Games People Play Season 2 Storyline, Cast, Release

Gear up, because the game is about to begin again. The first installment has been called a trailer as the second installment would be the one to take the series to another level. Playing a sport is fun and so is watching but getting to view it in the form of a television series is another kind of experience.

Irrespective of how many ratings it received, fans of the series are looking forward to another season. In this article, I will tell you about its expected release date, plot, and cast line-up.

A Peek Into The Storyline


The first installment was loaded with ten episodes that started to air in 2019. With only ten episodes in the pocket, the series came to an early end. Even with less number of episodes, it succeeded to make quite an impression on a bunch of audiences.

The first installment mainly revolved around the lives of the women basketball players who are highly successful. It takes a lot to stay in the game and it takes, even, more to stay successful in the game. The responsibility to be at the top in both cases is taken up by these basketball stars. These women go to every extent possible to keep success on their side.

The American-Sports drama is based on a book called “Games Divas Play”. The book was authored by Angela Burt-Murray before getting adapted as a television series.

The Cast


The makers of the series succeeded to assemble a great star cast for the production. The three main characters of the series were Vanessa King, Laily James, and Marcus King played by Lauren London, Parker McKenna Posey, and Sarunas J. Jackson respectively.

Vanessa is the wife of Marcus. She is determined to keep her family safe amid the uncertainty that the world of sports has. Laily is a groupie who gets into a scandal every now & then. She aspires to be a star in the world of sports. Marcus is already at the top of his game but desires to remain there for as long as possible.

When Can We Expect The Release

The second installment does have a release date. It is expected to release on the first of September 2024. Even though the date is tentative, there is every reason to get excited as the news of BET renewing it for the second season was made official by the production companies – STX Entertainment & Edmonds Entertainment – themselves.

Things You May Want To Know About Games People Play Season 2

Since the renewal of the series for its second installment is official, you can expect all the main characters to come back to their roles with a bang. BET will premier it on the scheduled date once an official announcement has been made to confirm the release date.

The second installment is expected to revolve around placing bets and learning lessons from actions.

Summing It Up

If you are one of those who get in the emotions based on the series or movie watched recently, then I suggest you get your shoes and sports uniform ready as the second installment is on its way to come to your television screens.