9 Best Unique Gift Ideas for Best Friend in 2024

You know your best friend, and you probably won’t make a mistake by choosing a gift for them, no matter if that’s for their birthday, or just a casual occasion, to show how meaningful they are for you. Probably you don’t even need a guide to know what to buy for your best friend, but sometimes you can really use some additional ideas, and get most of the situation, by choosing something they don’t expect.

Maybe some of the ideas in this article won’t be that unique as they seem, and probably you already got most of them covered, but we also guarantee that you will find even better suggestions, and enhance the current experience with something new. If you are looking for some really unique gifts, then you can’t go wrong with prestigehaus.com.

As you know, it’s much easier to choose something for someone who is not that close to you. When looking for a gift for your best friend, you are always afraid that you can take the wrong size or color, or the book they don’t like – but in the end, it all turns great. Anyway, here are a few ideas that you can use:

1. Long-distance bracelets

Source: distancebracelets.com

If you or they need to move for work or for marriage, but you still want to keep the emotional chain you both have, the long-distance jewelry is great for that. Probably you’ve seen it with couples who are separated for some reason, and they are touching the sensor, to tell each other they miss them. If your best friend is moving away, and you live in different time zones, these bracelets are a great way to stay connected, even when the time difference doesn’t allow you to have a video chat at the moment. Another option is that you can buy ankle bracelets online that you can both wear wherever you go.

2. Custom designs with your photos

Here you can get really creative. You can order an engraved photo in a piece of glass, that looks like crystal. Next, you can choose a puzzle made of your photos. Combine all the important moments you had in one design, and order a paint by numbers, so they can color it since as you can check here, it comes with a whole paint kit. They will have fun coloring the design, following the patterns, and creating an exceptional piece of art to make your friendship even more durable and stronger.

3. A box set to take self-care

Source: pinterest.com

You know them pretty well, and you know what they need. Just take a box and fill it up with their favorite candies, cosmetics, fragrances, coffee, books, and literally everything that comes to your mind. Put some kind of whipped body butter, face serum, sheet masks, body sprays, to help them create a special spa evening, and appreciate your effort to show how meaningful is your friendship to you. Surely, they will do the same for you too.

4. Interesting water bottle

Remind them how important is to stay hydrated. You can find plenty of attractive designs of bottles, and it’s even better if you buy one that will keep their water cold during the summer days. With US Imprints, you can get customized water bottles that will definitely excite them to use and showcase wherever they go. You can even go for those with an infuser, so they can use different ingredients, to make them taste richer and increase the intake of vitamins.

5. A tea or coffee set

Source: amazon.com

If your friend enjoys drinking tea or coffee, you can do something great for them. Choose a matching set with cups or mugs, get a teapot, and choose a few blends, so they can find their favorite. They will appreciate it, especially if they are huge fans of this type of beverage. You can take the game even higher if they enjoy cocktails, by choosing a mini set to shake a few of them, following the most popular recipes. Everything for the friends, right?

6. Comfy blankets and pillows

A soft blanket is something they will surely use during the winter days, while they take a nap after a long day at work. Is there anything better to remind them of you? They will feel like you are close to them, and that you can hear their thoughts. This will make your friendship even deeper, so it’s really worth choosing a blanket and pillow, for the cozy afternoons.

7. Inspirational coffee mug they can take to the office

Source: pinterest.com

Every morning we need some boost, so we can start the day, without feeling like we want to go back to bed. Their coffee mug will remind them that there is someone full of love and support, even though that person can be far away at the moment. You can go with a custom design, to add more personal touch to this generic gift.

8. A book with the easiest recipes

If they move alone in a new apartment, probably they will have to cook something every now and then, because no one can live on takeout all the time. Choose a book with quick and simple recipes, full of nutritional ingredients, to help them balance the diet and learn how to be exceptional cookers. If they are vegan or practice some specific type of eating habits, make sure you meet that when you make a choice.

9. Something handmade

Source: pinterest.com

If you are a talented artist, you can make something for them. That can be some clothes, jewelry, painting, phone case, bag, or pouch. We all appreciate the small businesses and handmade accessories, and so does your friend. You won’t do anything wrong if you decide to make something instead of buying.


You don’t need to wait for a special occasion to give some gifts to your best friend. Every day passed is a good day to do that, no matter if the gift is cheap, expensive, or special. There is something exceptional when you are giving something to someone who is important to you. The feeling is great and unforgettable. Make sure you know their taste well and choose the present according to what they would like. No matter what you choose, you can be sure they will appreciate it forever. That’s a sign of a healthy friendship that will last forever.