Demystifying The Common App Essay Prompts ─ A Comprehensive Guide

Are you someone who is going to apply to some reputable institutions for your higher studies? If yes, then this guide is just for you. Common application essay prompts allow the applicants to fill in certain details about their academic achievements and past experiences.

Most colleges check a student’s grades and test scores before admission. The applicant is responsible for convincing the admission committee through his compositions. In this article, you will find the various common app essay prompts to strengthen your application.

Types Of Common App Essays Prompts In 2024

App Essay Prompt


1. Essay on obstacles:

If you have experienced any challenges or obstacles, try mentioning them in your writing. It can be a great step towards your success. Please write down the count of times you faced an obstacle and how you dealt with it. Also, explain what did you learn from such challenges.

2. Essay on your background:

Every applicant has different interests and backgrounds. The application composition would not be complete without describing your talents and interests. Share stories that tell the admission committee an applicant’s background.

3. Essay on the accomplishments:

Each student must explore their strengths as they are essential for personal growth. Another type of common application essay prompt is describing your accomplishments. Write down all the good things that you have achieved so far. Explain how your achievements affected your personal growth.

4. Essay on Gratitude:

Everyone must understand that making someone happy is an art of life. If you have someone in your life that motivates you in every difficult situation and brings a smile to your face, then you should write something about him in your application composition. Write a composition on gratitude, explaining how someone helped you.

5. Essay on a topic or concept:

There must be some topics or concept that engages you. Describing such topics and ideas in your composition would be helpful. Explain which topics get most of your attention. Also, share who gives you guidance on those topics and concepts.

6. Write your own essay:

One must choose a topic before preparing an application composition. Writing these compositions won’t be difficult if you have already written them. Designing your own writing will help you describe your personality in a better way.

The Importance Of Common App Essay Prompts


Common application essay prompts are a single submission accepted by almost every educational institution. The schools are interested in reading the personal statements of the applicants. You can describe your life stories and your test scores and grades.

Write about your interests, hobbies, and talents to convince the admission committee how you can be the right fit to get admission to their institute. Show how your skills can be valuable for the college you are applying to. Common app essay prompts are great ways to share your strengths and experiences that showcase your personality.

Tips To Answer The Common Application Essay Prompts


1. Begin with brainstorming:

Before looking at the common app essay prompts, it is suggested that the applicants must do some brainstorming. Spend some time understanding what all you need in a college. Make a list of all the ideas that you have in your mind. Apart from this, think about some great experiences of your life that can be useful for writing down the application composition. Once you are done with brainstorming, you can start structuring your writing.

2. Finding a strong structure for your essay:

There are several ways of structuring your composition. But the most relevant structures include the Montage structure and Narrative structure. In the Montage structure, one can write down multiple moments or experiences of his life. At the same time, the narrative structure can explain a certain moment of your life.

3. Focusing on the quality:

Focusing on the quality of the writing is a must for students who want to secure their place in some reputed institution. There is a lot of competition amongst the applicants to get admission. Therefore, you have to work hard on the delivery quality of your composition. It would help if you described your unique traits in the application essay. Applicants who deliver quality in their writing have more chances of getting admission.

4. Revising is essential:

After completing your application writing, it is essential to revise it. Before you take any feedback on your writing from your teacher or counselor, it is suggested to prepare at least 6-8 drafts. Your composition must be able to explain who you are as a person and what you are capable of doing in the future. Revising will help you discover any mistakes or errors you have made while designing a common application essay prompt.

5. Getting feedback:

The best way that can help you improve your essay is by getting feedback. Look for a peer, counselor, or teacher to analyze your composition. Try getting feedback from the people you can trust. Ask your teacher about the sections in your essay that requires improvement. Once you receive the feedback, try working on your writing to improve it.

6. Pick the best prompt:

A person should pick the prompt that fits the best for him. Choose the prompt that can help you describe your personality, interests, and talent in the best way possible. Look at the above list to learn about the different types of common application essay prompts. Apart from this, you can also research the compositions other students wrote. This will inspire you to structure your writing and describe your life story.

To Sum Up

Common application essay prompts are a great way of securing your place in some reputed educational institutions. Many colleges accept these compositions. There are various types of common app essay prompts available. One can choose the type that describes his personality in the best possible way.

Sharing your past experiences and failures in the application compositions can be helpful. Explain the challenging situations you faced and what you have learned from those situations. Remember to check the above tips to help you answer the common application essay prompts or just check