What Do T-Bills Indicate? How Do Canadian Treasury Bills Operate?

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What Should You Know About T-bills?

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  • Safest investment on market
  • 100% guaranteed
  • Can sell at any time

Interesting? So, keep reading!

What Are T-bills or Treasury Bills?

First of all, Treasury Bills are instruments of borrowing issued by the provincial and federal administrations.

They are popular because they are accessible to individuals, in contrast to other money market tools.

Even though yields are much lower than many other offers, T-bills are well-known and valued for their safety.

You can be sure that you will receive no risk because Treasury Bills are guaranteed by governments.

T-bills: Additional Important Information

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  • 100% guarantee? Really?

Treasury Bills are among the most secure investments because they are entirely guaranteed by the issuing administration.

  • What if you are a novice investor?

Do you have the intention to start investing? On the other hand, you are faced with misunderstanding where to invest or just don`t know special terms yet. T-bills will be your smart choice because T-bills offer easy-to-follow investment programs.

  • What about affordability?

That said, Treasury Bills can be purchased for as little as $1,000.

  • Is this a short-term investment?

Yes. The investment in Treasury Bills is a short-term investment ranging from a couple of weeks to 1 year. The yield increases over time depending on the length of time you hold it.

  • Does it have the option to purchase through a broker?

Of course, Treasury Bills are products that you can buy through a financial institution or from a broker such as an online broker too.

Briefly speaking, T-bills provide you with safety, offer easy-to-understand instruments, and are available at the price. These are the main reasons why they are highly prized by investment.

How do Treasury Bills work in Canada?

In Canada, T-bills are issued and sold at public auctions.

Let’s imagine the situation: you are an investor who buys T-bills, but you don’t get investment interest. But to understand all the benefits, you should know how to calculate treasury bills and stripped bonds.

For instance, let’s say a $750 T-bill is sold to an investor for $650. The investor will resell it back at its face value of $750, when it matures, meaning when the issuing government pays you back.

To sum up, the T-bill’s yield will be $100.

How to Buy Treasury Bills in Canada?

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Buying T-bills is easy to follow.

Canadians, there are a couple of ways to purchase them!

You may consider these 3 of them:

#1 Purchase T-bills from the financial organizations:

Treasury bills may be bought directly from an issuing financial institution.

#2 Buy T-bills through a broker:

Online brokers and banks give you entry to T-bills as well.

#3 Acquire treasury bills through a financial advisor:

Lastly, if you work with a financial advisor, he or she can help you buy treasury bills.

Intermediary Payment Pros
Financial organization From $1 to $2 for each order Independent investments
Online broker 0% Direct investment
Financial advisor From 1.5 to 3% annually
  • Personalized consultancy
  • Active investment management.

What Are the Yields of Treasury bills?

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If you are an investor, you most likely know this fact:

The higher the risk the greater the possible yield.

Consequently, since treasury bills are 100% guaranteed, they generally do not yield particularly high returns. But the return rate on 3 monthly treasury bills came down from 4% to 1.66% from 2006 to 2019 and it is a good tendency.

Link: https://www.statista.com/statistics/572351/return-rate-on-three-month-treasury-bills-canada/

Important fact: You will not get as high a return as you would with some certificates of deposit or money funds, among others.

Keep in mind that an investor selling their Treasury Bills before maturity will not receive the total yield.

One more essential fact is to understand that the income earned on Treasury Bills is regarded as interest income from a tax perspective. This means that income is 100% taxable and, also, should be reported on the tax return.

Are There Any Other Types of Treasury Bills?

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If you ask: “What If I move into long-term investment?”

Okay, there are many similar investment vehicles offered by the Treasury with different maturities: Treasury notes, Treasury bills, and Treasury bonds.

  • Remember, that the term “Treasury Bill” generally means short-term investment – The expiry date is one year or less.
  • What are “Treasury Notes”, these are medium-term investments – The usual period offered is from 2 to 10 years.
  • The last tool offered by the Treasury is “Treasury Bonds”, these are long-term investments – The provided maturity can range from 20 to 30 years.

Summing Up to Get Around Drawbacks

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Surely, T-bills have so many benefits, but, even something guaranteed goes with pluses and minuses. For this reason, you need to know about both sides.

You are already aware of the advantages, so let’s get acquainted with the minuses!

Here they are

  • Low potential yield to equities.
  • Yields provided may not beat inflation.
  • Completely taxable if held in a taxable account.

Be sure to talk to a financial consultant or your financial institution about the pluses and minuses of Treasury Bills before investing in this kind of product, just to be on the safe side and to make an appropriate choice for you.

Good to know: People typically have a capital gain or loss each time they sell, and maybe are considered to have sold capital property.

Therefore, another no less important thing is to know about capital gains, which were the previous year.

Make the right choice for yourself and your money!