Online Poker and Famous Online Poker Players From the USA

Online poker is gaining a lot of traction in recent times both within the US and internationally. There are many online platforms where people can log in to and play casinos. Besides this, there are many famous online poker players too.

This article covers information about some of the best online poker websites as well as the most famous online casino players from the USA. One can also get an idea about some great US real money poker sites if they check here. Besides this, some other similar websites are:

1. Ignition

This is a popular website due to the fact that it garners a number of different players on a daily basis and hence has very high traffic which makes it very fun and competitive. This website does not necessarily only focus on professional players. It also helps in protecting nonprofessional players from getting exploited. Hence if someone is a beginner this website can be a great starting point for them into the world of casinos.

This platform is also compatible with a lot of different devices and offers a variety of casino games including daily tournaments with high rewards. Besides this one can also ensure that they are using a safe website since this platform is already a well-established brand in online poker.


2. Americas Cardroom

This is one of the best online poker websites for professional casino players. It provides a lot of options as well as opportunities to win big. This includes casino bonuses that go up to $2000. Just like ignition this website also has a large number of people who play on it every day making it more fun and competitive.

One of the best and unique parts of the website is that it allows the players to deal with more than 30 cryptocurrencies rather than just fiat money. This makes the game much more inclusive. The overall user interface of the platform also stands out as it is very easy to navigate and follow through.

Even then there is a negative about the website regarding the fact that it charges a withdrawal fee.

3. Bovada

This is one of the best platforms for poker players who want to win big in tournaments. It has a great user interface and high traffic which allows one to compete with many different players and win exciting prizes. This platform hosts one of the most exciting tournaments called the Milly Tournament which is a monthly tournament with prizes worth $1 Million. But this website can also be a bummer for some since it only has a limited number of VIP rewards.



It is a perfect website for someone who wants to play online casino games for free. Although this website only provides opportunities to play table cards and video poker games, it can be a great experience especially for a beginner. It offers a good range of Casino games and welcome packages that can range up to $7,500 in Bitcoin.

Besides these interesting websites, there are also certain casino players who are very famous in the USA. Some of them are:

Phil Ivey


He is one of the most famous professional American casino players. He does not only play on the online platform but is also very successful at offline poker and casino games. He is someone who plays a majority of high-stakes games in online poker and is said to have won around 20 million dollars on the virtual table.

He is also a great live player who is said to have won around 30 million dollars to date. This has proved his resilience and skills both in online and offline casino games.

Tom Dwan


He is also famously known as “durrrr” in the online poker circle and has won some of the largest tournaments on the internet. He has played some of the highest stakes which has led him to win big. He is also featured in one of the books called Ship It Holla Ballas! by Jonathan Grotenstein and Storms Reback due to his amazing winning skills in online poker.

He has won around 3.4 million dollars in live tournaments but keeps on winning a lot more in both online and offline formats of the game. He is quite literally a legend in the online poker arena and plays mostly in southeast Asia presently.

Ben Tollerene


He is a poker player originally from Texas who started his journey with a 500-dollar deposit and hasn’t looked back since. He is said to have won around 3.5 million dollars from online poker games and also has a great career in playing live casino games which have led him to win millions owing to his six and seven figures scores.

Di Dang


He is a vietnamese-american former poker player originally from Virginia. His specialty is in games of high stakes poker which has led him to win big. His total online winnings in cash games is around 8 million dollars. His username ‘Urindanger’ was the best way to describe the situation others were in when they played against him. This made him a great opponent and poker player.


Having a good idea about the best online poker website as well as the most famous poker players can help one in determining what steps to take to win Big in poker games, especially in the online mode.

Knowing about the best website can help one determine where they should put their money to get the greatest User experience as well as chances of winning. Knowing about other poker players who have made it big in their careers helps in knowing about certain steps and techniques that they can adopt to improve their own game and chances of making it too.

Having the overall knowledge of both these factors can help one in making an informed choice and decide on the best practices one should take up while playing online casino games and competing with others on high stake tournaments.