6 Kratom Powder Drink Combinations to Try In 2024 

Kratom is a plant native to South Asia. It has long been used to treat depression and anxiety. Kratom is considered a dietary supplement, so it is not regulated by the FDA. Although not an opioid, it has a similar effect. In addition to depression and anxiety, kratom is an excellent painkiller, helps with muscle pain, relieves fatigue, regulates blood pressure, and helps treat PTSD. Recent research has shown that it strengthens immunity and reduces appetite.

When we talk about the method of consultation, kratom is most often consumed in powder or by chewing the leaves. Given that it has a very bitter taste, today on the market we can find kratom powder of different flavors.

As with marijuana, we have different strains of this plant, and therefore different effects. Today, Maeng da, Indo, Bali/Red Vein, Malay Green, Thai, Borneo, and Malaysian kratom powders are available on the market. Before you buy any of these products, inquire about the effect. For example, Maeng is a good painkiller, Indo helps in treating anxiety, Bali/red vein helps in treating many forms of depression, and so on. But let’s get back to the flavors.

In short, you can drink the powder with water or milk, the choice is yours. Many add it to various smoothies and shakes to avoid feeling bitter. Read below for some of the best flavors.

1. Orange kratom powder

Kratom Powder

Source: vitality-kratom.com

This powder with orange extract will serve you well on hot summer days. Stir it in cold water and enjoy the orange juice with you for breakfast.

2. Kratom with chocolate flavor

This is definitely one of the favorite flavors, especially if you use it in combination with milk. A chocolate extract will neutralize the bitterness of this plant. If you like to experiment, you can add a little cinnamon and your favorite fruit or vegetable and you get one very healthy meal! You can find more about it if you visit simplebotanical.com.

3. Green apple

Source: clclt.com

Another taste that many will like – green apple. The sweet and sour aroma will neutralize the bitterness. Recommended in combination with water and cinnamon.

4. Kratom and chocolate milk

This is the perfect drink for a peaceful sleep. In the cold chocolate milk, add the powder and sugar as desired.

5. Add lemonade or pineapple juice

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Summer is coming. If you want to drink something refreshing, but also good for your health, mix kratom with lemonade or pineapple juice. You can also add a fresh mint leaf and your non-alcoholic cocktail is ready!

6. Kratom with coffee

And here it comes! Something for all coffee lovers! Mix kratom powder with coffee and then stir it with hot water. Voila, your coffee is ready!

Are there any side effects?

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As with the consumption of any food or medicine, there are certain side effects that can occur due to the consumption of kratom. The good news is that if they occur, they will occur 10 minutes after consumption, and these are usually itching, nausea, headache, frequent urination, vomiting, mood swings, dry mouth, and headaches. In severe cases, arrhythmia, high blood pressure, insomnia, loss of libido may occur. In rare cases, problems with the kidneys, liver, and memory occur. What is important to point out is that this plant acts as an opiate and that in combination with alcohol it can lead to major complications and even death. Therefore, it is recommended to take into account the dosage.

Where can I buy it?

Kratom products can be purchased in many stores, as well as online stores. In almost all countries, its sale and use are legal. It creates a euphoric “high,” and is thought to mitigate the effects of opiate withdrawal.

The difference between opium and kratom

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In addition to its opiate effect, it also has an antidepressant and stimulating effect. This is most noticeable at lower doses. Opium does not have such an effect, or if it does, it lasts for a very short time and is not its main characteristic. Relative to opium, relative to coffee – in short, although from the same family, it is a much more potent plant that causes a much stronger psychophysical dependence on coffee.

In what form, besides powder, is it most often consumed?

Kratom leaf used to prepare kratom tea to contain more than 40 active compounds. Different dosages have different effects. For example, if you consume smaller amounts (1-5g), it will positively affect your mood, sociability, and you will feel a visible rush of energy. If you take it in larger quantities (up to 15g), it will have a sedative effect, and we can say that its effect will be similar to the effect of morphine. Anything over this amount can lead to stronger side effects and even loss of consciousness.

It is also important to note that tea has more pronounced side effects than powder, and can cause hallucinations, anorexia, increased urination, weight loss, dehydration, and so on.

Can kratom be addictive?

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The answer is yes. Regular use of this opiate develops an addiction, which is reflected through the symptoms that occur after stopping regular consumption. These symptoms include muscle aches, insomnia, runny nose, aggression, emotional changes, and irritability.

Final thoughts

Kratom is becoming increasingly popular in the natural health market and is used as a supplement in natural painkillers and diet aids. It is also used in recovery from drug addiction – although it is now referred to as an addictive substance.

Kratom is often used to aid in opiate withdrawal and as an opiate replacement. It is a cure for diarrhea, and in its native Malaysia, it is consumed by workers to help them endure long hours of rigorous physical labor while making them feel happier. Kratom has also been linked to relieving chronic pain, weight loss, and even better sexual performance.

It remains to be seen how kratom will be legally treated across the U.S., but studies and news will certainly continue whether it should be considered a safe stimulant, pain reliever, and effective addiction treatment, or just banned like any other dangerous, illegal and addictive drug.