Why are some Dog Breeds so Expensive?

Dogs are incredible creatures that can bring so much joy and happiness to their owners’ lives. They are full of energy and love, so they can cheer you up any time you feel lonely and sad and make you so many great memories. Therefore, if you are looking for a way to fill your home with wonderful and cute chaos, you should consider getting a dog. There are so many different breeds that come with different costs. You will be surprised to hear that some dog breeds are so expensive and you will probably wonder why. Therefore, for all new dog owners, we prepared a list of things that make some dog breeds so expensive. Maybe this will help you decide which breed the best suit you and your living space.

Championship Lineages

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One of the reasons why some breeds are so expensive refers to their performances. Many people want to buy a dog that has won some championships in the past. These dogs come at a certain price. Puppies that champion dogs will have are probably going to have the same genes and characteristics, so they are going to become champions as well. When the dog wins championships, it is because of the high standard that it offers.

This refers to the dog’s health, appearance, structure, and performance. The dog has all the qualities that are very appreciated. People who are buying these expensive breeds are very serious when it comes to preparing their dogs for the competition. Logically, they want to win, so they are investing in the specific breed to get the ideal dog. If you are looking to find a dog for championships, you should be prepared to pay for that a lot.

Designer Breeds

Another reason puppies are expensive is because they come from a designer breed. If you do not understand this term, a designer breed is a breed of mixed dogs. More precisely, people are finding two ideal breeds to mix in order to create a dog for a specific purpose. The standard for the designer breed is a poodle. Therefore, they mixed poodle with some other type of dog. If you are wondering why poodles are so popular for making ideal dogs – it is because of their hypoallergenic nature and some other qualities.

Poodles do not shed as other dog types and they also produce less dander. Therefore, this is the best choice for people who suffer from pet allergies. The problem occurs because not everyone wants to get a poodle. That is why breeders cross this breed with some others such as labrador, cocker spaniels, golden retrievers, etc. The result is a very healthy and ideal puppy. If something like this sounds good for you, you should know that you need to prepare a lot of money for this type of dog.

Genetic Testing

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When the new owner sees the genetic testing of the dog he chose, he will find more about the health conditions and the quality that the dog breeds bring. Many expensive dogs come with dietary restrictions and some health preconditions that owners should be aware of. A genetic test will tell owners about whether there is the possibility that their dog can get a certain disease during life. Therefore, owners can be prepared for the financial commitment and responsibility that will provide their dog with the proper lifestyle and maintenance that will reduce the risk of developing some potential disease.

All expensive breed dogs come with these risks, so it is very important to provide a specific breed with the care that they require. These genetic tests are also very expensive, however, they are a must-do thing if you want the ideal dog and to understand how to take care of him and what you should provide.

Rare Breeds

You probably know that there are some breeds that are rarer than others. These dogs are more expensive since it is more difficult to find breeders for them. The individuals who do breed-specific dogs ask for a higher price for their puppies. Logically, they are aware of the fact that they are one of the rare breeders in the state who sell that specific kind of dog. Therefore, if you really want exactly that breed, you will need to pay a lot of money for them because they are rare and very special. In case that the puppy comes from a champion line, then you will pay extra money for getting him. Some of the rarest dog breeds include Mudi, Otterhound, Chinook, Tibetan Mastiff, Swedish Vallhund, etc.


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You probably noticed that dogs tend to have trends. More precisely, there are some breeds that are very demanding. This can be due to their qualities, performances, appearance, behavior, etc. When the popularity of the dog is increased, it is logical that it will become difficult to find a breeder that has them. In case you come across the breeder that has the puppies you are looking for, you should expect that the price will be very high since you are not the only one that seeks the same breed.

You need to understand that the parents of the puppy need a lot of time to rest and recover after giving birth before they can make new puppies again. That is why their puppies are not always available. This is one more reason why the price is higher. In fact, usually, a dog will only give birth to three or four puppies. Also, these puppies need to be healthy enough and in good shape for purchase.

What special breed dogs require?

As we said, it is not very easy to maintain and provide quality care for some special and expensive breeds. However, they usually come with some demands. For instance, many of them are requiring obedience training which can be very expensive. Moreover, you will probably need to take them for grooming. Despite that, they are requiring many different items such as dog fences, collars, toys that you can read more about on websites like goodpuplife.com. Boost your knowledge on time!

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