Reaping Strength: Types of Physical Therapy and The Benefits of Each

Have you ever had any form of physical therapy done before? If not, you are missing out since these can be quite helpful for different health-related concerns and age groups. Physical therapy or PT is when a trained professional evaluates your state and treats abnormal physical functions. With the help of a PT, you can improve a person’s range of movement and quality of life in the long run. If you wish to know more about it and figure out the different options and benefits of each, keep on reading!

What is physical therapy?

Physical therapy is when you combine different ways and treatments in your daily or weekly routine. In fact, you can combine manual therapy, modalities, exercise, and other healing treatments to get better in terms of your injury or illness. Your PT will combine different analyses till they figure out what works best for you in terms of identifying joint dysfunction or other imbalances.

What are the benefits of physical therapy?


You can enjoy a ton of different therapies, and you can experience true benefits and perks if you book a skilled therapist. Some ways physical therapy can help you are:

  • Better overall flexibility
  • With any pain caused by stiffness
  • Joint stress
  • Better endurance
  • You can lose and maintain your weight
  • Healing from any previous surgeries
  • Foot analysis and proper treatment, etc

Who needs physical therapy?


Almost everyone requires rehabilitation after an injury of some sort. You will have to go through some form of rehabilitation to get back into the best shape. If you are not sure if this is for you, make sure that you ask yourself the following questions:

  • Do you feel frequent pain in your joints or your muscles
  • Are your muscles weak or too tight
  • How often do you feel dizzy (especially if you have injured your head)
  • Do you have scoliosis
  • Have you ever had joint replacement
  • If you are or have been struggling with a stroke, Parkinson’s, etc

If any of these apply to you you might be a good candidate for physical therapy. Also, physical therapy is often needed after a severe car injury. If you have been in a car accident and you wish to fully focus on your rehabilitation, check out They are a skilled team of lawyers who will handle the case professionally and at full speed, allowing you to focus more-so on your mental and physical health.

What are the different kinds of physical therapy?


1. Pediatric physical therapy

If your child struggles with difficulty this is a therapy for him or her to consider. If done early on and by the right therapist, it can help with birth defects, delayed physical growth, as well as any acute states. Kids have to strengthen their affected muscles and joints to become a lot more mobile for their everyday activities. It is important to keep the kids motivated and always ready for a new challenge, which has to look fun, rather than like a task.

2. Neurological physical therapy

Some disorders can appear in the neuromuscular and nervous systems, it doesn’t always begin with your body. If that happens, you or someone else could have an issue with mobility and balance. This is why and where restoring mobility and coordination will come to play. More often than not this is a therapy that works well for sciatica, aneurysm, brain injuries, and Parkinson’s.

3. Geriatric PT


As we age and as we get older our bodies become a lot more tense, sour, and drained. This is why geriatric help is something for you to consider. With it, you can reduce pain and improve mobility through exercise and workouts that are suited for your specific case. Most often this helps out with osteoporosis, arthritis, and chronic disorders. If your grandparents have some issues it might be best to have them checked out and give them the care they need.

4. Orthopedic PT

People who struggle or have any type of deformities or musculoskeletal system issues such as damages to their bones, tendons, or joints will require orthopedic help. Showing discomfort or abnormalities on your skeleton means having to act upon and within the right given moment. Orthopedic help is the most commonly asked-for among different age groups. There are machines like those from Donjoy which will provide with orthopedic help. This machine will help your treatment of injuries but it is important to know how long shoud you use a donjoy iceman depending on the type of injury.

5. Cardiovascular & pulmonary therapy

If you have been experiencing any type of chronic lung disease or heart failure, seek help within this field. This can happen due to an intense impact, especially when in a car accident. With the right, PT patients can learn new ways of exercise and strengths, perfect for building up resistance and figuring out how to breathe all over again. It is more so for the improvement of the quality of your lifestyle, rather than fixing a visible injury.

What are the different types of approaches?


  • Manual: involves the use of hands for a deep-tissue massage or repairing of the joints by a skilled PT.
  • Soft tissue massage: used to gently mobilize the tissue of contracted muscles.
  • Neuromuscular: with deep muscle control patients can get help for atrophy, injury, or pathology.
  • Exercise: by including specific workouts and types of exercises you can stimulate and work the muscle.
  • Hold and cold therapies: used to treat chronic and acute conditions.
  • Ultrasound: muscle spasms are lowered and the cellular level is increased as well as the metabolism.
  • Traction: with the help of pulleys or weights you can create tension on the displaced bone or joint.
  • Laser: a painless solution that emits heat and radiation for bone or muscle complications.
  • TENS: electrical stimulation with a battery-powered tool that can help ease the pain immediately.

Ready to get the right treatment?

So, ready to feel your best? If that is the case apply all of these helpful tips and tricks, and find a solution that works well for you and your specific concern. Focus on your physical therapy and mental health for as long as you may need. In the end, you’ll feel a lot better.