Can I Get Top Dollars From Junkyard Shops?

Each of us has a certain love for cars. Wondering where that love comes from? Of course, that love comes especially when you first get in your own car or in a car in general. Love means maintaining the vehicle, taking care of hygiene, cleanliness, but also decorating and upgrading it. Some do it literally until it gets old, until it turns into a junk car. Then it’s time to repair, but because reparations cost so much people usually decide to sell it at junk yard where they usually buy it for a top dollar and then sell it in parts usually.

Are you interested in knowing how much do junkyards pay for cars? Well, this blog will provide you with the relevant answers. Especially, if you have a junk car that is damaged beyond repair. You may have to spend a lot to bring it to working condition. And that may not be worth enough. On the other hand, scrapping it may be more valuable. Junkyards can still pay you for its metal parts. Also, if you have some serviceable parts, you can dismantle them and sell them separately.

Now the question arises, how much exactly will you get paid? The answer is not simple. It depends on your car’s weight and condition. The higher the weight of the car, the more value it will have. Also, if some of its parts are still working, they can be sold separately.

Some websites provide you with a rough estimation of your car. They will ask you to fill in the details of your car such as its make, mileage, etc and provide you with an approximate value for your car. If you wish to get more information about how much money you can get from Junkyard owners, check this.

There few factors that may determine the worth of your car.

Year of manufacturing


The value of a car keeps on decreasing with time. The make and model of your car thus have a strong bearing on its market price. Though there are some exceptions where your car is so old that it comes under the vintage category. Such cars are brought for huge amounts of money. But, as mentioned, it is very rare. The older the car, the more it is considered a classic car. Many people ask, “Can I sell my classic car?” Of course! Many people want to repair their car so surely yours would be great for parts, but also as a vehicle that could be repaired.

Price of metal scrap

There is one positive thing about already used vehicles, and that is that in addition to being able to repair the vehicle and in addition to being used for parts, it can also be used for iron. Inside the vehicles can usually be found iron objects that can be melted and then used to make new metal objects. Places that buy junk cars for top dollar lookout for the metal part in your car. They dismantle it and use it to make new products. If the market price for scrap metal is high, then you can get a fair deal. As such, look out for places where the rates are higher and try to find potential local buyers.

Car’s condition


Almost every vehicle sold in Junk Yard is a classic vehicle given its age. Accordingly, according to the preservation of the vehicle, a price is compiled and that price may be too low if the vehicle is unsaved or quite high if it is a well-preserved model of vehicle. The condition of your car will determine what will be its use. If the damage is severe, it can only fetch you money for its scrap parts. However, if some parts are still in running condition, you can sell them separately and earn more which would be great earnings for you if everything is in order with the parts..

Market demand

Each vehicle has a different value, not only monetary but also in terms of what is the market demand for that vehicle. If the demand for a classic car is high then the price will be high. How much a junkyard will pay for a car can often depend on whether there is market demand for that model. Sometimes there is a demand for specific car parts, especially the old ones. The companies don’t manufacture them anymore so they are not available in the market. As such, car companies look for sellers with old cars. If the parts are working properly, you can expect a decent amount from the sale.

Weight of the car


If you are scrapping your car, then the price largely depends on your car’s weight. Old cars are usually heavier and you can negotiate with the buyers at a higher price. The models made in the 20th century are especially difficult because most of their construction is iron, and the rest that is minimal was tin, plastic, glass and the like. So if you have such a classic car you can earn a great four-figure amount because that is exactly how much a junkyard will pay for a car.


Remember, the price of your car may vary in different locations. Also, the popularity of a particular model in a specific area may increase its demand. Also, the distance of your home to the junkyard shop is important as the company will tow away your car. Therefore, it would be great if you ask in several places to get a different price, ie to get a different offer so that you can then decide where to give it.

Keep these factors in mind, but also pay attention to additional factors such as the equipment of the vehicle, whether it is with completely original parts or is it with some that are compatible for the vehicle and the like. Dedicate yourself well to the whole process to be satisfied in the end with how much a junkyard will pay for a car.

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