5 Reasons Why Fiberglass Grating Is Better Than Steel

Nowadays, the supply of construction materials is far greater than before. The impression is that new materials are constantly appearing. Many of them have new and improved characteristics – due to which they are becoming more widespread in use. Moreover, some of the new composite materials like fiberglass are slowly displacing conventional materials such as steel. This is exactly the reason why more and more people today are opting for fiberglass grating instead of steel ones. We’ll explain some of the reasons why this is so.

New Materials Used In The Construction Industry

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When we talk about the use of various materials in the construction industry – most often, we think of steel. However, in recent times with the development of various technologies in construction, there has been the emergence of new composite materials that often prove to be far better in practice. Fiberglass began to be used as a building material in the late 1960s. At that time, due to its price, it was not widely available. However, over time, its price has become affordable, and it is increasingly used in the construction of various structures.

Advantages Of Fiberglass Grating

Steel is still widely used in the construction industry, primarily due to its low price. Nevertheless, we can say with certainty that today, fiberglass material is increasingly present in the construction of fittings or gratings. Namely, new technologies in the construction and development of this industry have caused the appearance of new materials that will be equally affordable, equally durable – but also have certain advantages over steel and other traditional materials. According to www.grpgratingsystems.co.uk, the advantages of fiberglass grating today are manifold – primarily because they are lighter than steel and are not subject to corrosion, and are equally durable. We will draw your attention to 5 reasons why it is better to opt for fiberglass grilles instead of steel ones.

1. Strength And Resistance

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Although when comparing these two materials at first glance you may think that steel is more resistant – you will easily be deceived. Fiberglass graters are just as strong as steel ones. How come? This composite material is made to possess exceptional strength and resistance. On the other hand, fiberglass offers some other advantages that steel graters do not have. First of all, you will not face the problem of corrosion, which is usually the case with steel structures after a while. On the other hand, fiberglass graters are very flexible and impact-resistant. Where you can see damage and dents caused by shocks on steel structures – it will not do any damage to fiberglass because this material is coated with a special protective gel that allows it to do so.

2. Durability

Believe it or not, this is actually the biggest advantage of fiberglass graters over steel graters. Namely, this material is far more resistant to the effects of the external environment and requires less maintenance – while its durability lasts for decades. The biggest problem with steel graters is the susceptibility to corrosion. Therefore, it requires the use of expensive anti-rust or galvanizing coatings and that is a huge cost. On the other hand, fiberglass has an advantage over other materials such as aluminum, which is reactive – or wood that is prone to rot. No matter what the climate or other external influences are – fiberglass is by far the most resistant and durable material, and as such is the perfect choice when it comes to graters.

3. Fiberglass Is A Safer Material

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This is without a doubt a very important feature of this material. First of all, fiberglass is safer than steel because it is not an electrical conductor. This characteristic is extremely important for the safety of people who walk on such graters. Also, fiberglass is an excellent thermal insulator, so it does not heat up like steel. In addition, this material is not prone to slipping, which is especially important in humid climates. One more feature of graters made of fiberglass is that they are very flexible, and therefore favor those who move on them.

4. This Material Meets The Required Standards

When we talk about the standards that must be met in construction – it means respecting some very strict regulations and rules. This applies to things like structural integrity or fulfilling the fire code, etc. Fiberglass as a material meets almost all required standards in the construction industry – which makes it a suitable material for use for various purposes.

5. Cost

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One of the most important items when choosing between steel or fiberglass graters is price and cost. In that respect, steel is cheaper than fiberglass in the beginning, but don’t be fooled. What you don’t pay at the start – you will pay later. Namely, steel is a cheaper material, but on the other hand, due to its weight, its installation is far more expensive. In addition to this fact, you must take into account some additional costs such as special equipment, operators and supervisors, welders, etc. In addition, the cost of subsequent maintenance of steel graters is far higher than in the case of graters made of fiberglass. Steel requires expensive coatings and anti-corrosion agents – and is far more susceptible to so-called material fatigue. There are no such problems with fiberglass graters. Therefore, although more expensive to start with, fiberglass is a better investment in the long run.


As we have seen, there are several reasons why it is a better option to choose fiberglass graters. Although at first glance it may seem that your costs will be higher and that this material is less reliable – it is a deception. Not only is it durable and flexible, but fiberglass also has certain advantages in terms of meeting strict standards in the field of construction. Safety is first and foremost important because fiberglass is a non-flammable material that is not subjected to thermal influences – as is the case with steel. Therefore, for those who are engaged in the construction business professionally, the choice is pretty clear. If you need your graters material to be durable and long-lasting in the long run – then you know what to choose.