A Guide To Honoring Your Loved One With Beautiful Headstones

Each country has its own distinct traditions when it comes to honoring loved ones who have already passed on. One of the common ways, though, is to hold a funeral and prepare a headstone for them—a grave memorial that contains a description and other details about the deceased person.

This is an effective way for families to feel comforted knowing they can always visit their departed family members. Depending on the families’ preferences, there are diverse ways to decorate graves and headstones. Some include the deceased person’s photograph, favorite quote, or other details that symbolize their character.

If you recently lost a loved one and are planning their headstone, here are some tips to keep in mind.

Take Time To Choose The Best Headstone

Choosing a headstone can be costly, so it makes sense not to rush the process. Most headstones are made of marble, a durable material that should last for many years. It’s best to take time when deciding on the epitaph and the wording on the headstone—especially since there could be a possibility of forgetting something or making an error on their date of birth or death. Also, make sure to work with a reputable headstone supplier. You can visit Olympia Marble and other trustworthy vendors near you for a start.

Decide on the design, wording, and font you would like to use with your family. Make sure the spelling of the name and dates on the birth and death certificates match the details to be inscribed on the headstone. As you deal with the emotional and physical stress of the loss, it can be difficult to undergo this step, so it’s important to take your time and double-check everything in the process.

Do Some Research

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There are ways to save money on funeral costs, and your potential savings can outweigh the option of a classier and more expensive headstone. But before you finalize anything about your loved one’s headstone, do some research first. You might want to visit a local cemetery or view images online to get some ideas for the design and inscription. There are a lot of resources to draw inspiration from.

Consider your deceased loved one’s favorite color, and tailor the design accordingly. Try to place yourself in their shoes, and imagine how they would like their headstone design to be. There are many options out there, so try to find something that feels appropriate and reflects your departed loved one’s personality.

Less Is More

Remember that less is always more. Headstones should be kept simple. Even if there are too many elaborate concepts available, it’s smart to stick to the basics. Try to avoid feeling overwhelmed with the plethora of choices in front of you, and stick to what’s only important for the headstone. There are so many options; it seems like you can achieve the perfect result in so many ways.

Aside from the name and dates, you can also add other details. It can be a classic quote, their favorite line, or a brief description of the person. As for design elements, you can add flowers, candles, or other trinkets that symbolize their life. The simpler the headstone, the lower the cost.

Consider Attaching Their Picture

A departed loved one’s grave can often be made more memorable by adding their photo. Especially if the person loved taking photos or selfies, you can display their favorite picture on their headstone. No matter how old or new the headstone is, a picture keeps their memory alive. The key is to ensure that the photo remains in perfect condition despite the weather and other external elements. You may consider using ceramic photos in such cases or go for weatherproof picture frames.

Seek Professional Advice

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If you’re open to suggestions, it’s best to seek professional advice from the headstone makers themselves. However, you should weigh the options presented to you, as they may suggest expensive and impractical options. Ignore such advice that will only make you spend more money.

The key is to choose a reputable marble headstone supplier that’s truly skilled. Professional headstone artisans can provide genuinely good suggestions. Seek their personal advice and refer to their past works. Ask them about the most meaningful or interesting headstone that they can suggest.

Customize, But Don’t Go Overboard

Personalized memorials have been on the rise these recent years, but your loved one’s headstone inscription shouldn’t be too transparent and over-personalized. There was and will always be something special and unique about your departed loved one. So, it’s okay even if their headstone doesn’t fully capture how amazing they were. You can always add personal details on their headstone, but remember not to go overboard.

Avoid Following Trends

Like in other industries, even headstones also come with trends. Go for font styles and designs that are timeless. Avoid trending designs, as they will look funny and weird years later. In terms of font, you can have all caps or a mix of uppercase and lowercase letters. Try to go for simple and neat font types, as these designs won’t go out of style even in the coming years.

Consider Other Headstone Shapes

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There is no rule that memorial headstones should come in a rectangular shape. If you want to make them seem more unique, you can always opt for other shapes. You can go for a round or square one if you think it’s something your departed loved one would prefer. Creating a beautiful headstone is as straightforward as designing something they would love.


A headstone is an essential element in your departed loved one’s grave. Therefore, it’s crucial to have one that’s well thought out and truly unique to them. Hopefully, with this article, we were able to provide you with helpful tips and insights as you plan the best and most beautiful headstone possible for your departed loved one.