How Effective Are Herbal Remedies at Improving Sexual Function in Males?

Your sexual life is a significant part of your life and is often linked to your mood and behavior. Having an active sexual life brings that glow of happiness to your life. However, improper sexual function can lead to dissatisfaction in life, irritability, and frustration.

Relationship dynamics are influenced by the sexual energy of you and your partner. While your partner may be pretty understanding and supportive, you might find a downfall in your confidence level and start losing interest in your sex life when you begin experiencing sexual disorders like erectile dysfunction.

Wondering how you can improve your sexual function and relish an active sexual life with your partner? Well, worry not, because this article will discuss a few herbs that can help improve your sexual stamina and also decode the mystery surrounding the effectiveness of herbal remedies!

Which Herbal Remedies Should You Take?

Erection is not as simple as it seems. It involves a series of complex biological activities and participation of the brain, blood vessels, blood, hormones, muscles, and tissues! In addition, staying physically and mentally healthy are key factors determining a male’s sexual functionality.



Blood flow to sexual organs is key in maintaining sexual function and erection. So, how does Ginkgo help with this? Well, it is believed that this herb from a Chinese tree has the ability to dilate blood vessels which, in turn, promotes more blood flow to the sexual organs.

There is no clear evidence regarding the benefits that this herb offers upon intake; however, there was one research study that has come up with its observations and conclusions. As per Columbia University, the intake of this herb negates the sexual dysfunction effects that may be caused due to usage of antidepressants and SSRIs.

Another animal study found that this herb significantly boosted erectile function in rats after they suffered nerve-related injuries. However, there were a few studies that did not yield any optimistic results and contradicted the above research studies.

One thing we suggest before you decide to consume this herb is to consult your doctor. If you are a person, who has been prescribed blood thinners or is prone to bleeding, avoid this herb because it may end up adversely affecting your body and health.

Asparagus racemosus (Shatavari)


Also known as the Queen of Herbs, this herb belongs to the Asparagus family and is beneficial for improving sexual function in men. Taking just a tincture of this powder can boost your sperm production and help your mind attain a sense of serenity and calmness.

In addition, this herb is also said to have the ability to cure erectile dysfunction and also rectify abnormal sperm shapes. It has also been found to boost testosterone levels in men who consume this herb.

Not only does this herb offer these benefits, but it also is said to be effective in improving a man’s sexual drive. One thing to keep in mind is to consult your physician because this herb is incompatible with other medications. Besides, side effects like dehydration and allergies might be seen in a few people.

Therefore it is essential to establish if this herb is suitable for your body or not before you begin a regular intake of this aphrodisiac herb!

Red ginseng


Reg ginseng is a Korean herb that is again said to be beneficial for improvement in a man’s sexual function. Although there are no research results to suggest the pathway this herb takes in improving sexual functioning, one popularly believed theory is that this herb influences the hormones responsible for an erection.

Another theory is that this herb might boost NO levels and hence also lead to an increase in blood flow. So, these were some of the benefits but are there any side effects? Well, this herb is said to be responsible for insomnia. So if you have difficulty sleeping, this herb is not the one for you!

Withania somnifera


Known as Ashwagandha in India, this herb is renowned for its aphrodisiac qualities. Premature ejaculation can adversely affect a man’s sexual life. This is where this herb comes in. This rejuvenating herb provides strength to the penile tissues and also increases your stamina.

In addition, this herb also boosts a man’s sexual libido and helps in the treatment of erectile dysfunction. This herb is extensively used in Indian Ayurveda treatments because of its various magical properties.

Some of the side effects of Withania somnifera include symptoms of diarrhea, vomiting, and uneasiness in the stomach. Again not much can not be said about this herb because not enough long-term studies have been performed on the effectiveness of this herb in treating ED and other sexual disorders.

Horny Goat Weed


Although we have not found answers to many questions, we certainly know that hormonal levels are linked to a male’s sexual performance. Horny Goat Weed is said to influence these hormone levels in your body and hence improve the sexual functioning in a man.

Studies conducted on rats seem to support these theories but not enough human-based studies have been demonstrated or performed to prove this herb’s credibility. Besides, the intake of this drug can reflect adversely on your heartbeat!

Final Words

Yes, herbal remedies can be beneficial in improving a man’s sexual drive and function, but there isn’t substantial evidence to prove or disprove this statement. These herbs might act differently depending on your body’s nature.

If you are worried about the side effects of herbal remedies, you can click here and discover other tried and tested treatment methods. Coming back to herbal remedies, one thing that we can say with a hundred percent surety is that these herbs do have some medicinal properties.

Try a small dose, consult your doctor, verify these herbs’ effects on your body, and then make an informed decision. This way, you can avoid the potentially harmful effects, and if these herbs seem to be working, smile in victory and enjoy your improved sexual libido and function!