How Are PVC Panels the Right Choice for Every Type of Business?

FRP panels might be one of the most used-wall cladding materials for all construction and building materials. Particularly, since such panels can’t withstand humid and wet environments, they aren’t ideal options for businesses like health care units, the cannabis grow rooms, meat packaging facilities, hospitals, kennels, and commercial bathrooms.

Compared to FRP, PVC panels are the better option as they are more durable, resilient, and meet FDA compliance. But there are various reasons to choose PVC wall and ceiling panels over FRP and any other wall covering material.

Entrepreneurs Save 40% on Labor Costs and 50% on Material Costs

For every entrepreneur, undertaking the panel installation is strenuous, from arranging skillful technicians to keeping the business shut and investing in extra materials. But with PVC ceiling panels, things are just the opposite. You must hire up to one professional laborer to fix the panels, and do you need any additional tools?

Furthermore, the PVC panels don’t even need backers. The installation procedure is hassle-free, fast, and simple due to its lightweight nature. Most importantly, you save 40% on labor costs and 50% on material costs through their installation.

But with FRP installation, you must pre-install a plywood backer, OSB, and drywall. FRP also needs you to invest in face-mounted rivets and adhesives. Also, because its installation requires surface fasteners and glue, you must rely only on professionals.

Vinyl Panels are an Economical Choice in the Long Run

Plastic wall and ceiling panels are cost-effective in the long haul. Despite appearing cheap initially, FRP will prove a huge disappointment in the future, as it needs frequent replacement and fixing. FRP panels delaminate quickly and start discoloring when it comes to moisture and water.

It can even start showing other damage symptoms like bending, warping, cracking, splitting, and fracturing. 100% waterproof panels, on the other hand, don’t get damaged despite staying wet or attacked by moisture, thanks to their moisture-withstanding properties.

Non-Porous Plastic Panels are More Efficient in Discouraging Mold and Mildew Growth

FRP panels don’t have a non-porous surface, making mold and mildew prevention impossible and disrupting the structural integrity of your business walls. However, in commercial places like restaurants, meat packaging units, food processing facilities, hospitals, and other such spaces where hygiene and sanitization are of first importance, PVC panels are an ideal choice.

Its waterproofing abilities and backer-free property prevents moisture from settling on its surface, thereby keeping mold and bacterial infestation at bay and keeping the environment disease and mold-free.

Business Benefit from Cost-Friendly and Quick Maintenance Panels

As much as it is important to cover the commercial walls of wet and humid interiors with a proper and high-performing wall cladding material, ensuring the material is low on maintenance is an equally integral factor.

While FRP’s maintenance requires you to stick with a routine maintenance schedule, PVC ceiling panels last 4-5 times longer than its counterpart, even with minimal cleaning. The white panels don’t turn yellow, nor their surface attracts microbes or dirt, making maintenance easy and keeping its brand new look easier.

The easy-to-install plastic panels are convenient for entrepreneurs, given how their original sheen and texture can be retained with occasional wipe-outs.

Durable Panels Moisture-Proof Your Walls Without Getting Stained

Since the PVC panels are stain-resistant, they don’t develop marks when exposed to moisture, chemical and water spills, or even hit.

Furthermore, owing to their impact and abuse-resistant property, the panels don’t even bend or crack when hit accidentally or when there are frequent goods and animal movements at places like warehouses, basements, kennels, riding stables, dairy parlors, etc. This makes them a perfect choice for all such high-traffic areas.

Save on Electricity Costs with Light-Reflective Panels

Commercial panels are highly sought after because of their bright light-reflective surfaces. Even light distribution property keeps businesses like cannabis grows rooms, dog kennels, meat processing units, breweries, food packaging facilities, hospitals, dairy parlors, restaurants, riding stables, garages, and other places well-lit.

In addition, the bright seamless finish of the panels ensures the panels look more spacious than before, besides helping entrepreneurs to meet hygiene and sanitation standards.

Odor-Resistant Panels Keeps Your Business in Superior Condition

Certain businesses involving animals and having inadequate ventilation tend to smell bad, especially because of animal urine, poop, medicines, and using fertilizers in cannabis grow rooms. Bad-smelling places hint at unprofessional entrepreneurs who don’t care about hygiene and sanitation standards.

You can do many things to ensure the places smell good again; ensuring proper ventilation by adding more windows, keeping the windows open, letting in sufficient natural air, etc. However, installing odor-resistant panels is the most efficient way to eliminate such odor.

Don’t Let Chemicals Interfere with the Panel Appearance

Using chemicals in places like cannabis grow rooms as fertilizers or at car wash garages as chemical cleaners and car shampoos can degrade the wall over time. Duramax’s USA-manufactured PVC ceiling panels are impervious to chemical spills and don’t develop any scruffs or stains on coming in contact with them, thanks to their chemical-withstanding power.

Ensure Modern and Aesthetically Pleasing Interiors with Plastic Panels

Keeping your commercial space clean, tidy, and attractive is an important way of expanding your business and clientele base. PVC wall covering material comes with a webbed interlocking design, which ensures a seamless finish. In addition, the bright white panels and the invisible fasteners add to the aesthetics of the interiors, making them look twice as charming as before.

Businesses can benefit from PVC ceiling panels owing to their multiple features. The ASTM-certified panels are available at ½ inch customizable thickness, which you can alter based on your specifications and requirements. Thanks to their versatility, the panels can be used on both walls and ceilings of the property.

In addition, the CFIA certification is known for its resilience, sturdiness, and 100% waterproofing abilities. To get a free sample for your PVC panel requirement, visit the website now.