Common Reasons Why You Got Turned Down For A Mortgage

When you are interested in lending some money, there is a plethora of different standards and conditions banks will ask for. We can say that these are pretty much the same in every country. However, there are some particularities that will be different from country to country. In any case, it’s quite common for an applicant to be rejected by the bank or any other lender for various reasons.

If you take a look into the history of banks and loans, a lot of people got turned down for a mortgage because of various reasons. Therefore, it is necessary that you cover all your bases before applying for this kind of loan. Many people make the mistake of thinking that there are only a couple of these. While we cannot say there is a plethora of them, the number is certainly not low. Tips for first-time homebuyers from

According to SCCU, here we will be talking out about the main reasons why so many applications are rejected every day.

1. Not Suitable History


One of the main reasons why first-time home buyers find themselves rejected is their poor credit history. The reason lies in the simple fact that they are doing something like this for the first time. Even before you become interested in this concept, you should preserve your financial history, and that can be possible at If it is not at a certain level, your application will be rejected.

There isn’t anyone who would like to give a loan to someone who is not good enough with repaying its loan, right? Thankfully, you can check your history through any of the relevant agencies. It needs to be said that there are a lot of them, and pretty much all are credible. Having an insight into your financial history can give you a reality check about your possibilities. If there is any ambiguity, you can clear it and have the right information listed in your name. Clearing means that you should start repaying debts more.

2. Not Being Registered in Your Country

The next factor we would like to talk about will probably be something unexpected for a lot of people. Do you know that your application can be excluded if you are not registered to vote in a particular area? Yes, that is hundred percent true. You should be registered on the register. Also, there should be an address your live in. That means that you are not registered in your county.

Having this kind of information help creditors to gather data about you. While this may seem like a silly reason not to issue you a loan, we can say that there is a solid reason why this is the case. They can confirm your status and other facts about you, which is crucial in this case. Banks have developed this habit because of many scams performed at their expense.

3. Applying too many times


If you are interested in this sort of loan, you definitely are someone who is desperate to own a house but that doesn’t mean that you must apply countless times. Ideally, you should apply when you have all the documents ready, and you have a good credit score. If you don’t meet the criteria, you are wasting your time by applying too many times. Instead of applying frequently, make sure to get your financial records in order. Otherwise, you will simply not look as serious as you need to be.

Every time you apply for a loan, the lender company will search your report and fact checks the other things to check your appropriateness for this sort of advance. All of this takes time and applying for too many times can make the agents stubborn to run a background check so they might reject your request if you keep on applying. Chances are that they will reject it immediately without even taking a look at the documents in front of them.

Also, credit scores and other factors take time to get back to normal so applying every month would be pointless because you won’t get enough attention after your first or second rejection. It is better to take some time before you apply for the second time. Since there is no perfect amount of time you need to wait before submitting another application, you should do it only when you believe that you have everything in order and chances of rejection are minimal at that point.

4. Debt

Besides bad history, your application can be rejected if you have so much personal debt. Debit or credit are both ticking time bombs when it comes to filing for it. They will reduce your chances of it being accepted. Make sure to cut down your expenses and reduce your debts to enhance your chances of getting a loan.

Certainly, that doesn’t mean you will need to completely erase your debts. Instead, make sure that you pay your payments frequently and that the creditors don’t wait too much for it. That way you will have an image of a responsible debtor, and they will be more than happy to give you a loan.

5. Payday loans


Another sort of credit is your payday loan. If you have had one of these in the past 5 years, that could be a reason for rejection. The lenders want responsible people when it comes to advancing cash and if you had something like this previously and even paid them off, you might not qualify for a loan. Therefore, you shouldn’t waste your time applying if that’s the case.

In case this happened more than five years ago, then it will not be held against you. In fact, it can be a part of your good credit rate, based on the situation you were in, and how fast you’re covered it. However, it needs to be said that filing an application in these circumstances is something you should definitely avoid. Simply said, it is a waste of time for you. Therefore, avoid it.

The Bottom Line

As we’ve said, there are a couple of crucial factors that will determine whether you are able to ask for a loan or not. Here, we’ve shined a light on a couple of them who can be labeled as crucial ones. Having each one of these in mind will give you peace of mind when applying for it. We are sure you will find them helpful in the future.