Banshee Season 5 : Is Officially Cancelled By Cinemax| Read To Know Why?

Banshee is an American action television series developed by Jonathan Tropper and David Schickler, that premiered on the Cinemax network in 2013. Banshee’s first episode was aired in January. This show is about Lucas, who is an ex-criminal. The show revolved around him and his adventures.

He was in a prison for a long time, for nearly fifteen years. But now, he got his freedom, and he is trying hard to live his life. But it is not easy as it sounds; he has a dark past. His girlfriend is missing, and he doesn’t know where she is. So, now he embarks on a journey to find his lover and hide the Ukrainian crime master, Rabbit.

The show successfully ran for four glorious seasons. The last season premiered in 2016. It’s been a long time since the fans got a glimpse of the secretive town of Banshee. The fans have a hope that there might be a season five, but all their hopes are in vain. The network clarified that there would not be any fifth season. Even though this news was taken with a bit of salt by fans, producers feel that this is for the better. Let us see what’s the reason behind it.

Updates On Season Five

There is no season five, so it is the last time for fans to get a glimpse of the lives of the people of Banshee. Banshee is a fascinating town full of secrets and lies. The show was generating a large viewership, why did the creators decide to end it? Even though the series was a success and has gotten the fan’s love, the story of Lucas has come full circle.

The show was a perfect mix of comedy, action, and adventures. With its intriguing plotline, it has always kept the fans on the edge. This show has a passionate and loyal fan base that has been watched every season.

The four years of Banshee were fantastic. When it was first released in 2013, many people were apprehensive about it, but it proved everyone wrong. Banshee had a good run, and season four has taken the show to new heights. But that was the show’s ultimate adventure. All good things end.

But, to be clear, they did not cancel the show. There is no reason to cancel it. It was a mutual decision by the creative team to end it. It is hard to digest because these series has always got rave reviews from the audience and critics alike, which is rare.

After season three, the producers felt that there was nothing more they could add to the story. Instead of dragging it, they want to give it a dignified finale.

The show revolves around Lucas, a fake police officer, but in season three, he left his job as a sheriff. So, now he is no longer a sheriff, there is no point in continuing it. If they want, they could have made the show longer, but that wouldn’t have done justice to the show.

Other characters in the show have their own stories to tell, but Lucas Hood’s journey was drawing to a close.

The Plotline


This show takes place in Banshee. It is a fictional town. The writers intended to present a town rich in history and influenced by Amish and American culture. This village could be anywhere and is brimming with secrets.

In the beginning, we meet a man whose name we don’t know. We get to know that he was in prison for the last fifteen years because he stole some diamonds worth millions. After the release, he goes to Banshee to look for the diamond and his girlfriend. When he arrives in town, however, he learns the heartbreaking news that his girlfriend is married and living under a false identity. Carrie Hopewell is her new name.

But the story takes an interesting turn. A sheriff, Lucas Hood, gets killed, and a man assumes his identity in the events that follow. Hood is the new Sheriff in town, and he’s having trouble adjusting to his new role. In addition, he must deal with local criminality while remaining undetected from his rival Rabbit.

We get introduced to several characters and know how they affect Lucas. Each season has a connecting storyline. In the starting season, Lucas attempts to mend his relationship with Carrie. Even though he is a fake sheriff, he has to maintain law and order in Banshee. The story takes an interesting turn when the son of the real Lucas hood shows up. In every corner, you will find an interesting twist in this show.

The Cast

What makes a show a success is its cast. Antony Starr portrays the show’s main character. His portrayal of an ex-criminal was well-received, and he received several awards for it. Starr has shown excellent caliber in portraying the role of Lucas. This role requires a lot of action and stunt work, which Antony performed with finesse. Trieste Kelly plays Siobhan Kelly, his love interest. Frankie Faison, Ulrich Thomsen, Ivana Milicevic, and others are among the cast members.

Where To Watch Banshee?


You can watch this show on Amazo prime, Disney+, and Hulu. You can watch Banshee on the Cinemax network too. Also, for the fans who want more of the Banshee, there is an alternative too. There are webisodes known as Banshee: origins. The episodes follow Lucas’s journey when he was in jail and when he reached Banshee.

Final Words

Any loyal fan would not want their favorite show to end. Even though you cannot watch new episodes of Banshee, there is a silver lining that it ended on a high note. For a newcomer, it is never too late to watch this show, and if you are a fan, you can go back and watch it again! It is a binge-watch show. But, the fans must be disappointed to know that their favorite show has ended.