7 Instagram Marketing Strategies That Will Increase Your Sales

In today’s world, it is rarely difficult to find someone who does have an Instagram account. The app started with the objective of sharing memories and facilitating social relationships over the internet. Nonetheless, in the present world, Instagram has been used for multiple reasons: one of them is business. Seeing this shift in their audience, Instagram has also added several features in their app to accommodate these changes. What makes it so attractive is that you can get access to most of these features for free. These reasons make Instagram the leading app for social media marketing. MNCs like Airbnb, Amazon, Puma, and so on, have also leveraged the power of social media to generate a high amount of profits. Read more to find out seven ways you can tap the unlimited marketing potential of Instagram to advance your business.

1. Wide Range of Content

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In the year 2024, 96% of the audience increased their consumption of online video. Furthermore, 54% of customers demand more video content from brands. That’s why businesses have started producing more video content for their social media content to attract their target audience. Making high-quality videos using Invideo tools that explain how to use the product, its features, benefits of the product, and so on — has proven extremely favorable among consumers. This has ultimately led to an increase in their sales. One can also promote their business using other forms of content, for example, pictures, boomerangs, IGTV live videos, animated gifs, etc. Another underrated way to boost your product sales through content is through writing. Written content for captions below videos or pictures acts as a CTA for consumers.

2. Interlink Your Posts

One of the most prominent features Instagram has recently introduced is merging your social media account. You can now interlink your Instagram account with Facebook and Twitter. This cross-promoting option also allows you to sync your posts to maximize your reach. You will not only gain attention on Instagram but other social media platforms. It is an excellent way to optimize ROI. An important thing to keep in mind is that each platform has a unique algorithm that keeps changing over time. Thus, rely on personal research to get insights into how to make the most out of your daily posts.

3. User Generated Content

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UGC is the modern version of the traditional word-of-mouth advertising technique. It is a game-changer technique that will 100% enhance your marketing strategy. Moreover, Instagram video editor apps have made the process of creating video content seamless and hassle-free. In this technique, brands approach their happy, loyal customers to generate content for their products. It can be in the form of video testimonials, written testimonials, feedbacks, and reviews. Other potential customers are most likely to believe the experience of past customers before they commit to buying a product from a brand because it seems genuine and authentic. In return, businesses can offer incentives like discounts, PR packages, and other rewards to consumers producing valuable content for them.

4. Collaborate with Influencers

Partnering up with influencers is the simplest, quickest, and popular way of social media marketing. Influencers have already done the grunt work of getting millions of followers and impressing the audience with their work. Furthermore, these mega online personalities have built a relationship of mutual trust and respect with their followers. As a result, many consumers tend to look for the approval of their favorite Instagram influencer before buying any product or service. Thus, by reaching out and collaborating with them, brands get unlimited access to target consumers from across the globe. Harness the power of this database to optimize your marketing strategy and get ahead of your competition.

5. Hashtags and Targeted Ads

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Instagram has come out with a new update called ‘ads’ that lets you advertise your company on the app for a fixed amount of money. These ads are highly targeted, and thus only a select set of customers highly appropriate for your business can view them. It is a new-age way of making marketing efficient and effective. These compelling ads pop out on the feed or stories of interested consumers. The goal is to engage them and persuade them to buy your product or service. You can also use hashtags to attract consumers. Relevant hashtags make a great impact in widening your reach. Use software to generate prominently used hashtags for your content. Strike a balance between indigenous and trending hashtags.

6. Avoid Fake and Fluff Content

Consumers aren’t interested in watching repeated content. It is boring and lacks creativity. Moreover, they can easily understand the difference between authentic, honest reviews and fake positive reviews. No one is perfect. Your audience understands that and doesn’t expect your service or product to be 100% effective. Such false claims only drive your consumers away. Therefore, you should focus on uploading authentic reviews and testimonials from your audience and influencers. It shouldn’t matter whether it is negative or positive. Another advantage is that when influencers share one or two negative remarks about a product, their positive comments seem more believable.

7. Giveaways

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There is hardly anyone who would deny free stuff. You can make your advertising campaigns exciting by hosting minor competitions and giveaways for your followers. It is a budget-friendly way to increase brand awareness and product sales. For example, you can ask your followers to comment on one thing they love about your brand, tag three friends, and post the giveaway alert on their stories. The winners can be chosen at random, and as a reward, they can get a PR package or discount code.

To Sum Up

Organic SEO is not sufficient to get you enough promotion. With changes in technology and progress in time, companies should start switching to Instagram or other social media platforms for marketing. The opportunities to expand your business using social media are endless. Use Instagram video editor applications to harness the untapped potential in this field and multiply your sales rapidly.