How To Keep Your Cats Entertained In A Small Apartment

There is no person in the world who doesn’t love animals, at least one of them, but one animal is among peoples favorite pets, and no, we are not talking about dogs, as we all know who rules the home when the owner is not there, and that certainly aren’t dogs. Yes, as everyone surely guessed, we are talking about the cats, these magnificent, intelligent, and fun creatures. All those cat owners know what we are talking about, but they are also aware of how troubling it can be to have a kitty in a small apartment. They need space, and it is in their nature to run, hunt, and be active overall, which is why sometimes, owners find it difficult to keep their pet if they think there is not enough space, or even worse, not to get their favorite pet for the same reasons. But there is no reason for that, as there are many things one can do to keep them entertain and active.

Play with your cat whenever you have free time, or buy it a furry friend


Kittens are social animals, and they love to have company, so try not to leave them alone for a long time. Spend your free time with them cuddling and playing, or try to get them outside for a walk, but always use the collar to avoid and to be sure that they will not run away. If you are worried that the cat is alone for a long time, buy another one, and they will play together all day or fight, but they will not be bored. Keep in mind that it will take some time while they become friends, and be patient because once it happens, their lives will be much fulfilled.

Buy a cat tree

There is no kitty that doesn’t like to climb and hang on to everything that is possible to climb, and that is the main reason why their owners can never have new furniture. All of us who had some pets before are aware that they have sharp nails and that they can easily ruin the furniture, even without the intense to do that. Luckily, they adore cat trees, and buying one can save you from changing the sofa every month or so. These trees are made precisely for them, and they have enough place to climb, rest and scratch without ruining everything in the apartment. Sometimes buying the right tree may be a difficult decision, especially when the choice is huge, like on, but take your time, and browse the offer because you will surely find the one that will fit perfectly into your home. And not only that the cat will be happy, but you will not have to worry about the safety of your furniture.

Fish tank, yes or not?

Well, it is true that cats love to eat fish, but on the other side, fishes are swimming around the fish tank all day, and that can be great fun for your kitten. Watching the fishes can entertain kittens for a long time, but you need to make fishes safe while the “predators” are around. That means that the tank needs to be covered properly to avoid kittens getting into it and stable enough that the cat cannot knock it down. Besides the entertainment for cats, the fish tank adds to how your apartment looks, so buying it is a good idea to combine something useful and pretty.


Paper is the cheapest toy

Every cat owner knows that sometimes expensive toys are simply not enough for the kitten, but a piece of paper can be. These cute animals are fascinated with paper and paper bags, so they can be entertained for hours with only one paper ball, and making it is pretty simple. You only need to scatter the piece of paper, give it to your kitten and enjoy its play. Leave a few of those balls around the apartment, and they will spend hours playing. Another thing that can be fun for them is a paper bag because it can be used as a perfect tool for hide-and-seek games, and these animals really love to hide. The paper is interesting for them because of the sound it produces and the fact that it changes the shape easily, so it always looks different.

Boxes of all shapes and sizes

We all saw pictures of cats sitting in the box with the title “If I fits, I sits,” and that may be the best description of the relationship between kittens and boxes. The funny thing is that no matter how big your cat looks, it can fit in almost every box, and it will certainly try to do that. It is hard to understand their fascination with boxes, but that can be a great thing for the owners. They can entertain their animals with a few boxes, and they will never get bored. It can lead to a desperate search for your cat and fear that it is missing while it quietly rests in one of the boxes. More boxes mean more places to hide and more fun for kittens, so be creative and put them all around the apartment.


Stimulate its hunting abilities

Cats are great hunters in nature, and it is necessary to stimulate their abilities in the right way. Luckily, it is not that hard like its sound, and you don’t need to buy a lizard or bird and make them catch it, because many toys can change them. The simplest way is to put a ball with feathers on the rope and make the cat chase it around or to buy the same toy in the store. Besides that, many toys are using batteries and keep the kittens entertained like they are really hunting. Another good idea is to hide treats around the apartment and wait for the cat to find them. That is perfect for their mental stimulation, but also for improving their smell. The other usage of treats is in food puzzles which gives them to the cat only when the puzzle is solved properly. They are smart animals and fast learners, so these puzzles can be an interesting challenge for them.

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