New Projections Show A Drastic Rise In Car Fatalities – How Attorneys Rise To The Situation

Are you aware of the fact that the United States is going through its most drastic rise in traffic accident deaths since the 1950s? There is a rather sharp change from the current trends. Vehicle accident deaths have been diminishing since the 1960s, thanks to the low-speed limits, improvements in vehicle parts, and a reduction in drunk driving cases.

Then came the pandemic welcomed by the Covid-19. Deaths due to road crashes again started soaring in the summer of 2020, alarming the traffic experts. They had expected emptier roads and a sharp decline in accidents. However, to their utter surprise, there was more aggressive driving. Crashes kept increasing as people got back to driving on roads, later after the pandemic.

NHTSA data on traffic fatalities keeps rising at a record level


The US Department of Transportation’s National Highway Traffic Safety Administration released the estimate of fatalities for the initial nine months of 2024 and 2024. NHTSA gives an estimate that nearly 34,870 people died in car accidents from January 2024 to September 2024, a rise of nearly 15% from the fatalities projected for the first nine months of 2020.

Such a dramatic rise in road accidents and traffic fatalities is nothing less than a national crisis. We can’t and shouldn’t accept these increasing deaths as a normal and usual part of our daily lives. Nevertheless, the good news is that we presently have a new technique along with the programs and resources to offer it. Vehicle drivers will be happy to know that the National Roadway Safety Strategy is the first-ever comprehensive plan for America to reduce injuries and deaths on roads.

As per the Federal Highway Administration, miles traveled by vehicles in the initial nine months of 2024 rose by around 245 billion miles, which was a 12.8% rise from the same time period in 2020. In fact, the fatality rate for the initial nine months of 2024 rose to 1.56 fatalities per 100 million miles driven by vehicles. Nevertheless, the fatality rates declined during the second and third quarters as compared to the previous year, 2020.

Choosing a car accident attorney – No more worries!

When you get involved in a car accident, it can not just leave you injured but also fight for your compensation with the insurance companies. During such a crucial situation, you can eliminate all your worries and focus on the other aspects of the case, if you have law firms like

Once you have the best car accident lawyer by your side, you literally get an advocate who works for you to ensure you get back what you owe. The best thing is that you don’t have to pay your lawyer unless he successfully lets you obtain your compensation amount. Here is a quick guide to choosing the right attorney for your case.

What sort of experience do you have?


There are numerous personal injury lawyers that only concentrate on a specific kind of case. While there are a few that handle divorce cases, some others handle worker’s compensation cases, and some others only deal with pedestrian accidents. Now that you’re looking for a lawyer with experience in handling car accident cases, you need to verify that. Watch out for a lawyer who has had enough experience in taking cases to trial, in case the case didn’t settle outside court. Check his track record.

Will you be able to communicate properly with me?

During the course of your personal injury case, you’ll certainly have too many questions. Wouldn’t you like to have an attorney who can discuss with you things in a manner that you know what’s going on? Working with a lawyer who only uses legal jargon might initially look impressive but very soon, you’ll fall in trouble while working with them.

What is your fee structure?


This isn’t a secret anymore that car accident attorneys can cost you a huge amount. You would most likely hire an attorney who works on the basis of contingency fees, which means they don’t earn a penny until you get a judgment or settlement. The majority of the personal injury attorneys work in lieu of this percentage of the final compensation amount. You have to read the fee agreement of the lawyer carefully to know what you’re in for. Never make a hasty decision. Hire the attorney only if you think he is the best.

Is the attorney respected by his peers?

Do comprehensive online research to check what the other attorneys think of the person you’re choosing. Don’t hesitate to ask the percentage of their business that comes from the referrals of that attorney. The more the percentage, the better. When there are more referrals, this means other attorneys have a good level of respect for the lawyer you’re hiring. A good attorney will always be eager to offer you references that speak honestly about them.


Do you have a professional office?

You should always hire an attorney that has enough resources to tackle your case. They should have capable staff who are experts in investigative work and in addressing different issues. With the progress of your case, you will get to interact with some of the staff members. An attorney that has a separate organized space or an office, is much more reliable than an attorney that doesn’t have one. It is always difficult to rely on an attorney who flips through numerous files to get to your case when you sit for a meeting with him.

Although it is possible at times to handle your car accident injury claim on your own, it is most likely that you’ll be given the bare minimum by the insurance company. So, an expert helps you in obtaining your much-deserved amount. You may also not be aware of the legal rights for getting your compensation. All these things can be systematically handled by a car accident attorney.