5 Benefits of Using Inventory Tracking Software in Managing Your Bar

Bars are one of some people’s favorite go-to places. It’s a great place to have some small or deep talks, relax, hang out, get some work done. These times are often matched with having a great drink with friends or just having an awesome time away from your responsibilities and meeting people.

The foods and beverages served in a bar play a vital role in keeping the people visiting a shop now and then. Thus, it is vital that as a bar owner, you’d be able to track better your stocks before it goes out of hand. Being in the business field requires you to be good at handling your customers, employees, and your stocks.

It could be a great hassle if there is only one person who manages everything in a business-like bar and still uses manual tracking techniques, especially if loads of people start to like your service. You would need more manpower and technological advancements to handle such situations. Luckily, inventory tracking software is available to help entrepreneurs like you in managing their bars. Continue reading down below to learn more.

1. It Reduces the Likelihood of Shortages

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No customer would ever love going back to a bar when their specific choice of drink runs out of stock, especially if that drink is what keeps them from coming back now and then. If there is an instance that they are not served with their preferred drink, it’s considerable. But when it happens multiple times, chances are it could reflect a negative impact on your bar customer’s satisfaction.

A business will inevitably run low on some stocks, especially if it’s fast-growing. To make sure to keep your customers back for more, identify what products in your menu or inventory are fast-moving so that you could immediately restock and receive your orders as quickly as possible.

But, how could you assess which products are close to shortage and need some restocking? This is where inventory tracking software enters like the Fishbowl. If you have inventory tracking software, you could order more of what you need without risking too much of your profit and gain more returns. You can better manage your stock and prevent any sort of shortage and save yourself from any out-of-budget costs.

2. It Helps Increase Your Profit

As mentioned above, if you can effectively track your inventory through inventory tracking software, it helps you reduce the shortage. It also helps make more profitable business actions and decisions. Tracking software is not just an effective way to know which ones need restocking, but it also gives you an insight into your sales and which ones were loved by your loyal customers that makes them come back for more every time.

3. It Allows You To Count Products Accurately

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When a single person counts your stock inventories every day, there is a high chance that the counting has some mistakes and affects your business operations. Also, even if you hire more than a single person to help count your inventories, mistakes could still arise. This is why it’s important that when you count your products individually on hand, you have software that backs you up and updates you based on your sales.

It could help your employees work easier, faster and save you time and money. Ultimately, you saved your business from inventory mistakes too! Lastly, other than it helps in automating the whole process, it helps speed up the counting process and provides analytics that your business needs.

4. It Aids in Avoidance of Excess Stocks

Having too much stock in your inventory is not a good sign, and this could turn your investment into loss if ever your stocks don’t generate any sales. Although some people say that it’s always best to have more, whatever angle you look at it, it comes down to becoming a lost cost in your business.

Also, having lots of excess stocks risks your products to becoming a sitting inventory. It’s not selling, and it’s going to be bad soon or expire. It does not increase your money and just takes up space that could be used for items that are generating you income. In cases like this, you must figure out how to stop excess stocks and point out which needs disposal.

Fortunately, tracking software allows you to identify which products need to be restocked and which ones do not. It does not only save you space in your stock area, but it also saves you energy and unnecessary transactions that your business does not benefit anything from. Additionally, the software allows you to calculate how much you’d have to pay for re-ordering some stocks so that you are updated on the money you spend on every purchase.

5. It’s Effective In Minimizing Waste

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Any kind of waste is not a good indicator in a business. It is undeniable that there could be times that your business runs into some lost product for various reasons like spillage, over-pouring, giving out free drinks, theft, and more.

So, when you have inventory tracking software, you can have accurate and timely management of the items contributing to the company’s waste. In this sense, you could develop some wise business decisions that could help eliminate waste and help generate more profit.

Besides actively taking measures to prevent waste, it is also vital to educate your employees and train them well to protect your business assets. Additionally, a software manager gives more benefits than drawbacks because it is easy to use and has convenience through features like automatic ordering tools available.


If you find it hard as a business owner to manually track your inventories, then save yourself from the hassle and use some inventory tracking software suitable for your business. Running a bar business could require lots of hard work, so utilizing software is a great idea to lessen the hassle.

Thus, they are a great way to visibly see how your business sales are going and give you a hint on which parts of your inventories need improvement. You may refer to the information above if you plan to start a bar business or are curious about how inventory tracking software makes work easier for entrepreneurs.