waterproof Cycling Jacket is made to be your number one rain jacket. Made from the highest quality GORE-TEX fabric, this jacket is 100% waterproof and breathable, which makes it perfect for use during the summer months. The GORE-TEX Waterproof Cycling Jacket has an elastic waistband for a secure fit and is available in a variety of colors. This jacket also has reflective details on the front and sleeve cuffs, to make it easy for drivers to see you on dark nights.

5. Columbia GORE-TEX Jacket

Source: outdoorsmagic.com

It is a waterproof jacket made from the highest quality GORE-TEX fabric, which is water, wind, and snowproof. The GORE-TEX Jacket is available in a range of colors and is also breathable, which means it’s great for cycling in the rain. The GORE-TEX Jacket has a zip-up collar and a removable fleece-lined hood. It also has a detachable and adjustable cinch cord to tighten the jacket around your neck.

All of these jackets will keep you safe and dry during the summer months. If you’re not sure what jacket to choose, take your current one to a shop where they can try it on for you.

Can I Ride My Bike With A Backpack?

A backpack is a useful accessory to have while cycling, but it’s not appropriate to carry a backpack on your bicycle, particularly when you’re going uphill. When carrying a backpack, your posture changes and you move closer to the ground, making it harder to maintain your balance. It’s also very hard to pedal with a backpack, and it can affect your grip on the handlebars. When carrying a backpack, make sure you sit as high as possible on the bicycle, keeping your shoulders, hips and knees high above the handlebars.

How Do I Keep Warm During The Winter Months?

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If you want to be able to ride your bike in winter, you need to dress appropriately. Wear a base layer of wool and a second layer made of synthetic material. These layers should be thin and breathable, preferably fleece. Then add a third layer of thin waterproof material, like Gore-Tex. Finally, add a waterproof outer layer, like an umbrella jacket, or a windproof jacket to cover all the seams.

Can I Wear Cycling Shoes To Cycle In The Rain?

There are several types of footwear available, including cycling shoes, riding boots, and wellington boots. Cycling shoes are usually flat-soled and are intended for on-road cycling. Riding boots are generally more rugged, designed to cope with off-road cycling. Wellington boots are a variation on riding boots, which are suitable for both on- and off-road activities. Wellington boots are usually made from thicker, more durable leather and are designed to withstand the rigors of cycling.

The best way to find out what size shoe you need is to try on a range of different brands, such as https://www.provizsports.com/au/.

This way, you’ll be able to see which fits best and also see what the sizing chart means