Spring Break

American Spring Break ─ 7 Places You Won’t Get Bored

Winter landscapes and cold weather outside the window can often cause depression. Luckily, spring is just around the corner and it’s time to start planning your spring break. But how do you spend your vacation? Where to go? What to do? No worries – we have some great ideas!

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The USA is a mecca for any adventurer, and spring break in America is one of the best reasons to hit the road. If you still don’t know where to go during your holidays, check out some suitable travel destinations below.

1. New York, New York

Source: unsplash.com

Those who haven’t been to New York haven’t seen the world. New York is the most famous and popular city in America. Despite being the center of the country’s business life, this is a great place to spend at least a few wonderful days of your spring break. Here are the places you shouldn’t miss during your trip:

  • Statue of Liberty;
  • Empire State Building;
  • Central Park;
  • Natural History Museum,
  • Broadway;
  • 9/11 Memorial;
  • The Brooklyn Bridge.

Yes, this is only a small part of the wonderful sights in New York. Imagine how cool it is to climb the Statue of Liberty, see the city of dreams from above, watch the leaves bloom in Central Park, and breathe in the atmosphere of Broadway. If you want to capture these unforgettable moments, remember to hire NYC photographers to ensure your memories are beautifully preserved. This city always, and especially in spring, gives such a boost of energy, which is more than enough for years to come.

2. Grand Canyon, Arizona

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This place will satisfy those who love natural attractions and want to take a break from the atmosphere of a noisy metropolis. Therefore, the Grand Canyon in Arizona is worth seeing at least once in your life.

What is unique about this place? So, its unearthly landscapes will make you think that you are on Mars. With a depth of about 1800 meters, the Grand Canyon is one of the deepest canyons in the world. While visiting this attraction, you will feel the spirit of the western that reigns in these parts. At such a height, the heart sinks into the boots. So, what could be cooler than getting such exciting emotions?

3. Honolulu, Hawaii

Source: unsplash.com

Hawaii is another great place to spend spring break. Just a couple of miles from Honolulu Airport is the famous Waikiki Beach. Here you can surf all year round, but it’s especially comfortable in spring. You will enjoy not too hot and mild weather, even waves, and beaches free from tourists.

Every year, 5 million travelers come to the main beach of Waikiki. There are many cafes and restaurants. In addition, shopping lovers will have a great time in the alley of boutiques of the world’s leading brands.

4. Park City, Utah

Source: pixabay.com

What if your associate spring break with snow, skiing, or snowboarding? Then welcome to Salt Lake City. The nearby Park City ski resort offers excellent conditions for a fun-filled pastime. In addition, in the spring there is still enough snow for skiing. The resort has a 3000-hectare area full of skiing and snowboarding pleasures. This place is suitable for people of all skill levels. What’s more, its highly developed infrastructure provides everything you need for a comfortable stay.

5. Seattle, Washington

Source: pixabay.com

Winter sports fans will enjoy Seattle in Washington State as well. True, you will have to go there in early spring to ride. However, you will still have fun even if you go there later.

Seattle hosts various festivals in the spring. Plus, you can devote your vacation to visiting museums, restaurants, and other amazing places of interest. Here’s a list of spots you shouldn’t miss in Seattle:

  • Woodland Park Zoo;
  • The Space Needle;
  • Boeing Everett Factory;
  • Museum of Flight;
  • Lake Union;
  • Olympic Sculpture Park.

6. Florida Keys, Florida

Source: pixabay.com

Fans of beaches, mild weather, and spectacular ocean views will love the Florida Keys. Spring in Florida is not hot, but the water is warm enough that promises you excellent conditions for water activities.

The cities of Key Largo and Key West are the most popular destinations in the area. For example, in Key West, you will find a turtle hospital where sick and injured turtles recover. Other attractions in the city include the Dry Tortugas National Park, the Ernest Hemingway House Museum, and the Key West Butterfly and Nature Conservatory. So, be sure you won’t be bored there!

7. Washington DC

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If New York is America’s industrial center, then Washington is its political head. Those who consider it a boring city for politicians and civil servants are wrong. Washington is beautiful. Yes, it’s not as eccentric as Southern cities, but the major cities of the USA should not be like that.

Washington offers numerous buildings of monumental architecture. Also, it’s full of museums. The good news is that some attractions offer free admission. They include the National Air and Space Museum, National Museum of American History, National Museum of Natural History, International Spy Museum, Holocaust Memorial Museum, and Washington Capitol.

By the way, from late March till early April, Washington hosts the National Cherry Blossom Festival. Delicate pink flowers bloom on cherry trees, which look just fabulous.

Thus, now you know exactly where to go to the USA in the spring. You have a long list of the top places, but nothing compares to the emotions you experience during a real trip. So, rent a car in advance and start planning your spring journey. And yes, don’t forget to check if you meet the minimum car rental age before booking a vehicle.