Which Online Payment Method Is Safest for Crypto?

Cryptocurrencies are not something new in the world, but their integration with different payment systems is relatively new. Nowadays the crypto world is connected with e-wallets, cards as well as direct online transactions through applications.

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Crypto coins are stored in digital wallets but can also be exchanged for other currencies using exchanges.

In general, a cryptocurrency is a form of digital currency. Digital currencies are created through the use of cryptography. At this point, you are probably aware of the existence of Bitcoin too.

Bitcoin has become very popular over the last decade (or more). Its peer-to-peer network allows transactions to happen without an intermediary such as a bank. The payments are carried out between two parties directly, and they don’t require a third party to verify them.

This eases so many things but also opens a lot of security questions!

Which online payment method is safest for crypto?

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From buying groceries to paying bills, you’ll soon see why cryptocurrencies are a hot topic across industries worldwide.

There are several ways to pay using crypto. As a recent trend, some merchants accept Bitcoin payments through their websites or apps. Others have even started accepting altcoins such as BCH.

Cryptocurrency payments are getting commercial, especially among millennials who are using online payment methods more than the so-called boomers.

However, cryptocurrency transactions are not without risk. As cryptocurrencies become more mainstream, hackers can exploit the technology and steal user information. In addition to fraudsters targeting users’ personal data, they may attempt to hack exchanges and take control of the funds.

To protect yourself, you need to find a safe way to use cryptocurrencies.

But, before choosing one over the other, consider these factors:

  • Fees – Most cryptocurrencies have different fees for various types of payments. Some may be cheaper than others, although fees tend to change frequently.
  • Security – Hackers might target your accounts. Be careful about storing sensitive information online. Choose a provider that gives you access to backup files and hardware wallets.
  • Verification – You need to confirm your identity when transferring funds.
  • Support – Look for a company that offers 24/7 support. Try contacting them first before filing a complaint.
  • User experience – Customer service is often the biggest factor in determining how much you like a particular exchange.

According to this, we can say that the most convenient online payment methods for crypto are:

  • Coinbase
  • CoinsPaid
  • Bitpay
  • CoinPayments
  • Blockonomics
  • Blockchain.Info
  • SpectroCoin

And many others.

They all have different specifications, but there are a few general things you need to be aware of, like:

1. Be sure you’re using a reputable exchange

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Buying cryptocurrencies at a reliable exchange means taking extra precautions to protect your investment from being stolen. By purchasing your coins from a trustworthy platform, you’ll know that your funds aren’t leaving the exchange until you’ve received your digital asset.

You should also double-check that the site’s SSL security certificate is valid before depositing any money. If you notice anything suspicious about the website, contact customer service immediately.

This will help you make sure your money is safe at all times. Before choosing an exchange, do some research online to help you better understand all the challenges.

2. Keep your wallet secure

You wouldn’t leave cash or an open wallet lying around the house where anyone could take it. Just like that, don’t store your cryptocurrency on an online storage provider, especially if they offer free services.

We suggest you use a hardware wallet, which encrypts your private keys and keeps them offline. These devices operate via USB connections and can be easily stored away outside of reach, making them perfect for keeping your portfolio protected.

When buying a hardware wallet, make sure that it offers two-factor authentication to confirm transactions and prevent unauthorized access.

At this point, you need to learn even more about keys and how to store them properly. A hardware wallet requires a lot more than a password and PIN code. But, we will leave that to you to explore.

3. Avoid third-party platforms

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If you want to purchase cryptos directly, then avoid using third-party platforms. Many websites allow users to deposit funds into accounts, buy currencies, and trade them with each other.

Unfortunately, some of these sites have seen high levels of hacks, forcing investors to lose millions of dollars. Use only trusted platforms, either those with low hack rates or ones that require multi-signature verification of transactions.

It’s one of the most common scams on the crypto market, so be careful of it.

4. Always monitor your balance

Investing in cryptocurrencies comes with risk, and you surely know that until now. That’s why money management is more than recommended. Smart investors always know how much money they have, and what they can afford to invest and reinvest.

That being said, tracking your holdings closely helps to keep you informed about what’s happening with the market. There are several tools out there that allow you to track your account activity and get alerts when something changes.

If there are some changes you’ve not approved previously, chances are your account is under attack. We suggest keeping the balance split on a few different wallets.

That way, you can easily monitor what’s happening, no matter which online payment method you prefer.

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Cryptocurrencies are revolutionary, but also risky. Many people are not at all aware that they should not naively enter into such adventures. If you do not know how to manage your own finances, in such a case you should not engage in any crypto activities.

But if you want to do that, try to be as safe as possible. Follow the tips in this article. That way you will either find a good suggestion for a payment method, or you will be able to choose one yourself that we have not included in the suggestions.

Whatever you choose, never forget how cruel this market can be to users, but also how much benefit it can bring if you play by the rules.