How To Wear Leather Jacket Like A Celebrity

One style that will never go away regardless of how much fashion evolves is the leather jacket. If you do not have a piece leather jacket, you are missing out on rocking this street style. I mean, leather jackets are a favorite to many people, and I bet you have seen several celebrities rocking this piece of style either for casual appearances or when going out. From Emma Watson, Beyonce to Taylor Swift, and men like Joe Jonas, Leonardo De Caprio, and Brad Pitt, the list is endless for celebrities who love rocking leather jackets. The reason is that leather jackets are versatile and with different style inventions. They fit in other occasions and seasons and are classic. Don’t be left behind as we will give tips on wearing your leather jacket to look elegant like your favorite star.

Black on black style


Some people are afraid to wear an entirely black outfit as it may seem dull and not attractive, but believe me, it depends on how you pair your black outfits. The leather jacket is one of the classic masterpieces to add to this style as it takes away the dull look and brings in some fashion style. Some leather jackets, such as styles with shoulder studs or top and bottom metal buckles, break the black monotony for that edgy look to the overall outfit. Don’t just choose plain black pants but instead opt for ripped jeans to add more taste to your overall look. Wear some nice and well-polished back sneakers or ankle boots to complete the look. This is a great street style suitable for both men and women. You can rock it when going for a drink with your friend or just on a casual date with your partner.

Pair it with a hoodie


This is a great way to wear your leather jacket in the cold seasons. Who said you couldn’t keep up with your fashion even on chilly days? A leather jacket is multifunctional as it fits in all weather changes. As much as the design may determine how much warmth the jacket gives you, you can still incorporate it with other warm outfits and, in our case, a hoodie. If the leather jacket is black( which is a preference for most people), opt for a bright hoodie such as white, grey, or even green. Make sure the hoodie has a head hoodie whereby in case you feel cold around the head area, you can pull the head hoodie over your head. Such a hoodie style works great as it keeps you warm and, at the same time, adds some style to your outfit. You can pair this style with jeans and ankle/ knee-length boots for women; or ankle boots for men.

Another way to add some flair to your leather jacket look is by adding enamel pins. These small, decorative pins can be added to the lapel, collar, or pocket of your jacket, and come in a wide range of designs and styles. Whether you’re looking for a pop culture reference, a funny phrase, or a unique design, enamel pins can add a personal touch to your leather jacket look.

If pairing a leather jacket with a hoodie is not your thing, learn from the maker of a leather jacket visit here, according to them it is best to wear a hood leather jacket during winter times.

Pair it with boyfriend jeans


This two-style combo screams street style, and you can rock the style for multiple events, including a picnic, a day date, etc. First off, boyfriend jeans are super comfortable as they are meant to not fit like skinny jeans. Many people have a problem pairing their boyfriend’s jeans to achieve that edgy look, but with a leather jacket, the result will be a bomb.

When it comes to this style, shoes will depend on your occasion. For example, if you are going for a casual date that does not necessarily require dressing up, pair the leather jacket/boyfriend jeans with a pair of canvas or sneakers. If you are going on a particular date, you can put on some stiletto or closed nude high heels.

For a weekend meeting


If you have a short meeting over the weekend and maybe later go out to grab some beers with your buddies, you can still create magic in your wardrobe with a leather jacket. Pair your leather jacket with khaki pants and a shirt button to the neck for a man. If it is chilly, go for a turtle neck. Pairing this outfit with a pair of loafers will leave you looking like Johnny Depp.

The style gives a formal and casual look at the same time since the leather jacket brings some fancy to the entire look. For ladies, wear a tank top, a pair of skinny jeans, and some nice heels, and upgrade the style with your leather jacket. After the meeting, you can opt to keep the jacket on, remove it or wear it over the shoulders, which is a style typical with celebrities like Beyonce.

Plain little dress


Almost every woman has at least one little dress in their closet they like to wear in summer or spring. But sometimes it can be stressful to style little dresses as you need to wear the dress with other accessories that accentuate it. Well, this is where a leather jacket comes in. Leather jackets with metal parts all-around work excellent with tiny dresses, and the jacket adds some classy and a badass vibe.

Pair this outfit with a pair of sneakers or thigh-high boots. Adding accessories like a fedora hat and sunglasses will leave everyone staring at you as you look elegant and sassy at the same time. You can wear this look when going for dinner dates or hitting the club with your friends.

To create a motorcycle look


This is where leather jackets originated, so it is only fair to pay homage to this vintage style by incorporating new styles. Nothing screams badass “homeboy” or girl than rocking a motorcycle look with a leather jacket. So how do you bring this look to “life”? You can rock your favorite biker leather jacket with ripped skinny jeans and a pair of ankle flat or chunky heeled boots for ladies.

You can wear a tank top or bralette to leave some skin showing. For men, go for ripped jeans with a floral half-buttoned shirt, and then put your jacket on without zipping it. Ankle boots do magic to elevate this look and for accessories, go for sunglasses. Wear a vest with the outfit, especially if you want to rock this look in warmer seasons. Pairing this biker look with a shirt buttoned to the neck also gives a great street or spring look.


Knowing how to pair your favorite leather jacket will leave you looking like your favorite celebrities. You don’t need to splash thousands of dollars to buy a designer leather jacket similar to a star. Some shops sell wholesale leather jackets that you can thrift in at affordable rates. The good thing with leather jackets is that they are durable, so you can still acquire a quality thrift jacket at affordable rates. So, check out these options to learn how to rock that leather jacket.