Common Window Shutter Problems and How to Fix Them

Window shutters are one of the best things to get privacy as well as heat protection. However, they bring some problems over time. Shutters might get stuck while moving or they will start breaking or acting up. Therefore, you have to get them fixed.

Shutters have several designs, textures, and patterns. Thus, they can bring a new life to your room. You can change the interior styling without much effort. However, if you have been using them for a long time, they will look tired. So now is the time to change them. has been in this business for about 25 years. You can get a range of designs from them. Furthermore, they offer complete service that includes visiting the home, measuring windows to get the right size of shutters, and then their installation. All of these services are provided by their workers, as they do not outsource any task.

Thus, you will get satisfied services from their team. Your shutters will look perfect and will fit on the windows. Furthermore, if you face any problem with the shutters, you can call them. Be sure to visit and get any service you want with complete satisfaction.

And here are some of the problems that you might encounter if you have window shutters.

1. Shutters get saggy

This is one of the most common problems that several people face. But this problem is not common among new shutters. In the beginning, they remain crisp and firm. However, with time and after years of use, the louvers become saggy and won’t remain open. They will bow down every time you open them.

So if you have a reading desk in front of the windows, a saggy shutter will block the sunlight. Likewise, it won’t be as effective. It won’t make much difference whether the shutter is open or close.


But this is not something that needs replacement and is not much expensive. You encounter this problem because the tension screw gets lose. So you can ask the company for repair. Or look at some videos online and learn about the screws and tighten them by yourself. You can try tightening one of the louvers and if it works well, do it by yourself. If not, then professional service providers are always available.

According to the experts at Mighty Dog Roofing, replacing a window shutter can cost you between $100 and $500. This is not even considering the fact that the cost to replace your window blinds can be very high, too. The most expensive part of the whole process, however, is hiring a professional to do it for you as it can potentially cost you $600.

2. Magnets may fell out

There are several shutters that come with a magnet in their frame. These magnets keep the frame and panels close to each other. However, they are continuously at the exposure of ultraviolet rays. Thus the UV rays damage the magnet covering, which is made from plastic. Once the plastic casing gets damaged, the magnet will fell down.
Again, this is not a serious and expensive problem. All you need to do is to replace them. To do so, you can either call the repairing company to deal with the problem or get the magnets. This is not a tricky task, you can buy the magnets from a trusted company and screw them in the frame.

3. Breaking of panels

One of the panels might break or crack as a result of an accident. For example, the kids were playing with a ball and it hit the shutters. This resulted in breaking one of the panels. This will ruin the look of your whole shutter. And you need to replace it. Otherwise, the shutter won’t block any light or sight. Thus, it is going to compromise on its function.


However, one broken panel won’t cost you a whole shutter so don’t worry. You can ask the repair company and they will only change the broken panel. And it will be a new one.

4. Dirty and worn out shutters

The function of the dirty shutter remains the same, however, it ruins the look. You don’t want to look at the dirty panels. Furthermore, dirt will keep on falling from the shutter. And you won’t like that. That is why you have to make sure that they remain free from dirt and dust. Furthermore, the shutters have panels. So if you keep them open, they will surely gather dust upon them. This is not something that you can avoid.

The only possible solution is that you do their dusting while cleaning the home. Moreover, you are going to clean the home anyways. So it is not a big deal if you wipe off the dust while cleaning.

To do so, you can simply clean them using a microfiber cloth. It will absorb all the dust and make the shutter clean. Although you don’t have to do dusting daily. But make a schedule depending upon the area you live in. If you live in a colder region, you won’t have to do dusting on weekly basis. However, if you often encounter dust storms, you will have to maintain a routine.


5. Frame might break down

Just like broken panels, a hit may break down the frame. After all, it is also plastic. If you have kids at home, breaking things is a common problem that you will face. But the thing here is that you cannot replace it by yourself. Replacing panels and frame need experience. So it is better to call a professional and get the work done.

If you try to do it by yourself, without much knowledge, you will ruin things. Furthermore, there is a chance that you may cause more damage to the already existing frame. Therefore, spending some money is a safer option and is also reliable.

To sum up…

Window shutters are a good thing to have in your home, as it offers amazing benefits. However, you cannot expect them to remain perfectly fine for decades. Especially if you have children at home, it will be hard to keep them intact. However, all of their problems are quite handy. You can hire a professional to deal with them and it does not even cost much.