7 Ways to Make Your Next Event Eco-Friendly – 2024 Guide

One of the biggest misconceptions that people have regarding putting on a big event is that it is going to have a large carbon footprint. While this certainly can be the case, it by no means has to be. There are plenty of options out there to minimize the environmental impact of any event and potentially even make events carbon neutral. You can organize an online event with digital signage helpers, which you can find on https://mandoemedia.com/.

Choose an Environmentally Conscious Venue

Unless you are throwing the event in your home or office or some other predetermined venue, choosing a location is going to be one of your most important tasks when putting together an event. It is an important decision both from an environmental standpoint as well as for choosing a space that works for your event.

There are many venues that focus on sustainability. The number of such venues only continues to grow with the demand for such facilities. Do your research to find a venue with things like solar power, low-flow toilets, energy-efficient lighting, and recycling and composting options.

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Couple Recycling Receptacles With Trash

In a good venue, there should be recycling receptacles anywhere there is a trash can. However, if that is not the case, make sure to provide them for your guests. A lot of the time, a failure to go green comes down to simple laziness. If guests have a can or bottle that could be recycled and see a trash can but no recycle bin, the majority of people will likely toss their recyclable items in the trash.

Even if there are recycling bins at the event, failing to couple them with the trash cans will result in far more items ending up in the trash than necessary. Making it as easy as possible for a guest to go green will significantly increase the rate at which they do so.

Minimize Transportation

Taking transportation into account is another important element in choosing your venue. Sometimes the most environmentally sustainable venue is not going to end up having the least environmental impact if all of your guests have to drive much further to reach it. The second or third best performing venue may end up causing less harm to the environment if it is nearby.

You should also consider arranging transportations like shuttles for getting guests to and from the event. Having mass transit options available can greatly minimize the impact caused by travel to your event.

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Choose Vendors With Green Practices

Finding vendors who strive for carbon neutrality is another way to minimize the impact of your event. Caterers who get the food they use from local sources and practice composting can greatly decrease the environmental damage. As with the growing number of venues that operate sustainably, your options for vendors of all types who keep things green are constantly growing with demand.

Eliminate Plastic

One of the most harmful items in many events is also one of the easiest to eliminate. Plastic waste is a huge worldwide problem. There is no need for bottled water at your event. Depending upon the setup of the venue, you can choose from several different options for bottled water alternatives.

There are several different systems you can set up that run a filtration system through the water tap to deliver cool, refreshing, and clean water to your guest. You can also consider pitchers of tap water flavored with fruits or sliced cucumber.

Another area where you can eliminate plastic is cutlery and cups. Instead of plastic, choose real silverware or biodegradable options. Deciding which option to go with will largely come down to what is more appropriate for the occasion.

Go Electronic for Invites or Tickets

Having all invites or tickets to your event be electronic can greatly reduce your paper waste. No matter how hard you work on them, nearly all of your invitations will end up being thrown out shortly after they are received. Save money and paper by simply sending email invites.

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If there is ticketing for your event, simply have guests scan their phones rather than print out a ticket. You can still give them the option to print if they don’t have a smartphone, but make clear that printing is not required for those with an electronic ticket to minimize the waste.

Recycle and Reuse Decorations

People are always doing amazing things with recycled material all the time. There are so many great decorations available made from recycled items. With many of these decorations, your guests will have no idea they are made of recycled items, and many others will impress your guests even more by the fact that they are.

Don’t simply use the decorations once and throw them out either. You can save them and use them for another event or donate or sell them on so that others can enjoy them as well.

The Planet Will Appreciate Your Efforts

In addition to these larger steps, there are plenty of little things you can do to reduce the impact of your event. Simply consider your actions and ask yourself if there is a better option.

The health of the planet is at a tipping point right now, and without concerted efforts to improve the environment, humanity is going to be facing an incredibly inhospitable home. Every attempt you can make to reduce your environmental impact is a step in the right direction.

As an event planner, you are in a position to have a greater influence on the environment than most. The larger the event, the bigger the positive influence you can have. Even in the smallest event, though, it is important to attempt to reach carbon neutrality. Every little step counts. Going green can help to increase your business as well as giving you the satisfaction of knowing that you are doing your part to save the planet.