Are Women Better Cryptocurrency Traders Than Men?

The concept of cryptocurrency has finally entered the mainstream. More people are investing in the market by the day. Even though it has some ups and downs from time to time, it is easily one of the best moves you can make when it comes to finances. Therefore, nobody should be surprised why so many people are interested in making this sort of investment.

Sites like, offer traders numerous possibilities on how to conduct their investment strategy. During the first couple of years, everything that surrounds this market was pretty secretive. We didn’t have any sort of information that can shine a light on smaller details. Thankfully, today, we can have an insight into practically all the aspects, such as demographics.

Recent studies, research, and surveys are confirming that the percentage of women investing in these has skyrocketed in the last couple of years. Not only that, some of them show that they are more successful than their male counterparts. Today, we want to dig deeper into this topic and take a look at all the relevant aspects.


These studies have shown us that roughly 15% of traders are females. When you compare it to 2020, it is an increase of 5%, which is a big improvement over just two years. We can attribute this increase to the popularity of digital currencies that have skyrocketed during the value increase after the first months of the global pandemic of COVID-19.

What is even more interesting is that a significant percentage of them prefer Ethereum to Bitcoin. Naturally, no reason can show us why this is the case, but all the major studies have confirmed it to be a fact. Another crucial aspect is that investing has become more accessible, which opens way more doors than ever before.


Female Perception

Many males will agree that their partners are much better when it comes to money management. So, the story about women shopping relentlessly is a debunked myth. When it comes to investments, it has been proved that females have different perceptions of how to handle different decisions and strategies.

One noticeable element that was noted in these studies is that a vast majority of women traders prefer short-term trading, or day trading, to making long-term plans of this sort. As a result, they are much more active than their fellow males in the market. Not only that, but they also prefer multi-asset trading.

It means that they do not tend to limit themselves solely to digital currencies and fiat currencies. Instead, they are always interested in expanding their portfolio into commodities, like gold or silver. At the same time, they are not prone to make any rushed decisions, which is more characteristic of males.

Loss and Risk Management

We’ve stated that women are less inclined to make rushed decisions of any sort, especially when we are talking about investing. The conclusion we can get from this sentence is that they are much better at loss and risk management. They are certainly more patient and careful when it comes to these things.

As we all know, day trading comes with many more problems than long-term. There are numerous aspects you need to pay attention to prevent suffering heavy losses. It is widely known that a majority of traders out there fail this test, they are simply not able to keep up with all the metrics.

By undertaking the patient approach, you want to preserve the funds you have and not make risky investments. While this is not bad by any means, it is certainly a way to prevent your emotions from ruling over you and causing the loss of your bankroll. As we all know, recovering a lost bankroll is quite a challenge, therefore, it should be avoided at all costs.



Another aspect we want to shine a light upon is that female trader are 0.4% more efficient than male traders. We are talking about a study conducted by Fidelity Investments. At the same time, more women than ever are saving for their retirement funds through their participation in the crypto market.

When you take into consideration that females are greatly outnumbered in this business, it makes this statistic even more exceptional. We can attribute it to the approach women have to all the things of financial nature, as we’ve stated earlier.

The only problem with females and their investments are that they usually lack the courage. When we say that, we mean that only a third of them are encouraged to define themselves as investors. While some can say that they are more modest than males, the only logical conclusion we can get out of it is that they are not as confident for some reason.

Social Media Influence

One of the best-known statistics that focuses on cryptocurrency trading is that almost every trader relies on social media for making the most important tips. However, when you scratch the surface, you will see that this is not the case. But that doesn’t mean that taking some advice from social media is a bad move.

What does this have to do with females? Well, it does. According to the studies we have mentioned earlier, the percentage of female financial advisors, who offer their consulting services when it comes to crypto investment has boomed in the last couple of years. It has reached almost 30% in 2024.

Those who have a lot of experience in the market know that this wasn’t the case only a couple of years ago. Well, you do not need to read research to understand this, just be sure to pay a visit to the high number of crypto trading advisors on social media platforms, and you will see that a significant percentage are women.


In Conclusion

Women have their place in cryptocurrency trading and it is a significant one. Here, we’ve disclosed all the most significant points you need to understand about their place in this business. We are certain that this article will provide you with a lot of interesting points to understand when it comes to this subject.