Forget About the Kitchen Triangle Rule ― And Get Better at Creating Sustainable Layouts

The kitchen triangle rule is paramount in interior design because it enables a person to create a good-looking and functional living space. The guideline shows how linking the three most important spots of the kitchen, the sink, the stove and the fridge, can be connected in the shape of a triangle for seamless moving. Their positioning also matters because it can lower efficiency due to long distance or closeness.

The triangle design is excellent from many perspectives. First, it helps anyone move quickly within a small space and is smooth. However, you can’t apply it to every type of space, such as small ones. Plus, it doesn’t provide as much room for creativity as possible, which might hinder someone’s wishes to make a kitchen look like a place to spend time.

Therefore, the kitchen triangle rule isn’t that reliable overall, but you can rely on other guidelines to create a proper kitchen look without fuss.

Examine your lifestyle

A kitchen triangle might not be a good idea if you’re not often active in the kitchen. At the same time, if you have a small room to install the kitchen, the triangle will be annoying since you’ll find yourself running in circles.

However, if you’re mindful of your priorities and research what’s the best layout for your lifestyle, the kitchen will be adequately assessed. Depending on your level of usage and cooking skills, you might need to reach specific areas of the kitchen more often than others, so consider parting it in zones for food storage, preparation and cleaning.

Hence, arrange these areas by the frequency of you needing them for your daily tasks. If you make breakfast and tea or coffee every morning, place the necessary appliances as close to the stove as possible. But if you skip breakfast and only prepare lunch or dinner, place cutlery and other things needed in a way where you can reach them immediately.


Have a drop zone for groceries

Another critical aspect of modern kitchens is the drop zone, a designated area where you place all the groceries together, so storing them is easier and faster. Such an area can be anything from a kitchen island in the middle of the room to an open pantry and cabinetry. The choice is yours and made in accordance with the room’s features and your liking.

A drop zone is closely linked to your storage, which is also important to streamline the kitchen.

Luckily, plenty of storage products and forms are available almost everywhere online, so you can maximize the room’s space. Here are some ideas:

  • Corner drawers are perfect for taking advantage of the space between other drawers that meet in the corner of the kitchen;
  • Utensil drawers minimize the visual business of the kitchen, allowing you to keep it clean easily;
  • Pull-out trash cans are necessary to have to hide the bins and save some floor space;
  • Spice storages are vital because they’re keeping all products within reach;

Create designated areas

Another way to make your kitchen more efficient is to have designated areas for every activity. For instance, the coffee cups, the coffee maker, and all the sugar and related spices should be placed close to one another. Or, if you’re into baking, it would be best to have all the ingredients and dishes required in one place.

These areas can be applied to anything somewhat related and usually used together. Don’t be afraid to mix weird things since they might look strange, but instead, have some additional “kitchen garage” doors that allow you to hide all the mess but also easily access anything needed. Moreover, this system will help you keep all areas clean due to increased and efficient usage.

Kitchen Triangle Rule


Have a space for getting together with people

If you have a family, it’s most likely that your kids will roam around the kitchen or stop by to talk to you, which means it would be best to have an established area for communicating or just chilling. Even if you live alone, it would be nice for your guests to be around as you prepare the meals so you won’t leave them alone in the living room.

Such a space can be as small as having a funky chair and a small table to sit at, where a person can enjoy a warm drink or a snack as you prepare something to eat. However, this can be a real challenge when kitchen rooms have unusual designs, or the space is too small to fit a second person. Therefore, depending on your actual room, think of ingenious ways to have an additional area if you want to have someone around as you’re cooking.

Analyze what’s already in your kitchen

Upon changing or improving your entire kitchen, you must do what most people don’t ―consider what’s already in your kitchen to make the most of it. Any cabinet, cutlery set or appliance should be used thoroughly and not just eliminated since it does not fit your vision. This is not only unsustainable in the long run, but if you base your preferences on trends, you’ll only end up unsatisfied and overpaying for such an essential thing.

Therefore, we encourage you to thoroughly inventory what’s already in your kitchen and see how you can put it to work or organize it to make more sense to your current lifestyle. For example, if you own too many cutlery sets, you can either store them somewhere far from the busy areas or donate them to friends or family. This applies to anything else in the room, as it helps you have an idea of what you can do with what you have.



The triangle rule is efficient in the kitchen, but only when the room is spacious enough to fit all requirements. Therefore, for people whose kitchen areas are unique, the design installments should check realistic views, which is why the guidelines above will help you decide what’s best and most lucrative for the kitchen of your dreams.