5 Types of Gamblers You Might Encounter at Online Casinos

Gambling has always been popular, as people simply want to have fun, crave that feeling of expectation and uncertainty, and, of course, the possibility to win some quick bucks. Everything inevitably changes, and as technology advances, it’s nothing strange that even casinos changed the way they operate, and as a result, we today have their online versions. Now, we are creatures of habit, and when there is something we like, we simply need to do it, and the same can be said for the games of chance. More and more people are starting to get into this way of betting, and it’s easy to understand why. There are many benefits of playing games of chance, and one of those advantages is convenience, as doing that online is, to put it simply, always available. On the other hand, it’s a much safer alternative compared to traveling to casinos now that we are still dealing with a pandemic. As more people gamble on different websites, it’s more likely that you will realize how different each player is in terms of their gaming styles and personalities.

Whether someone is into playing casino games or into betting on sports, everyone who has been doing so for a while most likely already developed and has a gambling personality. One may not be aware of how they behave, but certain things they do or avoid doing means that, yes, of course, they have a profile. Now, there are many things one can do while playing some game of chance that others will look upon as a gambling habit and will classify you into some of the personality groups, and some of this could include looking up different online casino strategies or checking today’s cricket match predictions on websites such as 10cric.com. Doing either means that you’re already a part of a certain gambling personality group.

You may not believe us, but, in reality, it’s simply interesting to know where you belong in these “societies” and learn more about where your online casino friends do too. That is why we created a list of different types of players that you probably already have encountered when playing games of chance online.

1. The Newbie

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Everyone goes through that stage, but being a newbie in this activity could be a different experience for each. Those who used to only visit land-based casinos will still be newbies when they play online, and at some point, they probably had a hard time figuring out how things work like, how they could make a deposit or make a withdrawal. All of this is much different than in traditional casinos, and it can take some time to figure it out, but it’s not something that requires a lot of knowledge, so many experienced users get used to it fast.

There are also those who had no previous experience at all. Even though these types of users could already be knowledgeable about making online transactions, but this type of newbies are most likely unsure of which game to choose and how to understand betting odds in terms of sports betting. It can be much harder to learn how to read odds, or play casino games, than how to make a deposit and withdrawal, but if one is persistent and wants to try luck, it will not be a problem. Overall, a newbie is someone who still has questions on how things work on online casinos. For some people, the newbie period lasts longer, for some shorter, but the fact is that every gambler is a newbie at some point.

2. Casual Gamers

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A casual gamer perfectly describes some players, as they only play real money games casually or when they have time. Playing at online casinos could also be their way of killing some time off before they proceed to their next activity. It can also be a way to kill boredom and fulfill free time by casually playing these games, and the possibility to win some money only enhances the overall experience.

Casual gamers usually don’t place a large amount of deposit into their gaming accounts, as that’s not the goal. They would only make deposits that would last for an hour or so since they usually do not have more time to spare. When their account clears, they stop and don’t easily feel the urge to make another deposit to keep on playing, and they can wait for a few days to make a new one. Perhaps the best way to describe how casual gamers play is that they play for fun with minimal hopes of winning big, and once when it becomes too stressful for them, they simply quit.

3. The Escapists

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Many would also turn to casino gaming when they are trying to have fun or are trying to temporarily escape from reality. That’s not unusual for gamers, but escapists in an online casino scene are usually only there for a certain period. In a certain period of time, these types of players can play for a whole day and then simply leave and not come back for several days.

These are the types of gamblers who would only have a precise time to enjoy casino games and a predetermined amount of money to spend, and after that, they stop. They are not playing to win but mainly to just have a great time. It is more of an activity to them, and escapists often take a break from what’s happening in the real world to have some fun. The downside of being part of this group is that some studies suggest how escapists are usually those who end up with problematic gambling behavior.

4. Social Gamblers

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Going to a land-based casino in gaming hotspots like Las Vegas or Atlantic City is always fun, and it can be considered a social activity. These are places where you could meet fun people, and a common misconception is that this is something that online casinos can’t offer.

However, online gaming is becoming quite a social activity too. Live casino gaming is becoming popular, as there is no better way to get the same experience than with online casino tables, where you get to play with a live dealer and other online players on a single table. With live dealer games, users can interact with the dealer, and some websites even allow their users to interact with each other through chat boxes or voice chat.

With everything mentioned above, online casino gaming is no longer isolating, ad it can be a very social activity too. The same can be said for online sports betting since online punters can also discuss their bets with other punters all over the world via forums and threads.

5. The Professional

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There are also seasoned players who have already turned online gambling into an actual career. These are people who only rely on winning at online casinos and bookies for a living. It sounds too good to be true, but there are online gamblers out there who are pretty efficient when it comes to this.

It takes a lot of experience to be able to gamble professionally and be successful. It means that their bets and moves are always strategic, carefully thought, and somewhat calculated. Usually, they are the ones who know what they can afford to lose, when to bluff, and when to go all in. It’s all part of a strategy, but some things only come with experience. Professionals will quickly walk away from games or odds that are just not for them, or if they feel something is not right and just like strategy develops with experience, the gut feeling is also something professional gamblers know how to use to their advantage. In the end, they will always be after money and making profits, and they take gambling seriously.

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