3 Tips For Keeping Your Paralyzed Dog Happy And Healthy ─ 2024 Guide

We know very well that the dog is man’s best friend, and such a furry creature in our lives can be a blessing. A lot of research has been done so far, and each of them has shown that having a dog as a family member can only have a positive impact on our lives.

However, people often decide to take a pet without first doing any research or consultation about the breed of the dog. Interestingly, they decide what breed they are going to get based on their character, physical or mental characteristics. So more sociable people will choose active dogs, introverts will choose dogs with phlegmatic characteristics, creative people will probably choose poodles, and so on.

People decide they want to buy a dog, adopt one, or collect one from the street, but they do not realize that it is a big responsibility. It is necessary to invest a large amount of time to raise that dog, it is necessary to invest in training the dog, playing with it, walking it, to give it love and attention.

But of course, there are people who take this job very seriously, true pet lovers who are willing to invest everything they need to provide a happy and healthy life for their dog.

Life can often be unpredictable and unfair, as people can get sick, also pets are susceptible to various diseases. Some diseases in dogs depend on their breed and have a genetic predisposition to get sick, and if your dog gets sick do not blame yourself, because the way you care for him is not always the cause of their disease.

Accidents happen so often and your dog can get injured, and some dogs can even become paralyzed without any injury. It occurs when there is no coordination between the nerves, muscles, brain, and spine, when communication between the brain and spinal cord is interrupted partially or completely.

Paralyzed Dog

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If you notice that your dog has difficulty keeping itself up on all four legs, or can not stand on the front two legs, or pulls the hind legs behind him, you need to take him to the vet as soon as possible. There he will undergo a series of examinations and X-rays to determine if the dog needs surgery or with the help of therapy and exercises will improve the condition.

So do not despair, because in most cases with the help of therapy paralysis can be treated and can be withdrawn and you will be able to see again your pet running with an open mouth that simulates a smile.

If you want to know what type of care you should give your paralyzed dog, this will help and will give you more details on the subject or continue reading this text.

1. Make sure your dog gets the nutrition he needs

The first stage in a pet’s recovery is a change in diet, a change in the food you fed the dog, the amount of food you gave him. It is also very important at this stage in the diet to include as many vitamins, minerals, and other supplements as possible. You need to be careful not to feed him high-carb foods.

Why is this so important?

When your dog is paralyzed there is no physical activity and if you feed him improperly it can lead to weight gain which further leads to heart disease and chronic diseases such as diabetes. You should also be careful how much water the dog drinks daily, it should be constantly hydrated. If dehydration occurs, it further leads to other side effects.

However, due to some reasons, if your dog doesn’t get enough nutrition, you need to find out some fun ways to attract him to the food. One thing that can help keep your paralyzed dog happy and healthy is getting the food in a customized dog bowl.

If you’re concerned about this, there are many designs in bowls to help them stay healthy without changing their diet. You can also get them a personalized bowl that shows your love for them and attracts them to the food. Check out the latest collection of dog bowl designs at 4inbandana.

To ensure the happiness and health of your dog, consider incorporating supplements into their daily routine. You can shop hip and joint supplements for dogs to provide them with the support they need to maintain mobility, joint health, and overall well-being.

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2. Hygiene must be impeccable

Keep in mind that when your dog is paralyzed, it has no control over the bladder and bowel movements. Ask your veterinarian what technique is best to use to help your dog urinate, and practice this at least three times a day. Or use dog diapers if you are afraid that the dog will make a mess in the home, but make sure the dog stays clean.

It does not matter if you wash it with water or clean it with wet wipes, as long as it is clean. You do not want your dog to be exposed to bacteria and viruses. Monitor the condition of the skin and fur, from constant lying down irritation and redness, which may occur in some places which can be very irritating and painful for your pet. If you notice anything like this, contact your veterinarian.

3. Physical therapy

This is probably the most important stage if your pet is paralyzed. Muscles need activity because otherwise there will be cramps, numbness, and severe pain. Wondering how to help your pet with this problem? It is very simple actually, you can help him with a massage. Consult a veterinarian on which places of your dog’s body you should massage.

And be careful you have to be extremely gentle and not put too much pressure. The dog will be so grateful for this, and this will create a special bond between you two. In addition to massage, short walks in the nearby park will be helpful. Get him a special harness or a wheelchair and get him out of the house, physical activity is fundamental to the health and happiness of the dog.

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I hope these tips will help you, if your dog has a certain type of paralysis, it does not necessarily mean that this is the end. With your help, you can contribute and enable a happier and healthier life. I am sure that with your dedication and attention you will cause a wonderful wiggle with the tail, and you will get extra love with a simple lick on the face.

Although they cannot speak with us, dogs are too intelligent and very clever creatures. In addition to being extremely smart, their selflessness has a great influence on us and makes us better people in any way. This is the reason why they are our best friends and have a special spot in our hearts and in our lives.