5 Tips for Choosing the Right Size for your Cat Crate/Cat Cage

True cat lovers don’t miss the opportunity to take their pets everywhere with them whenever possible. No matter where they take their cat, owners always try to provide them with maximum comfort because they know how important freedom is to them. On the one hand, you can always just take them in your arms and take them with you but that’s not such a practical idea if you have to go by car. In that case, the risk of getting dirty stains inside the car increases, and we are sure that you don’t want that. That’s why transporting your cat can be a bigger challenge than you think. Most owners decide to buy a carrier, which is the best option, especially if you often go on trips. However, choosing the right carrier isn’t that simple. To provide your pet with a comfortable transport space, you need to consider several factors before buying a carrier. One of the first and most important is size. If the size isn’t appropriate, you can expect a nervous animal in the back seat and this can directly affect your enjoyment of the trip. We will try to teach you how to choose the right cage size.

1. First of all, think about how far you plan to carry your cat

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When you want to take your pet with you, whether you are going on a long trip or to a friend for coffee and regardless of the weather conditions, the easiest way to do it will be with the help of a carrying cage. You will need it anyway. But you should keep in mind that different distances will require different models of carrying cages with different conditions for your animal. Visit here for an in depth guide to flying safely and comfortably with your cat.

If you are one of those people who think that animals should stay at home the most and plan to take them outside occasionally or only to a nearby veterinary clinic, you can easily determine what cage conditions you need. By simply observing, you can assess whether there is enough space to allow your cat to stand up or turn around. If these conditions are met, that will be enough for you.

On the other hand, this will not suit your needs if you are an avid tourist who spends a lot of time annually traveling. Then you need to provide more comfort to your pet. You need to make sure that there is storage space in the carrier for the garbage that the animal causes, but also enough space for a food container. Besides, there should be enough space left for her to move, but not too much because it can scare them and make them feel lost.

2. Take the dimensions of your pet

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You can indeed consider a carrier appropriate if the animal can straighten and turn in it without hitting the sides of the cage. However, this information may not be enough for some and they will want to buy a cage based on some more reliable data that will clearly tell them which model is adequate for their cat.

And of course, it is possible, if you want more details. You can simply take a measuring tape and measure the height and length of the cat, similar to when you measure yourself when you want to sew a new dress or some other piece of clothing. When you get the correct measurements, the rule that has proven to be reliable in practice is to multiply these numbers by 1.5, which can give you an ideal picture of the size of the space that the animal needs. Specifically, you will get the exact dimensions of the cage that you need.

This method is used by owners for whom the comfort of their soft friends is most important and who pay a lot of attention to it. If that seems unnecessary to you and you think that one look at the animal is enough, you don’t have to waste time this way.

3. Avoid cages that are too small

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Large cage dimensions aren’t recommended, but a carrier that is too small should definitely be avoided. There are many reasons why choosing such a small carrier could be a problem.

If you really love your pets, you should not limit them to such a small space. We are sure that you would not like someone to lock you in a box that causes a claustrophobic attack. Then don’t do that to your cat either. First of all, because they love freedom, and this will be a kind of prison for them. On the other hand, they will be cramped and uncomfortable, which can easily arouse a feeling of nervousness in them.

This condition can further result in sadness and illness, which will later make you regret that you came up with the idea of ​​taking your pet on a trip.

If you add to that the long way to the destination, things get even worse and that is why it would be good to get info before departure on how long the cats should stay in the crate.

4. Consult professionals

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Whatever you do for the first time, whether it’s a way of transporting a pet or anything else, it’s always a good idea to ask experts for their opinion. In addition to experts, you can also consult with experienced owners you know and who have had experience with different models and sizes. Reliable first-hand advice can be very useful to you.

When we talk about experts, we mean veterinarians. Given the work they do, they are certainly well informed about the different models and carrier prices as well as why one model has an advantage over another. You will always get more reliable information this way, than by asking questions directly in the store where they can try to present you a not so good model just because it is more expensive.

5. Pay attention to size if you are going to carry more than one cat

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The logical conclusion is that in such cases you will need a carrier of larger dimensions compared to when you have only one cat. But what else should you pay attention to?

Experts advise you to avoid using one cage for multiple animals. Otherwise, you can expect a turbulent atmosphere and that is why separate cages are always recommended. However, if your capabilities do not allow it, then it should be as large as possible. In such situations, models whose size can be adjusted with the help of external zippers are suitable. So you can provide your pets with extra comfort at any time.

Transporting a cat may seem complicated at first glance, but with these great tips, you can easily choose the right size. Now you are ready for a long journey with your soft friend who will surely enjoy it as much as you do thanks to the comfortable carrier.