9 Tips on How to Save Money on Funeral Costs

Funerals are costly. Many expenses are connected to putting your earthly body to rest. You don’t just expire; a casket would come open, and a plot would be made available. In addition, before your family lays you in your final resting place, they have to observe several ceremonies and traditions as part of social norms. The costs can pile up quickly, and if you don’t have a funeral arrangement plan in place, it can be a financial constraint on your next of kin.

If you want an exceptional funeral service, you may need to pre-plan it with a reputable establishment. While there are funeral homes offering prepaid plans, you must choose to work with a company with a lot of expertise and experience in the industry. If you wish to work with the best, you can partner with the best in the industry like www.carrollandcarrollfunerals.co.uk. They can help you develop a fair deal that provides you and your family with the necessary services without compromising your budget.

Here are a few tips to help you save money on funeral costs.

1. Compare funeral home service offerings

One of the things that most people don’t do when it comes to settling for a decent funeral home is to compare two or more different establishments. Some only want to make it through the process and don’t want to prolong the agony. While it is understandable that most people would feel that way, it may not be advisable financially.

The person in charge of organizing the funeral service should have an open enough mind to compare funeral home service offerings. Not all funeral establishments offer the same deals at the same price points, so shopping around and finding the best value will be advisable. It can also leverage the family’s preferred service provider to offer a discounted deal to secure the business.

2. Understand what the services mean

Before signing an agreement, you need to hash out the details with the funeral director or their assigned personnel. Go through the specifics so you can know what will happen. Clarify any concerns so you wouldn’t have problems cropping during and after the service. Then, you can discuss the specifics with the rest of the family to ensure they honor your final wishes.

3. Come up with a deal that works for you

Funeral homes are legally instructed to be upfront with their pricing. They cannot charge you more than what they’ve enumerated on the deal unless there’s a provision that states they could tack more if the services exceed the agreed-upon. That’s why it’s essential to hash out the details before signing on the dotted line.

Furthermore, you shouldn’t pay for what you didn’t agree upon on any deal. While some will upsell you on several additional features for the service, it will ultimately be your decision whether you will include it in the agreement or not. If you don’t put it in the deal, and they provide it, your family will not be obliged to pay for it. You can opt for the most basic service, and funeral homes have no choice but to honor it. A simple gathering with personal touches might suffice and make it more memorable for the family.

4. Avoid fancy caskets

Source: funeralguide.co.uk

This is one of the reasons why you have to work with reputable establishments. While most will upsell you their fancy caskets with all the additional trimmings and features, it will be best to settle for simple caskets. Most of the added features, such as superficial trimmings, special gaskets, and other protective features, only add to the cost. In reality, they don’t preserve the body, and the corpse will have to decompose naturally, as is the natural order of things.

Furthermore, you can buy the casket or urn from another funeral home and have them deliver it to the establishment that will take care of the other attendant services. It can be logistically challenging but doable.

5. Choose a simple service

Remember that the more elaborate the service, the more it will cost. While some people can afford the additional price, some may not be able to shoulder the cost. Coordinate with the funeral director regarding the service you expect and how much your budget is so they can adjust accordingly. The important thing is they can provide a decent viewing, wake, burial, or memorial service.

6. Shop around for flowers

Flower arrangements are a traditional part of the funeral service. However, flowers could prove to be pretty costly. Again, it would be best if you include a specific budget for flowers so your family will no anymore be burdened with additional expenses. Some florists also offer affordable bereavement wreaths or funeral flowers such as these. Also, there’s always a big chance that several well-wishers and condolers will come bearing flowers.

7. Consider a home funeral

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Paying the funeral home or a mortuary for the funeral service venue can add to the cost. However, you can opt for a home funeral instead and skip paying for the venue. A home funeral service can also make it more personalized and intimate. People can come and go as they please, and the family wouldn’t have to worry about sleeping in a strange room. Again, it could be logistically challenging initially but highly doable.

8. Ask for donations in place of flowers

If you’re hard on cash, you can skip the flowers totally, and mention for donations in place of people bringing flowers or other things. It’s time to be practical, especially if you don’t have the financial resources to pay for the service in full. People will understand your request and respond to it positively.

9. Ask for payment terms

Some funeral homes will allow you to arrange payment terms. For example, if you cannot pay them in full, you can arrange for monthly payments until you’ve paid them. Ask the funeral home if such an arrangement is possible should you face such a plight.


Funeral services and arrangements cost a lot. However, there are ways to save money without compromising the respectability of the service.