How Paint by Numbers Saved People During Covid Lockdown

The painting came in very handy for people during the lockdown. Some people would have found coping with the covid-19 lockdown a lot more difficult had it not been for paint by numbers kits. Amongst a long list of benefits, the proper use of these creative kits helped achieve self-accomplishment and enabled people to channel their energies in the right direction.

It is in light of this that people need to be aware of the many wonders that these creative kits command especially as seen during the covid-19 lockdown. Quite a lot would be said about this in this article and you have so much to gain if you continue reading.

What Is Paint by Numbers Kit?


Quite a lot of people are familiar with the concept of painting. This is partly because it is an age-long activity with lots of iconic painters and enthusiasts that are well known. On the other hand, there are still lots of people that have not heard or do not understand what a paint-by-numbers kit is.

As the name suggests, these are painting kits that make painting easier as they come with pre-mixed colors with numbers indicating where the colors should be applied on the canvas. Other than the pre-mixed colors and their number attachment, the ideal kit is supposed to come with other things such as brushes; a postcard – that mirrors what the final result should look like; and of course the canvas. These are the basic materials that make up any painting canvas kit.

How Paint by Numbers Kit Helped During the Lockdown

There is a lot to explain as regards how creative kits such as this helped during those difficult periods. However, it all boils down to the fact that it kept people that make the most of it sane all through this period. To better understand what we mean here, listed and explained below are some of the ways paint by numbers kit helped during the Covid-19 lockdown:

Self Entertainment

The high points of entertainment as we all know them were threatened during the lockdown period. For example, the high and mighty Broadway was shut down for a long while stressing how complicated the situation was.

This is just a bit of what we all know to be entertainment that was affected. Well, we got to know with paint by numbers kits that self-entertainment can help a lot. The thrills that come with undertaking and completing paint by number projects are entertaining on their own and that saw lots of people through this physically and socially restrictive period.

It does not have to stop now that we are getting back to our normal lives. We can all still keep up with the self-entertainment that these creative kits offer.

Keeping the Kids Busy


Consciously or unconsciously, teaching happens to be one of those professions that were widely appreciated during the pandemic. This is because parents and people at large began to understand the sort of work that these teachers undertook day in and day out.

The reason is that parents and guardians had to deal with some of these tasks themselves. Getting kids to concentrate and stop distracting was a nightmare for many parents and guardians. Well, some of these parents and guardians found a lot of help with paint-by-numbers kits.

This is because there are kits designed to be used by kids and many kids had a field day painting with these kits. As a result, such kids turned out to be better at concentrating and undertaking their other tasks properly.

This is more than just coming up with something creative but helping your kids in more ways than you can imagine. It is for this reason that you should not stop making good use of these kits.

Exciting Family Time

The last point paid attention to how these creative kits are loved and helpful for kids. Be that as it may, kids are not the only ones up for the take. Even teenagers, adults, and people of all age grades can have a swell time using a paint by numbers kit. In case you need one, you can always grab one from

This is why painting using these kits made family bonding a lot more possible and easier for many people. If you did not make the most of them for this purpose during the lockdown, you can still do that now.

You can choose a moment when family and even friends are around and make the moment exciting by introducing the idea of painting with a paint by numbers kit. You can bank on the fact that it would be a great time and everyone involved would be open to doing it another time.

Dealing Perfectly with the Social Media Craze


Perhaps you were not aware but it is no longer news that social media platforms were more patronized during the lockdown. It is not like these online platforms lacked patronage before the lockdown but there was a massive surge in usage during the lockdown.

Understanding why this was the case is not hard as people were restricted from making contact physically and went about things using social media platforms. There are positives no doubt but there are negatives as well.

For instance, family bonding was threatened a lot by the excessive use of social media platforms. Also, there were cases when teenagers and kids at large were noticed visiting inappropriate sites. By and large, painting by numbers kits were some of the solutions for some people.

It helped to prevent and (for some) undo some of the craze associated with the use of social media platforms and the internet at large. The social media craze problem still exists even after the shutdown has been halted and we can all turn to paint by numbers kit for the right answers.


The lockdown was a time many of us would not want to experience again. This is because of the negative effects of the physical and social restrictions among other things. But despite the odds we faced, paint by numbers kits came through for a lot of people.

We have shared some of the ways this happened and you should know that there are more. It would also interest you to know that the most can still be made of these creative kits even as we speak. So, make sure you get the right kit and enjoy the several peaks that come with using it.