5 Digital Marketing Tips for Attracting Big Clients to Your Law Firm

The goal of all law firms is to attract the biggest clients, who will use their services all the time, without even thinking twice about it. But, not every company can attract them immediately. Usually, they are looking for reputable lawyers and attorneys, who will represent them, and take care of all the potential legal issues they may have.

Sometimes, big companies and holdings have an internal law department, but sometimes, they need some help from the outside. Others, on the other hand, choose to cooperate with a law firm.

In any company, there may be a need for an external legal representative in a particular dispute. Large clients also pay large sums to these law firms, so it is no wonder that many such offices would like to work for them.

As a law firm, you must always be available to those who need you, but at the same time promote yourself and your portfolio. The easiest way nowadays is to do this through digital marketing tools. That would mean having a website, being active on social media, knowing your target audience, and being consistent in your promotion.

To make all these things happen, including attracting those huge clients, you need to do some of these things:

1. Pay attention to your website

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It must be serviceable. It’s not enough just to have it, and expect that the clients will beg you to take them. You need to pay attention to the design first and make it look professional. Next thing, make sure you list all the things that are important, like who works at the office, what’s your goal and mission, and which services do you offer. Having a list of the previous clients is also a nice thing to include, of course, if they let you do that.

Don’t forget to include a contact form, so they can send you an email. Also, all the contact information must be there, so they can know to who they are talking. At this point, you may also consider hiring someone to optimize the content on your website, so go here and see how it’s done. A good SEO solution will also help your website to rank better on the search engines.

So, your website must be accurate, accessible, serviceable, and mobile responsive. They need to know you are a professional office from the first moment they find you.

2. Embrace social media as a good channel to promote

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Today there is almost no company that is not present on social networks. Of course, as a law firm, you can certainly not post selfies, food pictures, or landscapes. But you can commit to thematic content, which will show that you know your job and will attract exactly the clients you want. For example, motivational quotes, a description of the services, and a consistent aesthetic will surely help you stand out from your competition.

3. Learn how to use PPC marketing in your favor

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PPC is short for Pay Per Click, and it means you need to pay some amount of money, so you can be more visible and stand out. Keep in mind that this is an expensive way to promote your firm, but also is pretty effective too.

It may take you up to a few weeks until you see the real results, but if you pay for ads and a better ranking, you will get more visits, and Google (or other search engines) will recognize your website as relevant and put it above the others.

Probably you will need to hire someone, since focusing on the right keywords and targeting details can be a little tricky. A marketing agency may be a good solution for that or someone who really knows how to analyze those things and put the money in the right place.

4. Your content marketing must be on point

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There is no better strategy than implementing content marketing. As you remember, we mentioned SEO and its benefits before. Why it’s important?

Remember, the potential clients don’t always specifically look for a law firm. They may have questions or targeted searches, so it’s pretty important to cover those things. For example, they will look for a “copyright lawyer”, or “divorce papers” and you need to make sure all your services are covered with the content. That means, that you will have to include some focused content, like a blog or FAQ section on your website.

By doing that, you will attract the people who really need the services you offer. Also, don’t forget that the term content doesn’t only refer to written articles, but also to ebooks, videos, descriptions, and so on.

5. You must know who is your target

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When you launch campaigns through social media or other advertising platforms, you must know who do you want to “invite”. As we are talking about the big companies, you need to recognize their specific needs when it comes to legal services.

Probably they want to protect their job, the employees, or to have a legal representative in case of lawsuits or other potential issues they may have. Also, if they are doing some creative job, they will also need some copyright protection, so make sure you cover all those things. Huge companies come with huge issues, and that means that once you “catch” them, you will always have things to do (and money to take), as long as you are doing your job properly.

Our final words

As you can see, almost all the things we mentioned are based on the most important thing among them all –search engine optimization. If it’s done properly, you will surely stand out, and more potential clients will approach you.

And not only those big companies, even smaller ones will be more interested, and also individuals who are ready to pay even more money for a proper legal representation. So, make sure you have all these things we mentioned covered, and get ready to land your next job together with some giant client.