What is Hedge Sports Betting & is It Profitable?

Hedge betting. You probably heard of this multiple times so far but you either do not know what it is or are not sure when and how to use it. Today’s article will tell you all about hedge betting and is it profitable.

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Now let’s try and explain the hedge bet. A hedge bet is a bet you are going to make to try and lock in your profit when you already made a bet that can be considered a long-shot wager to win something. An example of that to help you figure out what are we talking about would be a bet on whoever to win a conference title at 20 to 1 odds for instance. If they win this last game they are in and you win the cash but if not then you lose everything. To do a hedge bet you will bet on the other team just in case they lose, so you can lock in a profit, either way, the game ends.

So if you got this then great if not, let’s try and simplify it a bit more. With hedging, you are taking an insurance policy or at least mitigating the risk of you losing the money. This way you are making sure that the money you have wagered somehow finds its way back to you.

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Hedge betting can be used by anyone, but somehow it is a particular favorite among professional gamblers. Why? Well, the fact is that they have a lot more experience, and their intuition and prediction work more than yours and mine. Let’s say you have a game of soccer and the teams playing are Barcelona and Real Madrid. Now the odds here are pretty tied and there is not a whole lot of incline to either team regarding the odds. What do you and I do if we want to hedge?

Well, what I would do is bet most on my personal favorite a hedge some on the other team, and the draw outcome. This way I got everything covered but I will earn a bit of profit or just break even and get my investment back. What professionals do is sniff around. The amount of info these guys are working with is incredible. They will consider anything from time and type of day the game will be played on, the available lineup and possible replacements on both sides, the last played 10 matches from both sides, the referees, and so on. They will dissect everything to the tiniest detail and then make their bet but not on all three bets but just the two that are the most obvious to happen. This way they manage to earn something either way the game ends up while you and I simply break even or earn so little that it could be considered a waste of time.

When should you use a hedge bet and can it be profitable?

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According to experts the only time you should make a hedge bet is if you like the second bet as much as you like the first one. They also state that there are a couple of other situations where you could make this sort of bet, but the most important one is if you want to make bankroll management. This means that you probably don’t have a big bankroll and this one bet is either going to be a huge score or it will leave you broke. This is when you might consider making the initial bet a bit smaller and the rest will be invested as a hedge bet on the other team or a different score. When you have an initial bet and your team is either leading or playing OK, making a hedge bet to secure yourself further is considered as throwing away good money. The only time you should make a hedge bet is when you, without any doubt, believe in a second bet just as much you do in the first one. Another example is when you are trying to lock in your profit. If you need to lock it in, without any doubt make a hedge bet.

Hedge betting can be profitable but only if you know what you are doing and when you need to do it. If you have a situation where your initial bet odd is shifting and changing its value drastically from initial to close bets this is the situation where you should react and make a hedge bet. This change in an initial bet and the closing bet is the opportunity for you to make a hedge bet that will allow you to outweigh the potential loss with a perceived gain or win in some other place, i.e. on another odd in the same game.

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Hedge betting is by no means a perfect betting system and it should be abused on every possible occasion because you will eventually end up losing money more than you could lose by simply letting the game ride on as it is supposed to. Hedging can help you gain small profits but more importantly, it can help you mitigate your losses greatly but only if you use it correctly. Adequate research and know-how is something you should do before deciding to hedge a bet and only then this type of betting can be successful. Do not play the way you think you should and when money is involved never learn from your own mistakes, use someone else’s.

In the end, the only thing we have left to say is to be responsible. Gamble responsibly and only gamble with the money you are comfortable losing or that you set aside for this use. Make a line over which you will and can’t cross and you will always be OK. Every system has its flaws and this isn’t without those as well. As we mentioned you will probably not become rich by only using hedge betting but it will help you cut down on your losses greatly if you apply it well and smartly. Best of luck all!

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