6 Things You Should Know Before a Trip to Atlanta

As a world-famous city in Georgia, Atlanta has many things going on. It’s known for its sports, museums, historic homes and upscale shopping. Its rich past, like its role in the Civil War and the Reconstruction Era, are some events said to have shaped the remarkable history of the United States of America.

With today’s technological advancement and to support its constituents, Atlanta has expanded its infrastructure. It has also become an international hub for technological innovation and talent. It’s now known as a top leader in technology all over the world.

Aside from the world’s biggest drive-in restaurant, the Varsity, many things amaze tourists and locals alike when they speak about Atlanta. Take the insights on this page so you may know more about the city. Keep them in handy whether you’re going as a tourist or have relocation plans.

Some Things Worth Knowing Before Your Atlanta Trip

1. The Atlanta Roadways

Visiting famous places is indeed exciting as you go through your plans and preparations. But one thing you should always consider for any trip is the roadways. It pays to check and verify your routes and road conditions to ensure a safe and remarkable journey.

Before going there, you should know the dangers on some of Atlanta’s roads or highways. Accordingly, its I-285 has the highest fatality rate among all other interstates in the United States. This 64-mile road goes around Atlanta and is usually used by vehicles passing through and going to different parts of the city.

Driving under the influence (DUI) has been pinpointed as the most common cause of vehicular accidents in this culture-enriched city. Many of those who got into accidents came from parties and gatherings with some drinks.

Some statistics reveal that accident lawyers in Atlanta handle more than four personal injury cases daily. Most reputable law firms, like the Buckhead Law Group, always have a car accident attorney for every road accident litigant. These experts can easily facilitate each client’s cause and pursuit of their rightful claims.

But even with capable lawyers, it’s still best to be careful on Atlanta roadways. Avoid driving when you’re under the weather and have taken alcoholic beverages. Ensure a safe road trip throughout your stay. It’s pretty stressful if you originally planned for an exciting vacation and ended up in a legal dispute because of a vehicular accident.

2. The Atlanta Weather

You’ve got to face it. The weather conditions of the places you visit will affect your moods and activities, whether you like them or not. Avoid the wet season and drive in the rain or snow. You have more time to enjoy nature’s beauty while on your way or doing your tours if it’s not wet or snowing.

Weather is one of the things that you must match to your scheduled trip in Atlanta. Summers there are extremely hot and sticky. You may need to pack more cotton tanks and sleeveless tops. Its winters are relatively brief, chilly, and wet. It may require heavier bags with jackets and coats if your trip is in the cold months of December and January.

You’ll be happier with more lively activities if your trip is scheduled during the gloomy days in Atlanta. It’s so that you won’t get affected by the mood. The temperature in this city rarely drops below 22 degrees Fahrenheit or climbs over 95 degrees Fahrenheit for the whole year. But it regularly ranges from 35 degrees Fahrenheit to 89 degrees Fahrenheit.

Source: hotels.com

3. The Atlanta Accommodations

Atlanta is one of the most visited cities worldwide. You need to book your accommodation way in advance if you want to ensure a comfortable stay. Consider the activities on your bucket list when booking a place to stay.

As the largest city in Georgia and the transportation center of the southeastern United States, Atlanta boasts of being active 24 hours a day. Being a city packed with so many amazing things to do, downtown Atlanta is where people stay, do business and party at the same time.

It’s pretty easy to book a single or a couple’s accommodation. Still, booking accommodations for a group holiday might be challenging. There are so many people going to Atlanta, especially during the holidays. The earlier you book your accommodation, the better for you and your group.

4. The Atlanta City Pass

Get that pass. It’s most advantageous if you buy the Atlanta CityPass if you plan to enjoy and explore more amazing sites in this full-packed city. The Georgia Aquarium, the World of Coca-Cola, and CNN Studio Tours are some accessible destinations when you purchase the CityPASS.

You’ll have a choice of activities to have a shot at. Have fun going to Zoo Atlanta, or enhance your curiosity at the Center for Civil and Human Rights. You can also pick between the Fernbank Museum of Natural History and the Chick-fil-A Fan College Football Hall of Fame.

You’ll be sure to have the best of your Atlanta trip with the opportunities privileged by the city’s pass coupon.

Source: itsalovelylife.com

5. The Atlanta Local Delicacies

Feast on Banana pudding, macaroni and cheese, black-eyed peas, cornbread, collard greens, and sweet potato pies. These are some of the tasty soul foods that can be found in abundance in downtown Atlanta.

Your Peach State Capital trip won’t be complete without the delectable peach menus, the peach cobbler, peach shortcakes, and “peach everything!” Portions of coca-cola cakes and pastries inspired by the famous World of Coca-Cola should also be on your list.

The coke beverage is not only the widely used soft drink in Atlanta. Moms and bakers have long used it as their “must-have” baking ingredient. It adds a distinct flavor and gives cakes and pastries from Atlanta ultra-moist richness.

Enjoy and fill your brunch with chicken and waffle combinations. These mouthwatering offerings will surely entice you for more, with the promise of more brunch while in Atlanta. It’s also one of those very select cities that offer hash brown in many preparations. Be sure to order your hash brown properly. Do you want it chunked, scattered, covered, or smothered? Take your pick wisely. The locals may not take it kindly if you grumble or complain afterward.

6. The Atlanta Norms

Like many countries and counties of diverse cultures, Atlanta boasts of its southern diversity. The local dialect and food preparations are products of the intermingling of different cultures. Knowing some of them is best to make your trip more enjoyable and memorable.

It’s not fun to make fun of their accents. You might be inviting trouble if you do. Moreover, since it’s home to the American football team “The Atlanta Falcons”, it’s best not to make snide remarks about them. Atlanta’s cultural diversity allows you to meet differently dressed, overly pierced, and tattooed locals and tourists.

So, it’s best not to stare and react to people’s dress and looks when you’re having fun in bars and Atlanta’s nightlife. There’s always the chance that someone will take your reaction negatively and steal the enjoyment of your stay away.

Source: atlantadowntown.com

To Sum It Up

It’s always best to look up Atlanta in your maps and web browser before you go. You may be going for an overdue vacation, want to be off the grid or are on a business trip. Whatever it is, it’s best to be prepared for anything.

Some tips here may help you have a safe and fun-filled visit. It may also give you more insights into the culturally diverse locals of Atlanta. So, pack your bags, and remember these reminders to complete your preparations.