All Things About Bathroom ─ Your Help Needed

Homeowners often struggle to decorate the bathrooms in their homes. These rooms offer little space for decor, so the homeowner focuses on function rather than visual appeal. However, with the right hints and tips, a person finds they can combine both in this room. What items are essential for every bathroom today?

Storage Options

A bathroom should be well-stocked at all times. However, these rooms are usually small. This means the homeowner must find creative ways to keep essential items on hand.

The bathroom vanity serves as one place to keep items, and Unique Vanities ( has many styles to choose from. When choosing this feature, consider the amount of storage space it offers. Furthermore, determine how best to maximize this space.

For example, extra toiletries may be stored in baskets hidden within the vanity. Other people, however, choose to purchase decorative baskets and store these items out in the open. They make the baskets a part of the overall decor. Try both options to see which best fits the room in question.

Trash Can


Every bathroom needs a trash can. Although most people would not consider this a decorative element, it can be. Having the trash can easily accessible ensures guests don’t flush inappropriate items down the toilet. If they do, plumbing problems can arise.

Invest in liners for this trash can to allow for easy disposal of the items contained within. There may be bodily fluids present on these items and the liner ensures they can be disposed of without anyone touching them.

Bath and Hand Towels

A bathroom isn’t complete without towels. A person needs a towel to dry off after a shower and stay warm until they get dressed. They also need hand towels to dry their hands after washing them. With many towel options on the market today, a person might not know which ones to choose.

In most cases, the best towel is a matter of personal preference. However, consider the size of the towels when purchasing. A towel person will appreciate having a bath sheet that covers more of their body. On the other hand, a child might be overwhelmed by a towel of this size. Have different sizes available, so every person using the bathroom has one that accommodates them.

Basic Toiletries


At a minimum, every bathroom needs toilet paper and hand soap. Ensure there are always extras on hand of these two items and that guests can easily find them if the visible stock runs out. However, a homeowner might wish to have other toiletries available for guests. This might include hand lotion or pain relievers.

If the bathroom is a full bath, have shampoo, conditioner, and body wash available for guests and family members. It never hurts to have an extra toothbrush, dental floss, and feminine hygiene products available for those who choose to stay the night. They appreciate the thoughtfulness of the host, as they have everything they need available without asking.

Wall Mirror

Every bathroom needs at least one wall mirror. When a person exits the shower or washes their hands, they want to check their appearance. Some homeowners choose to use the mirror included with the medicine cabinet, but other ideas should be explored.

When choosing a mirror, consider the size of the vanity. Experts recommend choosing a mirror that is the same width as the vanity. If a mirror of this size cannot be found, select one that is close. The height of the mirror must be enough that a person can see themselves clearly. Try to go with a long mirror to allow guests and family members to have more viewing angles when inspecting their appearance.

Bath Mat and Rugs


Bathroom floors get wet. When choosing bath mats and rugs for this room, only choose those styles that dry quickly and can easily be washed when needed. Ensure the rugs and mats blend in with other elements in the room and select those that stay in place. Nobody wants to climb out of the shower and slip on a bathroom rug. Keep this in mind when comparing different styles.

Shower Curtain and Liner

When a person enters a bathroom, the first thing they may see is the shower curtain and liner. The shower curtain occupies much of the visual space of the room, so the homeowner must choose one carefully. Cotton tends to be a good material for shower curtains because the curtain will hold up with time, and it is easy to wash. Nevertheless, cotton absorbs water, so a vinyl liner must be used to protect the curtain.

Vinyl and plastic serve as good choices. They handle water with ease, but they are prone to rips and tears. Individuals who like to update the look of the bathroom frequently often choose these materials, as they come with an affordable price tag and look great in any bathroom.

Consider both solid colors and patterns. However, take the size of the bathroom into consideration. A patterned shower curtain in bold colors may overwhelm a small bathroom, while a plain, solid-colored shower curtain might not add visual interest to a large bathroom.

Bathroom Plunger


While nobody wants to see a plunger in the bathroom, nothing is more embarrassing than being a guest in someone’s home and clogging their toilet. Having a plunger available ensures a guest does not have to share this information with the homeowner.

They can handle the problem on their own without anyone knowing they did so. Although this isn’t an attractive item in any bathroom, it is one that will be greatly appreciated by any guest who needs to make use of it.

Explore different options when decorating a bathroom. While this room must be functional, homeowners find they can also make it a place that is welcoming with the right items. Include these essentials in every bathroom to ensure family members and guests have what they need on hand. People who do so find others see them as excellent host and want to visit the home more often.