6 Fundamental Tips on Choosing Wedding Rings

There are some choices related to the individual spouses and others in which the couple must prevail in organizing a wedding. The choice of the wedding dress, for example, is solely linked to the physicality and aesthetic preferences of the woman; for the purchase of wedding favors or the engagement of the musical band, it is necessary to come to meet. Wedding rings are the clear emblem of how important it can be to compromise and find the solution that satisfies everyone, starting from these 6 fundamental tips.

1. Who Buys the Wedding Rings?

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The good rules of etiquette require that the purchase of wedding rings be done by the groom. In recent years, we are witnessing a real change in trend. Like many of the items that fall under the marriage budget, wedding rings often converge in the category of investments to be split equally into pairs. On average, a pair of gold wedding rings can cost between 300 and 800 dollars.

Have you already decided how to split the payment? We give you an alternative: sometimes it happens that a witness comes forward, proposing the purchase of the wedding rings as a wedding gift! The prices of the wedding rings vary not only from the material chosen but also from the brand of the jewelry that you choose.

If you are not available to choose and try on wedding rings, it is essential to know the exact size of the finger of the bride and groom. It should also be emphasized that the wedding rings don’t need to be the same, but it is a tradition that they are at least similar at least in terms of model and color of gold, and many brands offer pairs of wedding rings where on the ring for the woman there are some diamonds, missing in the men’s version.

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2. Make Room for Style

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This is the most complicated aspect of the choice: the style of the wedding rings must be suitable for both spouses and, consequently, must also be chosen with foresight, thinking about how it can be worn in everyday life.

Did you prefer a lace wedding dress or a smooth, modern one without draperies? Even the wedding rings, just like clothes, accessories, and decorations, have their own style. You will find countless inspirational articles written in multiple magazines or websites that cover the topic related to the style of wedding rings. Suffice it to say that they differ in shape, material, and heaviness: brogues, valances, diamond pavé, or titanium rings.

3. The Perfect Time

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Even for the purchase of wedding rings, it is necessary to organize themselves with good notice. About three months before the date, between a taste test in the dining room and an appointment with the florist for the bouquet of flowers, add a tour to your trusted jewelers in your diary. This timeframe will serve you to browse the various catalogs, choose the supplier that suits you and re-enter the time required for customization.

4. Not All That Glitters Is Gold

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Beyond the classic yellow gold band, there are other materials and colors that you can choose to have a good piece of jewelry to wear on the left hand. For example, platinum rings are one of the most exclusive choices of recent times, while safeguarding tradition; white gold wedding rings combine cleanliness and modernity to those who want to break away from the classic concept of faith; the rings in rose gold, on the other hand, focus on the classic style combined with that retro taste, typical of those who love vintage wedding dresses; the diamond rings reflect the glamorous taste of couples who are attentive to aesthetics and details.

5. A Sentence Is Forever

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Remember the maxim “a sentence is forever” to associate the type of engraving you will make on your ring. Today couples certainly do not skimp on the customization of their ring; therefore, alongside those who prefer to remain faithful to tradition with the name of the future spouse and the wedding date, there are countless requests from those who want to stay on the initials, those who want to approach a nickname, who still wants to add a love phrase or a quote. In short, artisanal customization will make your rings even more precious.

A fundamental element for the choice and purchase of wedding rings is the engraving that will take place inside the ring. Tradition has it that the wedding date and the name of the partner are entered, but today the younger and more original spouses have a romantic phrase engraved. The traditional font is elegant italics, but younger couples use capital letters.

6. Never Forget Maintenance

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The wedding rings that will be delivered to you by the jewelry will be perfect and polished, respecting the texture of the material but, since you wear them, it will be your concern to take care of them. After a few years, it may be necessary to remove scratches or dull marks. In general, a careful choice of faith must consider your lifestyle to be practical and suitable for your routine.
Once you have chosen the wedding rings, you can already imagine what the perfect package will keep them. Design the ring carefully according to the style of your wedding and other event decorations: a finely embroidered cushion, an engraved wooden box, a terrarium, a vintage jewelry box decorated with the flowers of the bridal bouquet, or an open book on a memorable page for your couple.

The wedding rings are spherical symbols symbolizing the eternity of love without end. It, therefore, becomes important to have advice on choosing the right one, perfect for this important event. A precious jewel that the spouses will wear for a lifetime, it is an accessory to be pondered as a couple by evaluating all the models proposed by the most famous brands. White, yellow, pink, red, platinum, or titanium gold? Classical, valance, or French? Smooth or with precious stones? Use our detailed guide above to choose the best.