7 Best Arcade Casino Games to Play

If you played the games in the arcade hall, you probably remember the thrilling feeling and the adrenaline rush you got every time you played it. These games were incredibly popular. Therefore, when the online arcade casino games come on numerous online casino platforms, their popularity was expected.

You can choose both the real money version and the fun mode and have a lot of fun. Best of all is that these arcade casino games are a creation from the most popular casino software developers so you can expect the highest quality of the features. You can choose many exciting well-known game titles that can bring you the opportunity to win big prizes on arcade slot machines by visiting https://www.9winz.com/jetx.

1. Street Fighter II

Street Fighter II is a game developed by very popular software game provider NetEnt. The first version was very playful, so NetEnt decided to bring a modern version to the players. All the popular characters are included here such as Ken, Blanka, and the gang.

You can choose your favorite character and play the game. The graphics are original so it will bring all the memories you had while playing the game in the past. The game comes with a Wild Gauge combination that can be placed across the reels and with many thrilling bonuses. Moreover, there are numerous free spins and multipliers that you can get every time you defeat some of the four bosses.

2. The Goonies

Since 1985 the Goonies game is very popular, and the new version attracted many players. The game title really made its way into the online gambling world. In the game, you can follow characters like Chink, Mikey, Data, and the gang in order to win bonuses and unlock exciting lucrative side games. There are many original features in the game which makes it one of the top adventure-themed slots check them out on TheInternetSlots.com.

3. Tetris

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One more classic game that all older generations loved playing when they were kids is Tetris. Even though the game with different shaped blocks does not look like something attractive and fun at first glance, the reality is much different. The game is actually so popular because with high speed and high adrenaline action people can not stop playing it when they start. That is why it transforms easily to the online arcade gaming library.

When you spin the reel, you will look at whether the match pieces are the same shape or whether you found three of the multicolored Tetris icons. If you found something of this, you are getting a winning gaming outcome. The more you win, the higher the tempo of the game is which makes the whole gameplay so thrilling and addictive.

4. Deal or No Deal

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The Deal or No Deal game was released 20 years ago. This famous game was presented as a casino arcade machine by Noel Edmonds in the UK. Deal or No Deal is actually one of the most popular television slots that come in an arcade game variant.

The television game shows that arrived in 2005 ask players to eliminate boxes at random order. The players will have to choose from the boxes that are left. This process is repeated in many bonus rounds of the game. When you spin the reel and match a variety of symbols such as coffee mugs, letters, envelopes, and numbers you can unlock new rounds.

5. Monopoly

When we talk about the most iconic games ever created, we can not forget about the boar game well-known as Monopoly. People all around the world know about this game and there is no one who does not like playing it. Monopoly arcade game includes only the gameplay between you and the machine. There are no additional competitors. All players will easily get familiar with the board items and the squares.

The main goal of the arcade version of the game is matching symbols in order to move yourself around the board. Best of all is that you have many opportunities to spin the reel and win bonuses such as free spins and attractive multipliers. Since the popularity of the game raised as time pass, now there is even multiple version of this online arcade game. You can see which option better suit you and your gameplay and enjoy the thrilling that these iconic game features bring.

6. Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?

Many game shows turned into popular casino games and one of the most popular ones is definitely the game called Who Wants To Be A Millionaire. The arcade version of the game was brought by the software gaming developer Big Time Gaming studio. In the game, you are placed in a hot chair and instead of questions, you will need to pick from four boxes in order to determine how far up you can go in the game.

You will have many opportunities to win free spins which can bring you some amazing things. The higher you go, the more free spins you will get. Unfortunately, when you make the wrong choice from the four boxes that are marked as A, B, C, and D, you will move to the reel floor. There, you are going to spin the reel and match the symbols from left to right. You need to pay attention to the WILD card question mark that can replace any symbol. The game is incredibly fun and you are going to like it for sure.

7. Lara Croft: Temples and Tombs

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Most of you probably heard about the Lara Croft and Tom Raider game. They come into the slot gambling industry in 2004 and even today many players still decide to play this game. Therefore, we can say that this game title remained a big hit even in 2024. The game developer of this title is top software provided Microgaming which is popular for creating incredibly exciting slots. However, this arcade casino game is definitely their most playful product.

Together with Square Enix, Microgaming released the Lara Croft game with amazing animation features. The game is guided by the voice of Lara and she gives you tasks. You will need to spin the reels in order to win. When you discover the wall and line up the symbols you can reveal the hidden treasure. Moreover, you can build your multiplier after every consecutive winning round and you can earn Lara’s praise from the in-game voice feedback.