Restofinisher Reviews

Restofinisher Reviews – Is It Worth Buying?

The rage in boho interior design is wood furniture, but the issue is that wood wear and tear is quite obvious in woody furniture. The only thing you can do is send it in for a polish.

However, a lot of wood polishers are now available online if you want to do it at home. A very well-known wood polisher called Restofinisher makes big promises about how well it performs. But is it genuine?

Because there is no ingredient list on the bottle, Restofinisher is untrustworthy. Additionally, the product only has positive ratings on the Restofinisher website, and reputable websites have previously branded it a scam. Restofinisher has rivals, though, such as Pledge Restoring Oil and Guardsman Anytime Clean & Polish. Interested in learning more about this wood polish device? Be sure to read on after that.

Does Restofinisher Actually Work?

Does Restofinisher Actually Work

Restofinisher doesn’t function and, contrary to what some have said, merely affects your furniture in the same way as ordinary oil would. However, it asserts that it will permeate your wooden furniture deeply and stop the color from fading.

Additionally, it guarantees to restore the color and sheen of your furniture, but the actual product doesn’t seem to support these claims. It is best not to rely on something like this because it functions just as well as any greasy product.

Despite the fact that the product has hundreds of glowing reviews on the website from individuals who can’t stop praising it, many who have really tried it and have spoken out about it publicly consider it to be a complete waste of money.

They believe it to be overpriced and not worth the money spent on it. Therefore, it is preferable to buy in something that has some legitimate evaluations and genuinely works rather than making exaggerated claims and releasing a mediocre product onto the market.

Any Good Reviews?

True, Restofinisher solely has positive ratings on its official website. You won’t discover any positive reviews of the product if you browse legitimate product review websites. The main reason why people don’t tend to rely on Restofinisher is that it is very gimmicky and doesn’t even look legit.

We decided to try it out and ordered the Restofinisher online. We gave it a shot even though it was a little pricey for a furniture polisher. The very liquid consistency will be the first thing you notice as opposed to a tiny bit of thickness so it can cling to your furniture.

I too often use different oils to clean my furniture; is it a coincidence that Restofinisher produced results that were so comparable to those of olive oil? It also caused my eyes to itch, which was another issue.

Yes, after applying Restofinisher for a while, my eyes began to burn. As long as they are not hazardous, which is what this product claims to be, oils or wood finishes don’t do this. I thought the website was gimmicky as well, but I had to give it a shot due to the hoopla.

I polished wood according to the correct process, however the results weren’t really worth it. It takes a long time to dry out, and once it does, the furniture’s lost sheen isn’t even restored. So why would you ever consider spending money on something that has no purpose?

How to Know if Restofinisher is a Scam?

is Restofinisher a Scam

Reviewers have stated that Restofinisher is a fraud, which is very obvious. Nevertheless, if you still have some concerns, we have a list of the factors that actually demonstrate how unreliable this product is, so let’s get started.

No Ingredient List

Your major concern is the lack of an ingredient list for the Restofinisher. Because there aren’t many ingredients, it doesn’t list them. Many individuals assert that the Restofinisher behaves much like olive oil, and we have also noticed this. Therefore, it might just as easily be olive oil mixed with a few other components placed in a bottle.


The polisher is poisonous and extremely flammable, despite the brand’s promises to the contrary. Some people may find the product to be extremely unpleasant because it may cause eye sensitivity.

Not only is the brand marketing a non-working product, but they are also passing it off as non-toxic when it is obviously quite harmful.

No Code

The bottle of Restofinisher lacks both the UPC and the bar code scanner that are required for every product that is sold. It only has a made-in-China logo and the firm name. It’s so gimmicky that the bottle doesn’t even have the name of the manufacturer on it.

False Claim

The company claims to ship Restofinisher from the US on the website, but it comes all the way from China. Not that it makes any difference, but it just shows how the company is making such a false claim so openly, just to sell their subpar product.

Best Alternatives to Restofinisher?

We are here with the greatest furniture polish of 2022 because Restofinisher is obviously not the best furniture polish. All of the polishes on our list are extremely dependable and devoid of any gimmicks. Let’s get started.

Pledge Restoring Oil Furniture Polish

One of the best polishes for restoring your hardwood furniture to like-new condition is promise polish. Your furniture becomes smear-resistant and leaves no residue behind. The polish’s biggest feature is that it is available as a spray, which makes application simpler than before.

It can easily remove rings, fingerprints, and crayon stains from wooden furniture. This polish is fantastic, but you do need to be a little careful while spraying it so that you only cover the regions of your furniture.


  • Resists all kinds of smear
  • Clears out crayon marks and water rings
  • Doesn’t leave any residue
  • Comes with a spray applicator

Scott’s Liquid Gold Wood Care

Wood Care with Scott’s Liquid Gold

Your wooden furniture is completely cleaned in a matter of seconds using Scott’s Woodcare. It hydrates your old wood well and doesn’t dry it out. In fact, it nourishes your antiques, which is something that most sprays miss.

You don’t need to buff it very much to achieve the ideal shine after using the Scott’s spray because it doesn’t leave any residue behind. Additionally, it doesn’t smear and doesn’t cause any accumulation. Scott’s has an extremely oily texture and is applied with a spray.


  • Cleans the furniture quickly
  • Doesn’t require a lot of buffing
  • No residue or buildup
  • Completely smear-free

Weiman Furniture Wipes

The simplest way for you to restore the new appearance of your furniture is with Weiman wipes. These wipes are very practical and guard your furniture from all types of smearing. With these wipes, you also obtain a glossy finish.

The wipes may swiftly polish your furniture and leave no residue. These Weiman wipes also have a lemon flavor, which gives the house a pleasant aroma. The Weiman wipes additionally offer UV protection.


  • Clears out all marks and smudges
  • Provides UV protection
  • Convenient to use
  • Have a very glossy finish


So if you want to give your wooden furniture some flair, Restofinisher isn’t a good option for you. However, there are better options available. Be careful not to be duped by Restofinisher’s claims because it doesn’t actually work.

If you want to use a reliable polisher for your furniture, be sure to try one of the Restofinisher options I’ve suggested.

Additionally, because these polishes are specifically designed for wooden furniture, they won’t in any way harm your furniture. On the other hand, Restofinisher could be bad for your old wooden furniture as we don’t know its ingredient list.