A Brief Guide To Fire Blankets, What Are They And What Are They Used For?

The bitter reality of life is that bad times never knock before walking in. You might be having the brightest day ever, and something might go wrong. Thus, being prepared is all we can do, as humans. Accidents and mishaps happen all the time, around the world and managing them well is important. This is where a fire blanket is a must-have in your house, office and almost everywhere; you can click here to learn more about it. There are times when a fire breaks out and you don’t have sufficient time to reach out to a fire extinguisher. Before the fire gets out of control, it is best to throw a fire blanket on it. It not only stops the fire from growing wild but it also gives you enough time to make an exit from the situation.

There is only a thin line difference between fire extinguishers and fire blankets but understanding it is important. Once you know what sets the two apart, you are able to understand why it is important to keep both of them in your homes, offices and buildings too.

What is a Fire Blanket Used for?

The basic aim of inventing fire blankets is to smoothen the fire. The blanket deprives the fire of oxygen, to stop it from fueling. It is best for containing fire so that you are protected from flames and can make your way out of the space safely. However, if there is a complete fire situation, then a blanket let alone, is not enough. It will help you escape the place of the incident safely but it might not contain the fire for long. Thus, calling in help is very crucial.

As people are gaining insight into such accessories and safety equipment, they prefer to keep these items around them. It is recommended to mount a fire blanket on a wall, within the area where it might be required. All fire blankets come with a cover that sets it apart and makes it visible for use. The cover comes with all the instructions as to how one must use the blanket in an emergency. Thus, read through the instructions carefully and make sure to use it accordingly. The manufacturer knows how the blanket has been created and thus, following their terms of usage is crucial.

Advantages of a Fire Blanket

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Fire blankets are extremely helpful. Yes, they might not be your best bet for huge fire situations but if you are able to identify a fire mishap on time, then a fire blanket might be your saviour.

It is advantageous as it hinders the fueling up of the fire. This gives you enough time to make an exit from that space. If you have more than one fire blanket in your house or office, then you can throw one on the fire and wrap one around yourself or your children/friends, to securely escape the situation. Therefore, it is not only beneficial for stopping the fire from growing but they are extremely helpful for evacuating a space too.

Here are some of the major advantages of using fire blankets:

1. Put Out Electric fires

We all know that putting out an electric wire is pretty hard as it can be quite severe and can lead to very dangerous consequences. Since water can not be used to put out this kind of fire, you are only left with very little resources to end this.

For this very reason, fire blankets can turn out to be quite helpful to put out electric fires. They can be used directly on the area where the spark is coming from and can be used to quickly take control of the fire from spreading onwards.

Especially for the time when you do not have much time to grab the fire extinguishers and have a threat of fire spreading.

2. Used For Kitchen Fires

For situations when the stove or the pan catches fire in the kitchen while cooking, fire blankets can turn out to be pretty helpful to take control over the situation quickly.

Since these fires can spread quite fastly and the situation can turn out to be quite devastating in no time, make sure that you have enough blankets in the kitchen to stop the fire.

However, one thing that needs to be remembered is that the kitchen fire can only be put out by fire blankets if one knows how to properly cover up the fire source.

3. Saves Lives

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The fire blankets can certainly play an important role in saving people’s lives when situations like fire breakouts happen. In uncertain situations when someone catches fire, fire blankets can help to quickly extinguish it from the person.

In addition to that, in case a place catches fire and it spreads everywhere, fire blankets can also be used to protect one’s self from getting burned or cover their body in order to escape from the place.

4. Protection From Getting Burned

Fire blankets can be a great help to protect infants or children from fire, especially in such situations where you have to carry them out of an engulfed area.

It is one of the most common strategies that is used by firefighters to save the children from getting burned or harmed by the fire.

As the technology has improved, these blankets have also become much more effective and light weight to easily carry them around. The cost has also reduced a lot so that it is easily available for people to keep it at home as well.


A fire blanket is an essential equipment that everyone must have in their homes, offices and buildings. It helps largely in evacuating spaces when a huge fire breaks out. It can be a life saviour for you. Therefore, investing in fire blankets is a very smart and wise thing to do. Once you understand its usage and benefits, you wouldn’t be able to stop yourself from keeping one in your spaces, for your safety.