How do You Choose a Watch that Suits Your Personality

Wearing a watch is more meaningful than most people think. No, the purpose of wearing a watch is not to know at every moment what time it is. In the world of online technology, you can simply check that fact on your smartphone.

People are wearing a watch for various types of reasons. Some people simply want to look nice, and that reason is completely legit. On the other hand, there are amazing lovers of this tool that don’t hesitate to buy as many watches as they want. They do not care about the design of the watch. Instead of that, they are collecting prestigious models designed by some of the most successful companies in the world.

However, these two reasons are not the main ones. Believe it or not, most people are purchasing watches to show their personality and style. They will carefully check every single feature of the watch to ensure that the item is compatible with their mentality and way of living. That way, they want to represent themselves in front of people without saying a single word.

Unfortunately, buying a watch for that purpose is not as easy as it seems. Just because you know who you are, that doesn’t mean you will know which watch is most suitable for your needs. Because of that, we would like to explain in this article how to choose a watch that suits your personality. There are a couple of steps you have to go through to reach the final goal.

Are You an Outdoor Type of Person?


Some people hate monotony. They will never spend their free time in front of a laptop or inside the home. Instead of that, they would rather choose to go somewhere outside of town, running, swimming, or simply having fun. That type of personality is known as “outdoor mentality” because all the fun and purpose of life these people have is outside of their homes.

Anyway, these people are not too focused on the design of the watch. Instead of that, they need something that is functional. They should focus on fitness or running watches that will show they lead some sort of proactive type of life. These watches often come with some additional characteristics. For example, they measure how many miles the person has passed running, what is heart rate, etc. Apart from that, they often come with a GPS in case the person that spends time in nature gets lost.

The most important feature they look for is water resistance. As we said, they will decide on spending their free time with different activities including swimming. If their watch is not water-resistant, then it will not have any purpose for them.

Are You a Busy Person?

Some people are focused on their career ambitions and goals. For the entire day, they are working on the tasks that will allow them to make progress and earn more money. If they are not at the office, they are often at meetings around the country. These people are striving to find some luxurious watches. However, high prices or well-known brands are not the main things that impress them. On the contrary, they look for something that will look professional. They are quite the opposite of the previous group of people. They are looking for watches that will be compatible with suits.

In this case, it is hard to suggest any type of watch because different variants can meet their requirements. However, even classic watches can be good. It is important that they do not shine a lot!

Are You an Opulent Type of Person?


Well, the demands of this type of people are clear and there is nothing difficult to understand. The only thing they enjoy is luxury. Because of that, their watch has to be suitable and classy. They will strive to purchase watches designed by some of the most prestigious brands like Rolex, Gucci, Casio, and others. In most cases, they will purchase real gold watches and won’t hesitate to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on them.

These people are not just classy; they are also people that follow the latest trends in the world. The watches they purchase have only one goal – to make them different from others. That’s why they often strive to find the limited edition variants of some watches. Apart from that, it is not a secret that they want to impress other people and, in some cases, make them jealous. This may not seem legit for a certain group of people, but, who are we to judge? If that makes them happy, then we have to respect their desires and wishes.

Are You a Minimalist?

The minimalist mindset actually considers all the material stuff useless. They are not willing to spend a lot of money on stuff. Proving to others that they have money or are different from others in this way is irrelevant to them. Also, they do not want anything extraordinary or unusual. If you are one of them, then minimalist watches are the perfect option for you.

So, what are the characteristics of minimalist watches? Well, first and foremost, they do not cost a lot. Apart from that, their dials and displays are typical. In other words, there are no advanced features or untypical designs that can impress people with this personality. Our recommendation is to look for something that is, at the same time, classic or modern. More precisely, look for the newest watches that don’t follow the latest trends in terms of designs and functionality. That way you will get durability and quality but still remain classic.



These are some recommendations that we have for this type of purchase. Generally speaking, there are two things you need to focus on. First and foremost, determine who you are, what your style is, and what exactly you want to achieve with a new watch. Apart from that, find the most appropriate online shop where you can find a big number of watch variants. Fortunately, there are many of them like Nordgreen where you can truly find almost everything. With these two things in mind, you will find what you look for and get the quality that you deserve!