6 Things to Know About Permanent Makeup and Lip Tattoos

With the increase in beauty standards all around the globe, many women have come across and performed procedures known as Permanent Makeup that gives a boost to the skin and makes it look visibly attractive. Whether you were influenced by Kylie Jenner’s lip enhancement or Cara Delevinge’s thick and bushy eyebrows, be sure to note that all of them were done with surgical procedures that might burn a hole in your pocket in today’s times.

However, not everyone wants to indulge in such costly affairs but secretly wishes for a lesser costing alternative. You will be happy to note that cheaper alternatives to surgeries exist in today’s date in the name of Permanent Makeup. They can help you achieve a beautiful look that seems natural to the naked eye. Whether it is a permanent cat eye that you are rooting for, something on the lines of a naturally highlighted face, thick brows, or blushed lips/cheek, permanent makeup has got you covered. Head on to designerpermanentmakeup.co.uk if you are looking for such procedures in the UK.

Although it might seem that permanent makeup can sting like a tattoo, the reality is a bit different. The procedure is similar to that of a tattoo, and a person has to dedicate some time to the healing process, just like in the case of a permanent tattoo, the results are worth the hassle. Plus, it does not hurt. So, what’s better than indulging in a procedure that does not require you to get under the needle? Pretty much nothing! The process comes with ensured safety; however, one needs to do their research right so that they don’t end up with something that will damage the skin or look funny.

What are Lip Tattoos?

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Also known as Lip Blushing, Lip Tattoos are a semi-permanent solution for lips to give them a natural blush similar to that of your lip color but better. This lasts for around one to two years, depending on the treatment and the type of lips. If you are among those people who are tired of looking for the perfect MLBB (My Lips But Better) shade and cannot find anything that suits your lips, this procedure can be a great option for you. The Lip Blushing technique, done by an aesthetician, uses a method known as pixelating, where tiny pigments are dropped on the lips that cannot be detected by the naked eyes. The shade of pigment is very natural and matches your original lip color up to an extent and gives your lip a natural boost of color that looks great yet so natural. The shape of your lips becomes more pronounced and can beat any lip surgery.

This procedure is not done by your local tattoo artists. Rather, aestheticians are the ones doing it using organic pigments that do not harm your lip in the long run and digital tools of today’s era, which involves various needle configurations, unlike the ones used in a tattoo where a heavy amount of pigment is unloaded in one setting. The procedure takes some time to complete and healing may take several days, just like a tattoo. If you are curious about what all you should be aware of before going in for a lip tattoo, keep reading.

1. The Cost Efficiency

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The process for a lip tattoo is cheaper than lip surgery, and it is also less risky. You get immediate results after the procedure that can last between one to two years, saving youр money in the long term. Your “woke up like this” dream is sure to come true with this procedure. It can cost you as low as $600 if done by the makeup studio.

2. Is it Painful?

Although it is a semi-permanent tattoo, the pain is surprisingly low and bearable. If you are one of those people who have permanent tattoos and know the pain, this one will be a cakewalk for you. For those who haven’t had that kind of experience, the pain feels like a slight pressure on the lip applied by a finger.

3. Try out different shades

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The color of the lip tint completely depends upon you and can be customized according to your needs. So see the shade card, try out the different shades and find out what looks best on you before finalizing the color. You can also show the aesthetician a reference card to give them a fair idea of what you are really looking for, and then the individual can take the process forward with you. Usually, a mix and match of colors that arrive at your lip shade is the best option to go for.

4. Healing Time

The time is taken to heal completely depends upon your lip and the kind of treatment it has received. Usually, it takes around 10-12 days of healing time for your lips since it is similar to a tattoo. But this healing procedure is worth the wait because, after this, you get that natural blushed lip tint that lays you for more than a year.

5. Lip Balm is your Best Friend

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While the healing process is taking place, make sure to apply heap loads of lip balm. After the lip blushing process, your lips become overly dry and need that extra amount of moisture for quite a few days before coming back to their normal state. So be prepared in advance with moisturizing lip balms.

6. Make plans for touchup sessions

Every person has their own unique lip color that can be more pigment in some areas and lack some pigmentation in other areas. After the first session of lip blushing, a person might be able to notice some unevenness due to their own lip pigmentation, but this problem also comes with a solution. Opt for a touchup session after a few months of the first procedure, and gradually you will notice the difference in the lips when you achieve an even lip tone. Results take time, so all you have to do is be patient and let the process do its job efficiently.