10 Top Medical Universities To Study MBBS In Philippines In 2024

Many of you recognize the Philippines as a country with flourishing tourism. But apart from trips to Manila and Boracay, the Philippines are a popular destination to study MBBS.

You’d be surprised to find out just how broad your options are. So if such a degree is what you’re looking for, the Philippines might just be where to go and get it.

So with all that said, here are the 10 top medical universities to study MBBS in the Philippines this 2024.

1. University of Santo Tomas

There isn’t an older and more prestigious university in the Philippines than that of Santo Tomas. Not only is this educational institution around from 1611, but it offers quality education. It even competes with some of the leading colleges in the world, with it having a global rank of 2500.

Located in Manila, the University of Santo Tomas will prepare you for a career in medicine and surgery.

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2. Ago Medical and Educational Center of Medicine

More commonly known as Bicol, this is a medical college that has been around for 50 years. The college is quite renowned in the country and highly regarded as one of the best. Located in Legazpi City, the university offers students a 6-year course. One thing to note is that it is also one of the most expensive ones in the country.

3. AMA School of Medicine

With two campuses in the Philippines, one in Manila and the other in Cavite, the AMA School of Medicine is a popular choice for many. You’ll mostly come to the realization that all of the colleges on this list are highly ranked with very little separating them. And that’s exactly the case when we talk about AMA. Fully operational since 1980, the medical university will help prepare you for a career in medicine.

4. Angeles University Foundation

Most of the universities on this list are for profit. That’s not the case with Angeles University Foundation. The purpose of this educational institute is to be non-stock and non-profit. This means that students can get their degree in medicine relatively cheaper than others. While it initially took 9 years for the institute to gain university status, they’ve been operating at the top level ever since then; 1971. It is one of the oldest medical institutes in the country and one of the most reputable.

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5. Ateneo de Zamboanga

Formally known as AdZU, the college has been operating ever since 1952. It is almost two decades older than the previously-mentioned Angeles Foundation, offering quality education to Catholic Filipinos. With a 6-year education, students abroad and in the country can get their MBBS. Operating since 1952, the college gained university status in the 2000s.

6. UV Gullas College of Medicine

There are few colleges better at preparing you for a career in medicine than UV Gullas. With more than 9000 exchange students from the US, UK, Germany, and other European counties, UV Gullas offers the best possible medical education.

Located in Cebu, the college is reasonably expensive and the college follows the American-style education system. If you’re looking to study MBBS in the Philippines, then do it at a reputable Philippines medical college. For more information, make sure to click here.

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7. Baguio Central

Founded in 1945, Baguio Central is yet another top-class medical university that will help prepare you for a career in medicine. The college offers quality MBBS education and is highly regarded by most grading metrics. Regardless of what kind of career you’re planning on pursuing, Baguio Central will help you for the road ahead.

8. Central Philippines University

Founded in 1905, the Central Philippines University serves as the main educational hub in the city of Iloilo. With a national rank of 19, CPU is a leader in medicine and education.

CPU reached university status in 1953 and has been offering quality education ever since. It is also the leading educational hub on the Visayan Islands, with much of the medical research being done in the laboratories of CPU. Since 2003, CPU rebranded to CPU-ColMed or ColMed for short.

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9. Manila Central University

Located at the heart of the country, MCU was established in 1904. When it comes to medical research and health science education, few universities are as prestigious as MCU. Students from all across the globe come to MCU to get their MBBS in the Philippines. Simply said, MCU will help prepare your career as a doctor or a surgeon. With a relatively low fee structure and quality education, there isn’t a better option than MCU.

10. Emilio Aguinaldo College

The Emilio Aguinaldo College was established in 1957 by Dr. Paulo Campos. The college has ever since offered students quality medical education and has supported them in achieving their dreams of becoming medical professionals.

Widely recognized by plenty of official bodies in the field of science medicine, Emilio Aguinaldo College is within the top 5000 universities in the world. With a 5-year course duration and access to quality education, Emilio Aguinaldo College might just be the option to study MBBS in the Philippines.

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Why Study MBBS?

We mentioned earlier that the Philippines is a popular travel destination. But one field that slowly surpasses the travel industry is medicine. The country is known for having some of the highest quality medical education in the whole world. Ever since the country privatized its universities, medicine has seen a massive surge in popularity.

By following the US system of medical courses, students from all over the world travel to the country specifically for it. The system they have in place is so prestigious that even the World Health Organization recognizes the efforts. Apart from WHO, other bodies of medicine that recognize the level of education in the Philippines include MED of ECPMG.

The favorable climate and relatively inexpensive fees make the country extremely desirable for medical students from all over the world. The US system of learning also makes it much easier to get a job as a medical professional abroad.