The Great Alaskan Escape: 7 Reasons to Choose a Cruise for Your Adventure

Who wouldn’t want to come on an exciting 6-day Alaskan cruise once in their lifetime?! Now, it is time to see the state’s renowned animals and magnificent scenery. Make the most of the mobility of your adventure ship by kayaking into glacier-carved fjords, floating to a secluded Alaska Native settlement, and climbing along world-class trails through towering forests. For those who are really lucky, you might run into some incredible wildlife in this region, including bears, moose, whales, and bald eagles. Here is all that you should know about this type of cruise.

The Great Alaskan Escape: 7 Reasons to Choose a Cruise for Your Adventure


1. Know who to pick and you will have a blast

Looking for another reason to book your small boat adventure? If so, why not go for someone who has options for anyone, ages 8-88?! Check out Alaska cruises from Seattle, and have the time of your life! Alaska was the birthplace of UnCruise Adventures and it continues to be wide open for exploration. With over 25 years of experience, everyone can have the time of their life! Thanks to their team of experts & amazing tour guides, everyone can have a fun little or long cruise. If you’re ready for adventures, give them a click!

2. What does the trip look like?

In keeping with the spirit of an expedition, it is important to follow a specific schedule so that everything runs smoothly. Your expedition can be tailored to your preferred level of activity, whether that’s minimal, moderate, or somewhere in between. Those going on the trip should be in good physical shape, able to stand or walk for long distances across rugged terrain, and comfortable boarding and disembarking from unsettled expedition landing craft. Zodiac cruises, short hikes, walking tours, and visits to cultural and historical places are just some of the daily activities that may be on offer. Longer hikes, bike rides, and kayak excursions may be possible, too, depending on the climate. Every single departure is kid-friendly.

3. What to expect from an Alaskan cruise ship?


There are several booking options available if you’re thinking about taking an Alaskan cruise. In fact, it is the second most popular cruise destination in the world after Caribbean cruises. Such a fun fact, did you know that?! And it’s not difficult to comprehend why. Alaska is one of the few remaining areas on Earth where you may witness some of the most stunning animals and natural splendor all in one place. Alaska is a big state with lots of sights, so it might seem like the ideal location. Glaciers, snow-covered mountain peaks, and unusual wildlife are just a few of the views you may expect to see. Cruises can run anything from three nights to two weeks, depending on your vacation needs.

4. Who should give it a go?

The expedition leader, five seasoned naturalists, a National Geographic certified photo instructor, and a wellness specialist make up the largest and most experienced expedition group in Alaska, who will provide top-notch supervision throughout your travels. Their knowledge and enthusiasm for Alaska are crucial to the success of your once-in-a-lifetime trip. Watch the underwater explorer’s footage to learn about the vibrant ecosystems that lie under the waves. Take advantage of the crew’s expertise in marine and terrestrial biology, botany, geology, and more, and their enthusiasm for sharing this magnificent location. You’ll have a great time eating, drinking, and hiking with them, so take advantage of their companionship when you go. Combine your trip with the Wild Alaska Escape: Sitka to Juneau for twice as much wilderness, adventure, and breathtaking views.

5. When is the best time to cruise in Alaska?

Visit the Yukon, Ketchikan, and Glacier Bay National Parks while taking an Alaskan cruise to reach the last American frontier. Newcomers visiting Alaska may find the vast steppe and glaciers frightening. After all, you’re figuring out what to do if you spot a moose, worrying about the weather, and contemplating which month would be best to plan your vacation. Fortunately, there is no poor month to take an Alaskan cruise, so you don’t need to worry too much about the last one. Both the peak season and the shoulder months provide excellent tours, breathtaking scenery, and intriguing cultural events. As a result, the “best time to visit Alaska” varies on the individual’s schedule and personal preferences.

6. When’s the best time to see the northern lights on an Alaska cruise?


This is one of the most common & popular questions in regard to any Alaskan trip. In fact, seeing the aurora borealis from a cruise ship is unusual, but if you really want to see them, you should go in late September or early October. Getting off the boat and doing a land trip in Fairbanks is your best bet for seeing the northern lights. From late August to early April, Fairbanks enjoys an aurora season during which the lights can be viewed on four out of five clear evenings. If this was your number one wish, why not finally fulfill it on the right cruise?

7. The history behind it is also fun

The history and culture of small communities in Alaska are rich and diverse. The Skagway & White Pass Railway excursion allows you to explore the Klondike Highway from the comfort of a vintage train compartment. Visit Klukwan and learn about Tlingit culture, then travel to Ketchikan to see the largest collection of totem poles in the world and attempt to touch them. Following that, unwind with a traditional Alaskan salmon roast. A cruise tour of Alaska led by Alaskan advisers is an excellent choice for those who wish to spend more time in the state. You will never be bored if you choose to cruise Alaska in May when temperatures are milder, June through August when the midnight sun shines, or September when the Arctic tundra endures a magnificent change in color. When combined with cruising, your vacation will feel magnificent!