5 Best Lamp for Vanity Table: Top 5 Ideal Choice Lighting for Makeup in 2024

Flawless makeup requires skills, product knowledge, techniques, and better lighting. While applying makeup, it is crucial to check whether there is sufficient light in your room or not. Lights must surround the person to avoid shadows.

Vanity LEDs are quite available in many tones as per the artist’s requirements. Investing in a good-quality lamp available for your vanity table will let you do beautiful makeup. These LEDs installations on the vanity table to do makeup can be expensive. Therefore, you must know the purchasing guide to compare necessary things with your requirements.

After considering the purchasing guide, you can pick any product you like. Perfect lighting can easily enhance your makeup look. One can easily install the lights where you require enough lighting for makeup.

5 Best Lamp for Vanity Table

1. LPHUMEX Vanity LEDs for Vanity Mirror

If anyone is searching for a stylish vanity mirror with LEDs, you must go for this product. It is simple for anyone to assemble and install this item. You can easily stick the mirror in any place you like for makeup application.

You can manage to change the light brightness according to makeup requirements. This product is pretty safe for your children. You must consider its amazing features before buying this item.


  • The vanity is available to all at a reasonable price. It will look beautiful in any room. You must operate it while doing flawless makeup and avoid any mistakes.
  • It is pretty simple for anyone to install it without drilling. You can invest in this product as it is worth it. No requirement to assemble anything or do the wiring. But you can stick the LEDs to any place you like.
  • These LEDs are totally waterproof, and one can also install them in the bathroom. You can operate these lights to acquire proper illumination While applying makeup.
  • This item is available with an amazing dimmer feature to adjust the brightness levels. These vanity LED lights are useful while doing makeup, capturing pictures, and recording videos.
  • The item design is impressive and amazing. It gives proper lighting in the makeup area for better work.

2. Ralbay Acrylic Vanity LEDs

Bright LEDs are quite used to provide proper illumination in the makeup room. No glaring effect is there that you might have observed in other lights. With easy installation, one can easily operate this product anywhere.

It is the second best lamp for the vanity table to do flawless makeup. The package includes a lamp, an installation guide, and one screw whenever you purchase this product. Let us get more information about this product.


  • The LEDs are pretty dimmable while switching it to the wall. One can get different lighting for applying makeup as you need. But no dimmer feature is there in the luminaire.
  • The item design is made with a metal frame of black color. The frame material is of the best quality. By sealing as well as electroplated technology, this item is resistant to dirt, moisture, corrosion, etc.
  • This lamp is quite durable and sturdy. You can operate this device in every condition. The luminescence is not at all dazzling but uniform.
  • Due to LEDs, one can easily save energy and money on their electricity bills. The rendering color index is high, which provides non-glare as well as natural light.
  • It is easy to install it without wiring or plugging. One can also mount it on an electric box by connecting to the wire directly.

3. Bonlux LED Lighting for Vanity

If anyone is considering a vanity fixture to get a modern and elegant look, you must consider this item. One must install the device anywhere you require for perfect illumination for makeup.

Its perfect design is quite mesmerizing and properly finished by the acrylic-shade stainless steel. One must plug the device in a socket and operate it as you need. Check out its amazing features in detail.


  • You can operate the device by the available plug. It provides 6000K light by consuming only 9 Watts. The item length is 22.44 inches, and it supports a lighting effect of 120 degrees.
  • You can install it in any room for makeup application.
  • The item installation is quite simple by lamp screwing over the mirror. After that, you must plug the device into the available socket.
  • While switching the vanity lights, one will get soft, uniform, anti-glare and fickle-free light. One will not experience eye fatigue even if you work in this LED for various hours.
  • The design is made with good-quality material, i.e., acrylic-shade stainless steel.

4. Zuzito LED Acrylic LED Light

It is another LED lighting by Zuzito. It consists of LED chips to fix these lights in every space you need. Even if one works long hours, one can stay comfortable due to no eye fatigue.

It is an energy-efficient product due to installed LEDs. There are other things to know about this item.


  • The item is pretty available in an amazing modern slim design with easy installation in any location. One can get perfect illumination without any glare.
  • The length of the device is 24.2 inches, with a base height of 4.3 inches. It supports a 6000k color temperature along with a power of18W.
  • This item is made with sturdy acrylic-shade material. This fixture is made with steel with a White Acrylic shade.
  • You can easily install this device in your room for applying makeup.

5. Pretmess Non-Mirror Vanity LEDs

It is pretty hard to beat the Pretmess product when it is about high-quality LED lights for dressing. One can get plenty of features to adjust the color temperature, brightness levels, etc. If your socket is far away from the place of installation, you can easily operate the hidden wire to lighten the device.

You can paste the device anywhere and start using it. One can charge the phone with the USB alongside the device. You must get more information about this interesting product.


  • Different modes of color temperature are available for adjustment. One can also get at least ten adjustable brightness levels. This item will be your favorite choice as many professional artists love it due to the various modes.
  • The LEDs used in this mirrored vanity help in saving energy and money on electricity bills. One can adjust its brightness to save energy.
  • In this device, one will get an extra hidden wire to operate it by simply plugging the device. You can paste the lights with double tape. One must rotate the lampshade for the perfect light effect. No tape marks will be visible over your mirror after removing the lights.
  • These LEDs provide even better illumination in your room. No shadows and dark corners will be there. While doing makeup, one must see the details clearly and prevent mistakes.
  • The company offers a one-year warranty, and if you do not like the item, you can return it within 30 days.

Purchasing Guide

You must consider all the following factors before purchasing the vanity table lamp for makeup application.

Lighting Requirements

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  • Lumens

You require a specific light for doing fine makeup. One can measure the quantity of light by Lumens. Generally, we determine the brightness by watts. At that time, incandescent bulbs were quite popular.

But now, LED bulbs are common, and you can measure the quantity of light by lumens. People switch to money-saving options, and you must consider Lumens.

  • The Color Temperature

One can measure the temperature by Kelvin. Every light bulb always emits some color of different temperatures. It is necessary to pick the ideal color light for applying makeup.

Generally, makeup professionals choose warm colors, and they should range between 2000K to 5000K. Ideally, you must prefer natural light, which should not be extremely warm or cold.

  • Shadow Issues

While considering natural light, one can also observe that it gives uniform coverage uniformly without any dark areas. A common issue with vanity lighting is that the person sits in front of any light source.

It can easily create shadows on cheeks, and you cannot do makeup correctly. The lighting must be done from broader angles for surrounding the person. It is the best way to prevent shadows.

Lamp Types

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  • Standard Lamp

It is quite a simple mirror lamp with installed bulbs in a circular pattern. It illuminates your face from all angles and prevents shadows. The makeup application will be equal from every side. If you consider the standard lamp, ensure you choose either full-spectrum or daylight lights for getting the natural lighting.

  • Illuminated Mirror

It helps cross the lights between the table source and your mirror. Such a pattern helps in creating a soft illumination over your skin to provide the ideal lighting to do flawless makeup.

  • Bulb CRI

While using LEDs for the makeup application process, then you must prefer the ones with above 91 CRI. In the CRI variation case, you will observe the uneven color in various light sources.

It is known as the rendering color index for depicting the lighting source capacity for displaying various colors. One must always keep the bulb every time on the windows’ front side to get natural lighting for the makeup session.

  • Intensity

A makeup artist must pick the perfect light intensity for the makeup room. If you prefer warm lights, you will sweat, and the makeup will worsen. But in the bright light case, the makeup will become too intense. Ensure the illumination intensity must be fine during makeup application.

  • Lighting as Well as Vanity Direction

If one is designing the vanity with proper lighting, ensure to install the ideal bulb types in the right direction. One can expect perfect makeup only in a proper lighting setup. The lights must be placed everywhere to prevent shadows.

If anyone requires natural light, it is challenging for the person to set the vanity placement. In these cases, you must prefer the front window side. If you keep the vanity against or to the side of the window, one will get inconsistent effects.

Final Thoughts

Purchasing a light vanity table is quite challenging for anyone new to makeup. Proper lighting is important for makeup application. Little dullness can make a face dark, ruining the makeup finish. Consider the purchasing guide before you acquire any vanity table.

Undoubtedly, there are plenty of options, but you need to pick any one as per your requirements. One needs to be experienced enough with the correct room lighting for a better finish for makeup. Consider the list and remember your requirements to select any one item for the amazing makeup application process.

Frequently Asked Questions

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  • Which Type of Color Lighting is Perfect for Applying Makeup?

Proper lighting is quite essential for flawless makeup, and it is possible only when you pick the perfect light color temperature. It must lie between 4800K and 5000K. Ensure that it should not be extremely cool or hot.

If you need perfect lights for photography and flawless makeup look, you must set the temperature of color between 2700K and 3000K as it would be soft and warm.

  • Is It Ideal to Pick the Warm or Cool Lighting for Makeup?

It is better to prefer slightly warm lighting for the makeup application process. The natural type of light is the best option.

  • Is It Good to Invest in Vanity LEDs?

These LEDs are quite energy-saving in comparison with other light types. The LEDs are quite durable enough as they can last over the traditional bulbs.

  • What Option is Better: Integrated LED or Traditional LED?

The common difference between the two options is the method they are installed on. If we talk about longer lifetimes, integrated LEDs are the perfect options compared to traditional LEDs. The integrated ones also look better visually and are better energy-efficient.

  • When Do Vanity Lights Last?

The LEDs are comparatively durable and can last over 50000 hours more than incandescent bulbs. One can operate them simultaneously without compromising the light quality and brightness.